Palm Haze pushes and pulls you with “Gravitation”

palm haze

You’ll find yourself deep inside the ethereal sounds between dreams and reality when you sink your teeth into this new track that Palm Haze just released. “Gravitation” truly makes you feel like you’re in limbo, in a state of mind where past and future meet, where consciousness and unconsciousness mesh together, courage and fear pick you apart, feel a pull or chase the feeling as music helps you make the choice.  Continue reading “Palm Haze pushes and pulls you with “Gravitation””

HEARTS has just what you need for your “Downtime”

hearts downtime

I don’t know about you, but our week went by damn freaking slow so we’re ready to unleash and let loose this weekend. Get your HEARTS pumping with this sick new track, “Downtime” and you’ll be wishing that there were just a few more hours left in the night. Every bass drop hits it each time with an extra ounce of power to mess with the calibration of everything around it. What’s a good bass song if you can’t feel it, if everything around you doesn’t shake in its boots. With Summer just around the corner, you need something to rile you up and make this the most memorable Summer of your life, HEARTS is what you need. Take a listen below and let us know if your heart rate didn’t jump a few notches after listening to “Downtime

Kevin Weir brings Emo Punk back with “Let’s Be Friends”

kevin weir album

We’ve all heard these dreaded 3 words that make each and every one of us cringe, “Let’s Be Friends“. Yuck! It is such a stab in the heart and Kevin Weir knows too well how this feels and he’s laid it all out in this new track. We don’t even want to speak too much on this topic because it brings up some forgettable memories. Let’s get to the music, that’s what we’re here for anyway.

It’s labeled as Alternative Rock, but we get a sense of Emo Punk, something like My Chemical Romance and From First To Last in their early years. Emo Punk definitely needs to make a comeback and events such as Emo Night in Los Angeles keeps the spirit alive. Where are the bands like Blink 182, Linkin Park, etc. bring the pain and guitar strums back. the fast-paces drum patterns to have the feel and rawness of Punk back.

Kevin Weir has the vocals for the next big singer in the Emo Punk scene and with a bit of voice manipulation through effects. He’s a package full of spunk and filled with energy that needs to be released, not harnessed. Enjoy Kevin before this music makes a comeback!

Listen to “Let’s Be Friends” now!

“Coasting” through the weekend with Guided By The Sun

guided by the sun

Guided By The Sun is a one-man band straight out of the Atlanta. One thing you all don’t know too much about us but, Atlanta is a city that holds a little place in our heart. This is why it was so awesome to get this great band and feature their newest track, “Coasting“. It’s a really chill and easy-to-listen instrumental where the keyboard and the guitar are the two main acts. They showcase the musical talent and musical creativity by keeping our attention with great instrumental melodies and harmonies. It’s a Psychedelic dream that craft your attention span into its own. If you want to know what it really takes after, it sounds a lot like the 90’s smash hit from Eric Johnson, “Cliffs of Dover” but without being so guitar-centered. This track is really a doozy and we know you all will enjoy listening to it and just vibe out. Enjoy Guided By The Sun’s “Coasting

Get ready to twist this weekend with “She’s The One” by The Paisley Daze

the paisley daze two

We just want to name a few of the bands that our featured band today is influenced by: James Brown, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, The Stone Roses, and A Tribe Called Quest. We wanted to bring this to your attention because we want you to get a feel of where this band comes from and why their music sounds like it does. Trust us, once you listen to one of their tracks, you’ll see the influence of each and every one of these. Yes, you’ll even hear a sense of A Tribe Called Quest influence in there. Without further ado, we have The Paisley Daze and their newest track, “She’s The One“.  Continue reading “Get ready to twist this weekend with “She’s The One” by The Paisley Daze”

Get your “Adrenaline” pumping tonight with Dread Pitt

Dread Pitt Adrenaline

Are you feeling tired throughout the day? Are you hitting that 2 p.m. wall that just wants to put you to sleep? Coffee not getting it done anymore? Am I asking you too many questions? Oh well, get this shot of “Adrenaline” by Dread Pitt and you’ll have the energy of 100 gazelles escaping from a mighty lion. Crazy comparison, right? What the heck else did you expect, we are We Sound Strange after all!  Continue reading “Get your “Adrenaline” pumping tonight with Dread Pitt”

Minnesota’s finest: Early Eyes drop their new album Minutes

early eyes album

Minneapolis is lucky to have such a great up-and-coming band like Early Eyes at their fingertips because they’re booked all around Minnesota. Just this weekend they reassured us why they are the next band to look out for. Their new EP, Minutes is breathtakingly exquisite and their track, “Good Hearts” is their cherry on top. We decided to delve into this track entirely because it’s the one that stood out to us the most.  Continue reading “Minnesota’s finest: Early Eyes drop their new album Minutes”

Mike Pinto teases his new album Hotel Rendezvous with his single, “Let You Go”

mike pinto let you go

The California Roots Festival is getting ready for its 8th annual weekend of pure Reggae magic. It’s a weekend full of peace, love, and good vibes. This is why we’re proud and excited to present a new single release of Mike Pinto‘s upcoming album Hotel Rendezvous coming out June 27th. Yup, you better believe that Mike is having his own set during Cali Roots and he’s going to show off his dope new track. “Let You Go” just dropped on Monday and it’s already gaining traction, which is killing us with anticipation to go listen to it live this weekend.  Continue reading “Mike Pinto teases his new album Hotel Rendezvous with his single, “Let You Go””

Ladies and Gentlemen: “When The Going Gets Tough” by The John Toms Dilemma

the john toms dilemma

We all know the saying, “When the going get tough, the tough get going” and we we’ve all experienced a rough patch in our lives. What do you do to overcome adversity? Don’t worry if you’re stumped for answers because The John Toms Dilemma plan to steer you in the right direction with none other than their track, “When The Going Gets Tough“.  Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen: “When The Going Gets Tough” by The John Toms Dilemma”

Stop what you’re doing and listen to Two Feet’s new mini EP immediately

two feet tracks

The world owes Harlem, New York a huge thank you because it’s responsible for giving us the next big band when it comes to Jazz & Blues, Two Feet. We were absolutely blown away by the release of their mini EP of “Love Is A Bitch” and “Had Some Drinks“. Continue reading “Stop what you’re doing and listen to Two Feet’s new mini EP immediately”

Sad Picnic has the tools to be the new Queen with “I Though I Knew”

We go through our lives thinking we know what’s best, we know what we want and who we want but in reality, we know diddly squat. This brings us to showcase our newest favorite band, Sad Picnic. They just released a new single that just blew us away and no one is going to argue with us. “I Thought I Knew” is too contagious that it’s spreading like wildfire, yet this is one wild fire we don’t want to put out and you shouldn’t either. Continue reading “Sad Picnic has the tools to be the new Queen with “I Though I Knew””

Scotland unveils another kick-ass band, The Double Standards and their new EP “Rocket Turtle”

the double standards rocket turtle

Scotland, Scotland, Scotland! We have another great 4-piece band coming out of this great country! We have The Double Standards, a pop-punk band from Hamilton, Scotland that can rock out with their co..socks out! We have been so blessed to have so many bands reach out to We Sound Strange but Scotland definitely takes the cake for not only having talented bands, but the nicest people you will ever meet. That’s why, when The Double Standards informed us of their new EP release of “Rocket Turtle“, we had to share it with our We Sound Strange family! The track we chose to showcase is our absolutely favorite, “She’s Not As Cool As She Thinks“. Continue reading “Scotland unveils another kick-ass band, The Double Standards and their new EP “Rocket Turtle””