Royal South Sound do the impossible by releasing “Extricate ft. Amadeo”


As the story goes, the way Royal South Sound was first created by another band, Lumbayao. As more and more people wanted to join this eccentric Reggae band, the more bandmates had a say in a change of scenery. That’s how they got the name, Royal South Sound. Anyone and everyone is allowed a say, allowed a voice to contribute something, even from individual tracks. This is what makes this band quite unique: it’s a collaboration of individuals coming together to bring you one unified sound in cohesion with each one’s individuality. This sounds difficult to understand as it sounds damn nearly impossible to do because of all the ideas people have, yet somehow, they make it work. Now, “Extricate ft. Amadeo” is born and the bloom of a promising flower finally blossoms.  Continue reading “Royal South Sound do the impossible by releasing “Extricate ft. Amadeo””

Mike Pinto teases his new album Hotel Rendezvous with his single, “Let You Go”

mike pinto let you go

The California Roots Festival is getting ready for its 8th annual weekend of pure Reggae magic. It’s a weekend full of peace, love, and good vibes. This is why we’re proud and excited to present a new single release of Mike Pinto‘s upcoming album Hotel Rendezvous coming out June 27th. Yup, you better believe that Mike is having his own set during Cali Roots and he’s going to show off his dope new track. “Let You Go” just dropped on Monday and it’s already gaining traction, which is killing us with anticipation to go listen to it live this weekend.  Continue reading “Mike Pinto teases his new album Hotel Rendezvous with his single, “Let You Go””

Ballyhoo wants to bring back a Motley Crue-type video with “Girls”

ballyhoo girls

Girls! Girls! Girls! Remember 1987? Well, we weren’t even born yet but all those sweet Motley Crue videos sure make it seem like it was a helluva time to live in. Fast forward 30 years later and Ballyhoo wants to write another anthem about “Girls” and boooooy do they have a Motley Crue-type of video for you. We don’t want to do all the talking because this track speaks for itself; this video is off-the-wall eye candy and easy-living. We’ll place the video below for you to check out but trust us, it’s insane! Have fun watching it and let us know what you think of it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy this chill reggae tune from The Hempolics with “High & Gritty”

the hempolics high

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and didn’t forget to wear green or else suffer the pinching consequences! To keep in line with the green theme, we decided that the perfect track to feature today is “High & Gritty” by The Hempolics. We love the underground bands who stick to their homegrown sounds, who stick to the roots that made them who they are. Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy this chill reggae tune from The Hempolics with “High & Gritty””

We are ready for a new anthem with “Lions” by Skip Marley

skip marley

People need a voice, need to have someone that actually listens to our concerns. We may be shouting at the top of our lungs to be heard but there is hardly anyone listening. We need someone who shares our concerns, a public figure that understands the struggles of everyday people. Skip Marley has chosen to be the voice as he unveils the new anthem for us to sing along to, “Lions“.  Continue reading “We are ready for a new anthem with “Lions” by Skip Marley”

Fortunate Youth takes it back to the roots with “Left My Love In California”


This dope reggae band started out back in 2009 playing in backyard parties for family and friends, singing many of their now classic tracks like “Burn One”. Now, they are steadily rising into the legendary status like Sugar Minott and Eek-a-mouse.  Fortunate Youth may be away right now but they know where home is and will always be welcomed back with open arms. Fortunate Youth comes from our town back in Hermosa Beach California, smack dab in the heart of the South Bay and “Left My Love In California” makes us think of all the good times we shared with all the people we loved. Continue reading “Fortunate Youth takes it back to the roots with “Left My Love In California””

Fourth album still in the works for Tribal Seeds but here’s a preview of their single: “Rude Girl”


The Tribal Seeds are currently playing their music throughout the country as they promote their new album that is still in the works. As of now, nothing has been released; there is only a teaser of their new single “Rude Girl“, which is only about one minute and a half in length. This fourth album has been widely anticipated, especially throughout Southern California, where the Tribal Seeds originally came from. Chula Vista to be specific. We are currently in talks of getting the album before the release to give an appropriate album review on it’s release date but for now, this “Rude Girl” teaser is just enough to fulfill our Tribal Seeds’ needs. We are definitely excited because this track is on it’s way as being just as recognizable as their other hit track, “The Harvest”, “Vampire” and so on. They have also incorporated the horn section for this album and as we have witnessed on their tour, the horn section is traveling with them on tour. What an experience for any that attends. We leave you now with the “Rude Girl” teaser below and let us know if your are just as giddy with excitement as we are.

Eklo brings you the best of both worlds with “Sugar, Honey”


“Your sweet, sweet love brought the color back into my life”. “Sugar, Honey” has been out for a bit but we thought we need to give this track the praise it deserves. With lyrics such as the aforementioned, we can’t help but melt with the words that Eklo sings so beautifully. Continue reading “Eklo brings you the best of both worlds with “Sugar, Honey””

Rock steady with Preston Lee and his newest release “Life of a Musician ft. Ryan Hiraoka”


It’s really difficult to hide our excitement for the release of Preston Lee’s “Life of a Musician ft. Ryan Hiraoka”. The reggae community has been raving lately at the potential of Preston Lee and we must say he rightfully earned all the buzz around him when he finally came out with “Life of a Musician”. Preston Lee has all the makings of being the new star of reggae and join the likes of The Green, Rebelution, Tribal Seeds, just to name a few, because of his angelical voice and his soulful guitar playing. Continue reading “Rock steady with Preston Lee and his newest release “Life of a Musician ft. Ryan Hiraoka””