My Silent Bravery takes confidence to a new level with “Got It Going On”

my silent bravery
Confidence is key in anything that you do. If there is a slight lack of confidence in your body, that very little difference can be the game changer when it comes to you succeeding and failing. My Silent Bravery takes it to the extreme and basically boasts about how good he really is and guess what, he backs up his claim. Now THAT’S confidence in your abilities. His new track “Got It Going On” is everything that the title states he is, he’s got it going on and he wants everyone to know. We first took a listen and wham, we were dumbfounded at what we heard, this guy’s got it and other people want it.

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Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down”

subfer img
It’s the Summer time, shouldn’t we be riding more synth waves (pun intended). I mean it figuratively and literally, or even both fused into one. Just like a wave, the synth wave indicates when it’s a flow of musical oceanic state. Subfer does a bit of a change of scenery by adding the synth wave at the drop accompanied by a classic piano key rhythm section and melodic chime bells. It’s peaceful yet dangerous as a tall wave. “Down” is what symbolizes the ocean perfectly because it’s a place where we love to be, be it the beach or out on a boat, it’s a place of relaxation and fun. Just like the ocean is dangerous, this track shows you the power it has in the drop and blows you away where you have to hold on to something to no fall off your chair, or in the case of a boat, off the ledge. Continue reading “Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down””

Drew Vision drops a dope new video for “Want ’em All”

Drew Vision is an R&B star on the rise with no signs of ever coming back down. He took the notion of shooting for the stars literally because he is rising and rising with the peak not nearly coming soon. Professionally trained, talented both vocally & lyrically, confident, yet humble – he is the total package. After more than a decade of live performances, his stage presence captures every room & screen and gives his fans an
immersive and engaging experience. The way he’s able to captivate his audience and engage his lyrical prowess to exude a way about him. “Shades of Summer” EP is exactly what his fans needed to brag about this new wave is coming. His new video for “Want ’em All” is just one prime example of it.
With a unique, soulful sound that is both current and a nod to the past, Drew connects with almost every demographic. That’s quite a feat to achieve and to stand on planet rock when the time comes. While his natural talent is undeniable, he fully recognizes how fortunate and blessed he is to be doing what he loves. He is truly one of a kind. Although focused on his solo career, Drew has worked with a long list of performers including Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé & Kanye West. Music is Drew’s passion, but he has also recently done modeling & ambassador work for many national brands including Coach, Pepsi, Lays, Bacardi & Samsung. There’s no stopping the world from hearing this sound and why should anyone stop it anyhow. Enjoy!

Slushii being Slushii with “Step by Step”


Slushii is well-known for his melodic tracks that are filled with slide guitar melodies and slide guitar-centered drops, which is one of the main reasons he’s one of our favorites. This time he changes it up by being keyboard-centered, along with synth waves. He uses the chill, slow vibe and turn it into his own to give you a pharmaceutical type of high, if that makes sense. Well, we get this sense ever since we heard his other track, “Morphine” but nonetheless, “Step by Step” well, follows in the same footsteps (pun intended).

Many of us know Slushii through Marshmello but we’re one of the few that can say we knew of Slushii before that. I don’t know if there are any points for that but a lot of people seem to get a kick from knowing unknown artists first. Many even keep it to themselves because they don’t want their favorite artists to go mainstream. You know what we say to that? Eff you! Let the world enjoy the beautiful music they make, and in this case, Slushii brings the house down to unleash such an ethereal track to mellow out your emotions. Yes, “Step by Step” is still heavily induced with slide-guitar and synthesized waves and is still reliant of smooth transitions but no one else out there does quite like he does.

Simmer down and revel in the company of a hopefully soon-to-go-mainstream artists and ride the wave of keyboard delays and morphine-induced highs. Ok, it’s not really morphine-induced but words aren’t needed to describe this feeling, it’s just felt.

Wherever you are, put your hand up high with Moon Taxi while listening to “Two High”

We won’t dive into too much detail because Moon Taxi are pretty well-known but we felt their release of their new single, “Two High” did not get enough recognition. We’re all about bringing awareness to good music and we couldn’t let this one go down the drain just because they are a prolific group that are quite popular. This should be the feel good song for any festival or any event that want to get their crowd pumping full of energy and excitement. All they ask you is to put up your two hands high and feel the music fill you with fun and joy with the moment. Feel the moment rush through you and just yell in epic fun. Join Moon Taxi with their new single, “Two High”.


In the midst of “Fire & Lightning” we welcome Hundred Acres

We’re having a hard time classifying this track and this band, perhaps we shouldn’t even try. We listened to “Fire & Lightning” by Hundred Acres and we’re trying to pin our finger to their sound but it sounds out of this world. It has a mix of Indie, Alternative, Pop, Electronic, even some New Wave Hip Hop. We probably just made that up but this is what this band sounds like, a new sound we haven’t really heard of before. They even have some World type of music that we hear from India when they use the same string guitar for their solo, something that resembles a sitar. We listen to the Electro waves in the beginning that sets up a Dreamy Pop sound but then the voice bellows in with grace with a trace of Daft Punk effects. We don’t know what to think, we need your help. Where do you pinpoint this song and are you fond of it? We are, so listen above and let us know your thoughts.

Zachary Clowes brings an acoustic cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”

Many people think covers are usually worthless, to just let the original stand without anyone butchering it. We say eff that; let us enjoy our favorite songs by doing our own sweet renditions of them, interpret them as we please. If it wasn’t for covers, would we have some of the sickest tracks known to man right now? Van Halen covered The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”, Jimi Hendrix covered Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” and if you dare to tell us that his cover sucked, take a minute to reevaluate what you think good music really is. Yes, it’s all opinion-base but holy cow where is your head. Let’s leave it right here and just introduce you to Zachary Clowes and his interpretation of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World”

Anna Ross has full support from Duran Duran on her release of her single, “First Day”

anna ross
Hailing from the far, far land in the U.K., singer/songwriter Anna Ross releases her extremely enticing track, “First Day” to have some actual good music to listen to this Summer. You may know Anna Ross from her work touring and singing with Duran Duran, a platform that has brought her to just about every stage imaginable, from Coachella and Live Aid to the opening of the Olympics. To note, if you don’t know who Duran Duran, google them, they’re only one of the premiere groups of the 80’s. Now she brings her passionate, hypnotic vocals front and center on. From an early age, she was encouraged by her parents to follow her passion in music and boy were they right on the money. We all should be thankful to them because then we wouldn’t have this.

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“Bad In Bed” by Flaviyake is like nothing you’ve ever listened to

Flaviyake is a Pop artist, songwriter and producer known for going the extra mile, doing what others dare not to do. Her artist name is coming from her real name Flavia and part of a Japanese name “yake” (from Issey Miyake, her favourite fashion designer). This is where we get such an out of nowhere track like “Bad In Bed“, something you thought you’d never see, let alone listen to.
Originally she is from Moldova, has  given a lot of live shows in London, where she also played on BBC6 Music Radio, writing songs for artists in Russia and now based in Los Angeles. Flaviyake decided to defend women after ready articles on women’s websites telling women not to tell men their feelings. I was appalled that women’s websites or any website would advise that. Communication is key when it comes to relationships and to feel the need to be quiet is not healthy anymore. “Bad In Bed” is her first track as a producer as well. The song “Bad in Bed” is talking about that beast in a man that makes a  woman feel submissive. Although BDSM is widely used in the music  industry (artist and dancers’ outfits, stage design, song lyrics, music videos), Flaviyake is really coming from that background and knows this
topic not from reading.
It’s easy to talk about something we barely know anything about, but I rather trust the opinion of someone who has actually lived through it. Listen to Flaviyake’s new track “Back In Bed” and let us know your opinion on it.


Summer, Good Vibes, and Reggae Music. The Movement drop “Siren ft. Stick Figure”

The Movement’s new single “Siren” (feat. Stick Figure) was released June 30 on Rootfire Cooperative, and debuted at #1 on the iTunes reggae chart. This is the followup to 2016’s #1 Billboard reggae album, GOLDEN, and is the band’s first collaboration with producer Johnny Cosmic. When you pair up with one of the founding Reggae Rock groups of this generation, it’s guaranteed to be a hit. We were excited to see that Stick Figure made an appearance to their song because they have similar styles, in a way complementing the rhythm of the sound. 

Formed in 2003 by a trio of Sublime and Pixies fans, Joshua Swain, Jordan Miller, and John Ruff, aka DJ Riggles, launched The Movement with their “alternative reggae” debut album, ON YOUR FEET. In 2008, the group met Chris DiBeneditto, a Philadelphia-based producer who had worked with like-minded acts such as Slightly Stoopid and G. Love & Special Sauce. Relocating to Philadelphia, they recorded SET SAIL at DiBeneditto’s Philadelphonic Studios. Set Sail became one of their biggest and most memorable hits and listening to it live now gives you chills of the good times you’ve had and are going to have.

They began working on what would become their finest album to date, GOLDEN, which hit #1 on iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts and was voted 2016 Album Of The Year by Surf Roots Radio. Keyboardist Ross Bogan joined the group in Spring of 2016.

Get your Summer started off right with the smooth sounds of Reggae and the iconic partnership of The Movement and Stick Figure. “Siren” has you feeling some type of way for these upcoming Summer nights. Enjoy!


“Before You Go” by Nicholas Roberts

Nicholas Roberts is a Florida-based indie-folk musician.  Roberts spent 2015 writing, recording, and arranging his debut LP in his studio apartment, the public library, and coffee shops around Orlando, FL. Yes, the rumors are true, we do have a bit of a soft spot for artists from Orlando because we spent a chunk of our lives living on that part of the East Coast. Heck, we kick ourselves everyday knowing that we never got to experience them live but we’re sure to see if he’s touring when we visit next month.

We’re excited to be bringing you his recent release, “Before You Go” that has all the aspects of Indie-Folk that we like. It has the story, the profound vocals to match the lyrics, the guitar melodies, and the all-around feel of musical oneness. It was mixed by Stephen Turney (Humming House, Dave Rawlings Machine) and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird)

Previously, Roberts’ songs have been featured on FOX, CNN, and MTV. That’s the past; now he’s being featured on We Sound Strange and we believe our strange followers are going to love him as much as we do. Go and check out “Before You Go” by Nicholas Roberts.

The Night Cafe release new Alternative track, “Felicity”

Just by listening to “Felicity” by The Night Cafe, we were able to automatically guess what type of band this is and the type of music they release. They hold a strong resemblance to Cage The Elephant and “Felicity” is just the track to show you one side of the band that closely follows in their footsteps. From the start of the initial guitar riff to the initial guitar chord from the rhythm guitar to signify its sound. They have a major influential sound of The Cure from the 80s and Cage The Elephant. The vocals hold tightly to the range the singer is comfortable and he doesn’t stray away too far from what he knows. Make no mistake, we are excited to listen to what they can come with in the future but for now, “Felicity” sounds all too familiar. We may be wrong, so please take a listen and give us your thoughts on the track.