Chill in your “Rav4” with MF Glooms

Welcome, and enjoy the ambient sounds of MF Glooms with his newest mellow track of “Rav4”. Yes, it’s exactly what the title states, about the Toyota Rav4, but it goes much deeper than what you might think. It’s the same thing with nearly everything you come across, you must dig a little deeper to truly find what it means. If you really thought Axl Rose of Guns ‘N Roses was talking about an actual jungle in Welcome to the Jungle, well then, we’d love to sell you this pen…We weren’t trying to rant but “Rav4 has a deeper connotation in it. We’ve all searched and tried to find the best possible way to hang out with our crush and the Rav4 symbolizes the last resort we all come to when we’re young and broke. Let’s just chill in our car and hang out; the point is to be with them.

This is where the creative ambiance is genius because it keeps the vibe of just chilling, just setting the mood of a swell time. Try to separate each of the different sounds that MF Glooms incorporates in the progression. He goes from the synth waves to a rain drop, the keyboard melodic riff to the steady rhythm of the percussion. The vocals are completely mixed to fit the tune of the sound and it works well to keep the ambiance of a trans state of mind that’s being shared. Chill in your own “Rav4” with the one you like spending time with and bump some MF Glooms.


Danjul lets his music speak his heart with “Chapter of Love”

Within the first couple seconds in to listening to “Chapter of Love” we were hooked. This was before the music kicked in. How so you say? Danjul takes it back to when music was more than just the instrumentation of it all, before it was all about the beat or the one hook, he turned back the dial to where it was about the lyrics and the deeper meaning to it. He starts it off with a spoken poetry, a symbolization of what this song truly means to him. Danjul lets his soul spill out unto us so that we get a transparency about him, a sense of vulnerability. This is what artists should be about; letting their fans inside their minds and their hearts. We’re dumbfounded and excited that Danjul took this chance. It helps that the keyboard sets the mood for his enchanting vocals to say what he feels. “My life begins surrounded by darkness yet I’m still determined to find my light”, vulnerability with humble ambitions, the ambition to find HIS light, not a light. With just this simple line, he’s bringing us courage to rise from the lows of the abyss and become who WE are destined to be.  Continue reading “Danjul lets his music speak his heart with “Chapter of Love””

Enjoy “Clover” by Cold Water Company

“Savor the sorrow”, there’s a reason these three words stood out to us. These three words never crossed our minds that they’d be intertwined in the formation that they’d be in now from Cold Water Company‘s “Clover” but they did it. What does it mean? “Take it as a sign”, yes, we need to embrace it as a sign that this came to us for a reason. We may feel down and out but struggle and sorrow builds character, it breeds a better man and woman in all of us. Lyric-wise, it’s a powerful proclamation of the journey, the search of what we constantly look for to make us feel alive, to fill the void that we just don’t know how to fill. It’s funny how each time we feel a moment, how quickly it fades until it was too late to know  that it was a moment we should’ve savored. This is why Cold Water Company wants us to savor everything, take it as it comes and don’t overthink things, let it come.  Continue reading “Enjoy “Clover” by Cold Water Company”

“So Wasteful” by Anatrok

Don’t you just love tracks that go perfectly when you’re down on your luck. Think about it, the songs that you just picture are playing as your theme song when you’re just going about your life. It definitely has to have some distortion in it, better, yet, it needs to be the guitar that has to be distorted. The kind of distortion where you can’t even tell what notes are exactly being played, where you listen in because it sounds cool but again, no idea what is being played. How great is it when the bass is also being distorted at the same time, replicating the nonsense that is being played to your ears. It’s fascinating when the guitar decides to let go of the distortion and pitch in with some lead guitar solos to enhance the sensations you’re feeling. The bummy feels are halfway gone but the bass and the vocals are sticking around. We forgot to mention, yes, the vocals are even distorted and sound hazy, picture something from The Smashing Pumpkins. Give this track a try and let us know if you hear it too. So Wasteful by Anatrok.

It’s our privileged to finally unveil “Houses” by The Duke Spirit because it has been waiting to burst out onto our scene. We want to give you just a little bit of a background on the LP but we want to let the music do the talking for this one as well. The track is from the band’s upcoming LP Sky Is Mine, which is out now via Ex Voto Records. On the album, each song approaches, revises, steps back and looks for humanity on a planetary scale. Sonically, it’s the most tender album The Duke Spirit have made. It combines shimmering melodies, energy-fueled psychedelic rock, and dark grandeur to aptivate while remaining characteristically raw. “Houses” was the track that stood out to the us the most and it’s the one we decided to feature on our Facebook and Instagram because we haver an exuberant amount of following there that needs to listen and hopefully soon, read our posts. Enjoy and let The Duke Spirits rise to the scene!

Enjoy time with your friends while listening to “Borracho” by Cerebro Negro

We’re diving deep into a specific niche but as you know us already, we’re here to bring awareness to music from all parts of the world, in many different genres. Earlier in the year, we showcased an up-and-coming Trap rapper that spoke Spanish only and it turned out to be well-received. Now, we bring you Ska, which is already a highly niche music genre that a certain number of people like, but we’re taking it to another level when we show you Spanish Ska. Yes, it’s just as exciting and fast-paced, it’s just as wild and spontaneous, and you’re guaranteed to have fun, no matter what language you speak. The track is called “Borracho” by Cerebro Negro. We speak fluent Spanish and the track basically means “a drunk” and the band’s name means “black brain”. It’s what you can expect from any Ska band, but we saw the word drunk in there and we knew we had an instant favorite.  Continue reading “Enjoy time with your friends while listening to “Borracho” by Cerebro Negro”

Emergin artist Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa unleashes Alt Rock track, “Until Death”

Marcus Figueroa is just hitting his prime and has realized his potential, his niche in which he’s become an expert in. He was born in Alconbury, UK and has now made himself known around the part of Arizona, Nashville, and is now residing in Sacramento, Ca, looking to take over another city and possibly new state. He started as a self-taught guitarist, learning not only through books, ear, or even trial and error, he’s gained the scars of battle on stage to learn and experiment with different brands and strings to find what works for him. He’s been involved with music his entire life; however he has been a part of the profession for over six years with no foreseen end in sight. As many musicians, even the greats, to go out play with different bands with varying styles to find the special connection that makes palying truly effortless. It’s the bond, the high, the chemical reaction of linking musical abilities. There’s a trial and error in this aspect as well and Marcus has found that sometimes, it’s the connection within ourselves that truly brings out the best in us.

When you come to terms with the fact that you’re your own best instrumentalist that can keep up with your own ideas and skill. Marcus was also able to add bass and piano to his collection of artistic disciplines. As time progressed, Marcus started to emerge as an artist who  had the thrive and thirst for knowledge outside of being an instrumentalist in a band. It’s a light bulb that went off with the idea that he should start on his own; forget about relying on others. He immediately began to compose and produce full works of art utilizing his own hands and the instruments available to him. Now, there’s no telling where he’s taking his musical abilities; he can go from folk to punk and he’s just as great at both of them. His main goal is to provide awareness and put only the best music out there. Marcus’ gift needs to shown and shared with the world and let this be just the beginning.

“Until Death” is the new Alternative Rock track that he’s unleashed upon us. Go ahead and take a listen and let us know what you think!

Be someone’s “Oxytocin”

Oxytocin” is beautiful. It’s often referred to as the love hormone and for good reason, it acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain that allows you to feel loved when hugged, kissed, etc. That’s why we should never be surprised when both men and women want to cuddle; it’s the feeling that comes with it that lets us bond with one another and actually feel close to someone. We all need oxytocin and Jack Conman puts the lyrics in a way that you feel you’re being hugged and kissed by his words. All it takes is it a little bit of love to feel that you’re not alone, that you don’t need serotonin if you just listen to his track.   Continue reading “Be someone’s “Oxytocin””

Erich Mrak helps close out our Summer with “Summer Dealer”

Say in ain’t so, Summer is basically reaching its final point and we’re not ready to let it go. Like all good things, Summer is finally coming to its end. Labor Day weekend is always the mark of one stage of the year leaving its mark while the next is just beginning. This is where Erich Mrak comes in, he’s the “Summer Dealer” that can extend your fun for a moment at a time. This track just released on August 29th and it’s already turning into an anthem that celebrates the closure of Summer, the closure of Summer romances, etc. We just listened to the track and we feel like we’ve been listening to it throughout the entire Summer, it has a sense of personal taste, the closure that we all experience when it comes to an end. Sadness that creeps in with relief that a change is going to come.


Through clouded vocals, intricate production that is simple to create with the right creative mind, and of course, the intimate songwriting ability that is showcased with vocals that is pleasant to the ears. We follow Erich through the lowest of his lows, the highest of the highs, and we’re awaiting for him to reach his ultimate height of potential, pushing to the limit to gain worldwide recognition. The end of Summer is not bad at all, it marks the beginning of new opportunity, a new wave that is going to catch on. Let perfection reign on as the end of Summer marks the spot of new hip hop, Erich Mrak with “Summer Dealer”.

Boniface declares “I Will Not Return as a Tourist”

We cannot move, we’re in a state of paralysis. Sometimes, when you so desperately want to speak your mind but you just can’t because you’re still in shock, nay, awe of how good a track can be. Nevertheless, it wasn’t just the track in its entirety that blew us away, it was the complete bridge breakdown. It caught us by surprise, it caught everyone by surprise. The beginning of the track started off a bit tame, a bit like something that would be great just as is and wouldn’t have a problem, but who wants “just good” anymore. The vocals alone take you on a surreal high and a catastrophic low in such a burst that will keep you on the edge of your seat. His voice works like a teaser to prepare us for the intimate breakdown with the drums, guitar, bass, all in one for a super finish. Just when you thought it was just a quick bridge, it surprised you by staying a bit longer than you’d expect, then turning it all over again on a higher pitch later in the track. See if you can put together better words to express how you feel about this track because we’re still recovering from shock and awe. Listen to “I Will Not Return As A Tourist” by Boniface.

What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You”

Inception, the concept of being able to dream within a dream, to dive deep into your own thoughts to find out things about yourself that you may have never known or have chosen to forget. Now, imagine being able to share these dreams with whomever you’d like and share and experience like no other, taking risks and enjoying endless possibilities. Jeffrey Paradise has captured a shared love dream with “Dream of You” to see if paradise can truly be recreated. How fitting is it that his name is paradise and the essence of the song captures what paradise may feel like. Continue reading “What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You””

Enjoy this week’s “Eclipse” by Elohim

Did you all enjoy the eclipse last week? We hope you didn’t stare right into it because you may have got some eye damage but if this were true, you wouldn’t be able to read this so you obviously have common sense. Cheers to common sense! Regardless, it was such a phenomenon, especially out here in Los Angeles because we had the perfect viewpoint to catch itat its best angle. Although, it was early, you can say you saw something magical. That’s what we plan to give you with today’s feature, “Eclipse” by Elohim. The track just captures the spirit of magic in the air, where dreamers can dream and lovers can love, both being a priviledge that we get to enjoy. “You can be my best time until someone eclipses you”, enjoy the moment and forget what the future might hold, live now and freely.  Continue reading “Enjoy this week’s “Eclipse” by Elohim”