Y4NN’s take on Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon”

Where’s my bass heads at? We have an interesting rendition of Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon” by Y4NN. It’s an excellent mix of Future Bass and Drum & Bass to bring into new light a new perspective of this cult classic. Future Bass and Drum Bass take on the vox of Dubstep anthem “Bass Cannon” to equip the trilogy of crazed neuroticism to new heights. Now, why did we choose to use such an intensely sensitive word like nueroticism. Well, we want you to embrace it; it has so many negative connotations to it that it’s looked down upon and even frightful. We want to approach it logically. We want to own up to the feelings of neuroticism because they are all natural human feelings. Y4NN’s rendition of “Bass Cannon” somehow heightened each of the feelings of neuroticism and allowed us to delve into a deeper thought within ourselves. Take this simple fact quoted by Y4NN himself, “Took a 3 night solitary confinement in my room to finish this track”, which is where the feelings of neuroticism can stem from, but this is only our hypothesis. The main fact here is that this remix of “Bass Cannon” has infused Future Bass, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep to a different level of Bass and we’re excited to see others follow suit and bring it to even greater heights. Let us know your opinion of Y4NN’s remix of “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion.


Win back the one you love with August Rigo’s “Don’t Do Drugs”

Why do you do the things you do? Better question, what don’t you do? August Rigo is pouring his heart out for someone who feels he lost because of something he may have or have not done. “Don’t Do Drugs” is an autobiographical approach of apologizing and saying that whatever it was that caused the separation is no longer a problem. “He’s there conquering his fears”, the things he most feared is now used as courage to overcome because he doesn’t to lose again someone he considered special in his life. This is why we asked the question in the beginning; why is it you do the things you do. Now we ask this question, can you stop if need be? August let’s us know he’s doing the best he can with this ballad.

Lyrically, it’s deep where we can make our interpretations for our own lives. Vocally, he has the same aura and sensuality as a young Miguel and he has the talent to take it deep within genre. His vocals can melt an iceberg in the middle of Antarctica on a January morning. You instantly become intoxicated with his voice. This is why this track only needs a basic acoustic guitar melody from picking, not strumming. It’s a melody that follows the same sensuality as his voice. Enjoy!

What’s “Illusory” to you? asks Mielo

Did you ever base an assumption entirely on something that wasn’t real, something “Illusory”. Ok, that was our way of introducing Mielo’s new track but we really do want to dive deeper into that topic and how it pertains to this recent release. We’d like to jump right in and immediately express how listening to “Illusory” for the first time actually made us feel many different things, feelings that can be taken as Illusory. It brought back good and bad memories into light and made us realize new feelings/assumptions of what real, something that held you together that never really was there, just an assumption of likeness. “Illusory” uses the synthetic waves to drive these thoughts into our heads and we want to see if does the same for you.

The driving force behind the synth waves are further enhanced the use of the echoing drums to heighten the sound of each strike. No words are spoken but no words are needed when you have a melody that catchy and repetitive to capture the listener’s attention and keep it withing the same sounds. It’s a feel good song that requires nothing more than your attention and your belief in the Illusory. Just because something that perhaps isn’t real to you or a bond that you shared with something that perhaps isn’t real to others, it has a special place in each of you to make it real for you two. The only thing you know what’s real is what yo believe it to be and you make the decision to believe in it. Make your choice after listening to “Illusory” by Mielo.

Madeaux releases some variety-type track with “Run With It”

The Dire Straits, an underrated and underappreciated Rock band of their time, nay, of all time. They have a track that is an all-time classic that many people recognize, but it’s a shame that people don’t know where it comes from or if its just a commercial jingle. Every time you hear, “I want my mpg”, you understand the jingle, although people should recognize that its been construed specifically for the car commercial. Money For Nothing is an excellent song and it shares similarities with this new track that Madeaux has just released, “Run With It“. It’s mixing the essence of Rock with the heavy set sound of bass house and the vocal delivery and pitch of Trap, but the vocal range of Pop Rock. It’s got massive variety of taste as it appeals to many different likes of the music scene. For one specific verse, we feel the rhythm and vocals of Dancehall, which has become a lost art of sorts across the U.S. Nevertheless, the main sound they keep throughout is the sound of Bass House. They keep the heavy set vibe to appease the EDM Bass House heads without venturing off too far from it.

We won’t probe much further because it’s a simple song that goes so damn hard. That’s all it need, to go freaking hard. It’s what the thinking behind it went in, to hype people up to feeling rowdy. We just absolutely thought it was amazing how he included so many different styles and genres to create around the Bass House sound. It’s quite unique and we wanted to share it. Be sure to check out Madeaux’s “Run With It”.

The Green is pure gold and prove it with the release of “Marching Orders”

We’re keeping the Reggae vibes this weekend when we unleash upon you The Green’s latest single release, “Marching Orders”, and if you anything about Reggae, you know they’re one of the hottest bands out there right now. You can catch them headlining nearly every festival they’re a part of because they are such an attraction and everyone loves the energy and genuine love they portray in their music. Everything you can expect from The Green is in this track, and that’s far from being a bad thing because it’s the same lovable music you can sink you heart into. Every track has a theme, a specific message they want to get through to you, something to ponder and think about. Think back to one of their first singles, “Liar”, and the strong message it had about politics and what we have to live with through these politicians. It’s a very strong message but made with the inspired sounds of The Green.

Pepper cover Sugar Minott’s classic, “Good Thing Going”

Pepper is bringing back the classics with one of the favorites from the Reggae community, Sugar Minott’s “Good Thing Going”. The eccentric vocalist in Sugar Minott really knew how to get the party started back in the day and always had an exuberant amount of energy when performing live. Now, if you know Pepper, they’re also a part of Reggae royalty and have been a part of the scene for a very long time, which is such a blessing to see them cover another legend in Sugar Minott. We are absolutely thrilled and enchanted that they’ve kept the same fun, rhythmic essence of the song to keep, well, a good thing going. Why mess up a good thing when it’s great for all parties.

Pepper keeps the smooth rhythm to gel the vibe out to the loving fun we should all be having with each other. They’re all about keeping it simple. All you need is a simple drum 1,2 kick pattern, letting the drum kick until the end. A melody being provided by soothing acoustic guitar to accompany by the ever-so-sensual vocals to what, keep the good thing going. Lastly, keep the bass line simple, no need for any intricate bass lines, just simple to accompany the drums and the groove they set up for you. The harmonies between the two is beautiful when it’s also joined by the acoustic melody. Pepper killed it with this gem as they want this track, just like the classic track, to last eternally. Keep this “Good Thing Going” by listening to this cover by Pepper of this legend, Sugar Minott.

Blakeley wants you to get addicted to her new single, “Caffeine & Nicotine”

Pop artist Blakeley’s single, “Caffeine & Nicotine” is exactly what the doctor ordered. What a great way to grab people’s attention by using the two things humans can’t seem to live without. She’s banking on the addiction to both to cross over to her track, a desperate necessity to have them and a feeling of sickness when we don’t. Blakeley’s bouncy variant of “electronic rockabilly” belies her grittier thematic elements. The gutsy approach will quickly be recognized because it’s a path not many dare risk to venture to. With tongue in cheek, the single “Caffeine & Nicotine” calls to mind the bubblegum pop and surf rock of the early aughts as Blakeley extolls the virtues of those staples of alternative culture, coffee and cigarettes. We aren’t necessarily condoning it, but we’re recognizing that, although not quite as influential as before, they both still have no plans of fading.

Quintessentially, in her subject matter and subversiveness, Blakeley’s latest single is sure to please anyone looking for something with teeth that isn’t oppressive or over the top. It’s not as significant or apparent but we sense an EDM influence in the track as well. As it’s to say that the influence of caffeine & nicotine still runs today and she’s bringing awareness to it. Not all addictions are created equal because we like to say that an addiction to music is actually more of a blessing. Don’t be afraid to listen to “Caffeine & Nicotine” over and over again.

Bourbon House brings back the old Rock ‘N Roll with “Music In Your Bones”

“Music In Your Bones”, there’s no way to lie without having music travel with you wherever you are, it’s a part of you whether you like it or not. Bourbon House brings back Rock ‘N Roll to the nitty gritty sound that we came to love: the distortion, the power chords, the heavy riffs, the angst in the vocals, the list can go on. The one fact that stood out the most was the use of an effective riff that truly catches the attention of the listener to be on the edge. Think back to Smoke On The Water; it’s a simple riff that is as heavy as they come. It’s got the power behind every strum to capture the audience withing its waves and bang your head to Personally, music will always be in our bones, no matter what genre or year we’ve aged, music makes us feel more that we actually are. We have our human senses, but music takes you beyond your senses, to a world of your own that is guided by the imagination that’s influenced by others. When we heard the solo for the first time, the electricity was flowing though our veins and giving us temporary paralysis, leaving us stuck to the doing of Bourbon House.

P.S. Juno is an independent artist who’s ready to embark on a remarkable journey through the rough patches of the music scene. He’s going to flip the common notion of what it takes to make it and do it the way he wants to do it. He’s someone who writes and produces his own music and content. The title “P.S.” stands for “Post Scriptum” meaning “Written After”, and the name “Juno”, being short for junior; as he shares his first name with his father. Typically, P.S. is written in expression when one has more to say. He finds serenity in writing and telling his stories. If the masses of his listeners can relate along the way, that is a sensational feeling for him and powers him to continue experimenting new sound patterns as a way to unfold his consciousness. Juno does not anticipate for everyone to value and understand his music on a personal level, but he’s grateful for the people he does connect with. He desires for his sound to be an influence to the culture in a positive and uplifting way. Juno does not identify as either a rapper or a singer, but a musician who is highly infatuated with melodies. Melodies are ruling the music industry.

“Clingy” is a word we’ve all heard before and for most part, it’s not something you want to be associated with, P.S. Juno is able to flip the script in what you believe the original definition of the word to be and makes it sound loving. He sticks true to the sound we stated earlier, the Contemporary R&B and Rap that is capitalized with his sultry vocals. It keeps the flow very romantic and smooth that connects both of the genres for the young and the old. Emphasizing the use of the bass and the trap percussion patterns to connect with the music of today. Let P.S. Juno convince you that “Clingy” is the new wave by taking a chance with a listen.


Andrea Desmond releases teaser before “Inner Fire” drops October 1st

andrea desmond face

Years can go by waiting for your chance, for the opportune time for all of your patience to pay off. Andrea Desmond decided enough was enough. She took a bold and courageous leap that all who aspire to follow their heart must do. All the while, she developed her sound and writing style to match what’s closest to her very own unique sound. From being a piano/vocal teacher and songwriting coach, to an assistant to a composer working on an upcoming PBS TV show, she has been building a musical foundation within LA. For “Inner Fire”, she worked particularly close with SR (who has been helping Randy Jackson on projects), and songwriter for Warner Natalia Bortolotti. Also, with influences like: Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Adele, you can infer what type of track it might be without even listening to it.  Continue reading “Andrea Desmond releases teaser before “Inner Fire” drops October 1st”

Let Lazy Day invade “With Your Mind”

Ever wondered how someone was able to have so much control over you, so much influence over you that it can be manipulated to basically do anything they want you to. In some cases, it can be from infatuation, longing, or brainwashing. Lazy Day explains in detail how there is one person that was able to manipulate and influence their mind by making them feel so good. It’s a good that’s intoxicating, a drug that needs to be constantly taken, an addiction that needs constant satisfaction; it’s a wonderful and horrible feeling because in the end, we’re not in control of ourselves. “With My Mind” describes the good feeling of having it in their life.  Continue reading “Let Lazy Day invade “With Your Mind””

Johnny Childe reminds us of Jimi Hendrix with “Dionysian Eyes”

Any of you ever heard the track “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix? This was the first thought that popped into our head as soon as the first chord progression kicked in from “Dionysian Eyes” from Johnny Childe. We got the chilling sensation we received when we first heard Little Wing many years back because the guitar playing in this track is just as good. It has a great groove and great pace to it, it rocks hard with with the complex strings picked and strummed. It’s complicated patterns is what makes this unique and it’s bluesy sound makes it sexy as well. When we say sexy, we mean it just gives you that feeling of strutting and Billy Idol face where you have the entire world in the palm of your hands. The guitar playing is just overwhelmingly good, it takes real talent to be able to put this together and play it over and over again, naturally. As we stated earlier, this track has so many similarities to the track Little Wing ans we want to dive in a little bit deeper into it.  Continue reading “Johnny Childe reminds us of Jimi Hendrix with “Dionysian Eyes””