Hunnid releases new Hip Hop track, “Buss That”


Gideon King & City Blog release new single, “Gun To My Head”

“This song is about L.A. and New York and how when the rubber meets the road, I’ll take NYC. It’s about writing music against the backdrop of both of these towns. This song also speaks to the idea that trying to make it alone in life is a fool’s errand. Also, there was this weird serial killer in L.A. that frightened me. He is in the tune too. Hope you like the song!”

We figured we would start this off with a quote from Gideon King & City Blog to have their words tell you a little bit about their new single that they just released. Now, if we’re trailing back to the 90’s when the West Coast was feuding against the East Coast for Hip Hop royalty, it looks as if Gideon King & City Blog want the feud to reignite. Let’s take the fact that he admits that both towns have a special place in his heart but NYC was the town for him.

We couldn’t agree more about trying to make it in life alone when you can have the best support cast behind you if you just swallow your pride and let those who care about you do what they can to help. Look at how it turned for this amazing artists, they’ve taken the support for each other and brought such an amazing tune to life. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Also, can we look at his statement about the serial killer in LA. Being a blog based out of LA….we need to be more in tune with the news because holy hell we didn’t know! For all of our LA followers and everyone elsewhere, be safe and always walk in packs of two or more. Remember, don’t tread alone and embrace the support!

Underground Rapper YAQ Chan release new Hip Hop/Rap single, “Throwback Celebration”

Underground rapper YAQ Chan is coming straight from Inglewood and he’s paying homage to all the 90’s rappers that influenced him. We’re talking Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Shock G, and many more. If you’re a fan of the Old School Hip Hop/Rap sound and vibe, be sure to give a listen to YAQ Chan’s new track, “Throwback Celebration”.

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Lizzy Latimer releases new hit, “Cant Cage Me ft. Kyah Baby”

Every Summer is in need of a breakout star, especially one in the ranks of Pop. Pop music takes the radio waves of the Summer and the solid prediction for 2018 is Lizzy Latimer. “Can’t Cage Me” is the new single that feisty pop sensation Lizzy Latimer has just released for the Summer. This new track is able to fuse her love of hip-hop, rap, and afrobeat together with her wisdom and social awareness. We can say that this new track is just as empowering as it is catchy. That’s the level of talent Lizzy Latimer has that she shows strength and sheer fun, all in one experience.

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“Can’t Stop Now” EP is Suki Rae and Company’s latest project

How would you say that you’d describe Suki Rae? Suki Rae is an eternal seeker, a spiritual vagabond who’s mission is to channel the Divine. Well, how does she plan to do it, as in, what’s her plan? There are countless ways to do it but Suki Rae and Company are dedicated to find a way that actually makes sense and shows promise for results. With a focus on raising social consciousness and awareness, Suki’s music is eclectic, transcending labels or easy classification. Influenced by some of the world’s greatest minds, one including the ever-so-spiritual, Ghandi.

This album will certainly keep you wanting more – a thirst that needs quenching. Feel good type of music you’ll want to keep playing over and over, as if you’re going through your own spiritual awakening every time you listen to it. It’s enlightening and cleansing all at the same time. We picked up a quote from Jacob Aiden from TunedLoud! Magazine that exactly states how we feel regarding the album.

” Wholesome,enjoyable and uplifting…Suki Rae absolutely knocks it out of the park- you’ll love every single song on her brand new album,”Can’t Stop Now”…the writing is as sweet as the music- I highly recommend this as an innovative and fresh patchwork of creative musical art from a mature,eclectic and confident artist..” Jacob Aiden -TunedLoud! Magazine.

If you’d like to go through your own spiritual awakening and listen to truly beautiful music, check out “Can’t Stop Now” below.

Andrea Desmond set to release new EP later this Summer

We’re all excited to be hearing from Andrea Desmond and the news that her newest EP is set to be released later this Summer, well, that’s music to our ears. We all remember when Andrea Desmond teased us with her release of her track Inner Fire and we were absolutely blown away. If that’s just one of her tracks coming out in the EP, what does she have in store for us now! One more track is set to release this late June. The new track is called “The Strongest” and judging by the title, it’s set to be something fierce to light up our spirits.

What a perfect track for the Summer of 2018 because we’re ready to make this the best Summer yet. With so much happening in the world, “The Strongest” comes just in time for the World Cup 2018 and we believe it resonates so well with the lifestyle that the World Cup embodies. “The Strongest” hopes to be something of an anthem when you’re living it up this Summer. Keep Andrea Desmond in mind when you’re out enjoying the Summer heat, having those long days outdoors and those Summer nights that will live on forever. We hope that “The Strongest” has the ability to live in your memories and be remembered forever.

Muza & David Schoenwetter are ready to radically change 2018 with “Roots”

Technically, Summer isn’t here yet but all the artists know this is the most important time of the year. These are when great hits live long through the Summer and have the chance to be remembered forever with this time. The Summer is approaching and we’re dialing in to a new era for 2018. What do we mean by this? Well, Muza & David Schoenwetter want to be on the forefront of the radical change. They want to encompass everything that is trending right now to incorporate into one big masterpiece. Bear with this as we know this is a drastic claim to make.

Muza & David Schoenwetter have just released their newest single, “Roots” and we’re not really sure if we’re ready for it. This powerhouse trio is ready to rock the Earth with this Electronic feel with a touch of Trap, Future Bass, Pop, and Hip Hop to come up with a tune that will have us all singing at the top of our lungs. As Hip Hop is still taking the music industry by storm, the trio have infused Hip Hop vocals to the single to stay on top of the craze. Well, not necessarily a craze but it’s hit the top and it doesn’t plan to letting go of the throne. We’ll let you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The trio said “We’re out to make a new sound, something that touches on the emotions of the people that hear our music, something that pulls on the heartstrings. We want to show that electronic music can still be emotional, and can still be something of substance. The world is so superficial these days, especially in the realm of Electronic music. We want to bring the emotion back.” We’ll tell you this; the single has completely hit us in the feels.

The songwriters in them have really shined in this new track and their excited that they are sharing it with the world. All the emotions, all the feelings and thoughts are out and they are putting their entire heart for us to absorb and connect with. They have found the right combination of sounds and harmony to support the emotion they’re displaying because this is how people can truly respond and listen deeply to what the music is trying to tell us.

 Let them get into your feels. Let “Roots” hit the roots of your heart and tug on the emotions.

Jackson Reed just released new album, “Dark Areas of Description

We were immediately intrigued when we received this new album by Jackson Reed; not only because we love discovering new music but rather the name of his album sparked our interest. “Dark Areas of Description” is his second solo album and it looks to lead him down a successful path because we had to listen to it over again. The creative approach one has to take to make a folk song deeper than it already can be. Jackson states that he had to take a look at himself before writing at his lyrics and find out what his roots mean to him. Take his first single, “Taller Than Me”, which he says came to him in a stream of consciousness. A state of awakening, a mental lapse of what is reality and what isn’t. These are the best moments to just jot down on your book and start writing.

Jackson uses his introspective nature to use this single as his way of expressing his love for his home. He’s humble enough to admit that he should never forget his home and that everything he does is for them.

What’s really interesting about his lyrics is that there can be many interpretations of it. This is what Jackson told us what this song was about and what it meant to him but we see that it can be left to our own interpretation. As the album name infers, travel through the deep dark areas of your own description to find out what it means to you. In this way, you find true meaning to your own introspective ways. Listen and interpret “Taller Than Me” and then make your way to the album, “Dark Areas of Description”.

Andy Michaels releases new album, “Revisited”

Tell us: What’s the first thing to come to mind when you think of Australia? Yes, yes, shrimp on the barbie and Crocodile Dundee (Rest in Peace brother), but you’re forgetting one major icon, Andy Michaels. Well, not yet at least. He’s working towards that status and we believe that his new album will take him there.

Australian-born singer Andy Michaels has just released his new album, “Revisited”.  He’s been able to mix Pop and Rock with carefully crafted instrumentation and arrangements to level it to a synchronicity of sounds. “People have compared me from Cat Stevens to Maroon 5, Coldplay, Counting Crows, and even Pink Floyd”, stated Andy Michaels. Those are some pretty heavy hitters in the music industry that such comparisons can either make or break such an artists. We see it happen all the time when young artists seem to have the sky’s the limit but have burned out and faded into the distance because they couldn’t handle the pressure of living up to such claims.

Andy’s guitar playing and storytelling in “Revisited” can really show us why he’s not afraid by such claims, rather he thrives with the pressures of that caliber. He’s brought Adult Contemporary to Pop and Country to Rock to make a sound that is all his own. Whatever you can think of to label him, keep trying, it’s not even close to what Andy is. He’s always changing, he’s always evolving. He likes to keep his fans guessing as to what his next music will become. That’s the allure of Andy Michael’s; he’s so musically talented that he is actually able to change his sounds. There aren’t many artists who can do that nowadays and the ones who can should be revered.

See what “Revisited” has in store for by following the link and checking it out. Andy Michaels’ will be waiting.

The Regency have finally released “Love Lately”

Where would we be without Alternative music and Dance? Well, we can tell you where you will be when they are both being fused together. The two biggest genres of today have been split then mixed to produce a new sound, a new set of followers to get the best of both worlds. Let’s start off with the combination and how it’s eccentric and different.

The Regency decided that its latest single, “Love Lately” is the embodiment of this new genre. The grunge fuzzy guitar is perfectly played to set the rhythmic tone and feel to get your head rocking, but the dance percussions and melodic bells truly helps create the new dynamic. Raw, grungy vocals pair with old-school dance beats for a track that is as infectious as it is emotive. If you’d really like to get more of the Dance genre to overwhelm the Alternative side, we highly suggest you take a gander at his Mass Transit Mix of “Love Lately”. We leave the decision up to you as you have the chance with the link below providing access to his Spotify list with both tracks included.

Makk releases Pop EP, “Midlife Dreams”

Makk wastes no time in releasing her newest EP to the public. Midlife Dreams is his newest EP that brings an ethereal mix of Pop, Electro, Dance, and other genres that could be left to our interpretation. The energy, the emotions, the charisma of Makk really shines through this album and lets his creativity stand out among others.

For “Midlife Dreams”, Makk dusted off his old collection of classic synths such as Yamaha VSS-30, Tiracon 6V and Solina String Ensemble. These tracks and their visuals breathe nostalgia and a strange, naive optimism and affirmation. They ask questions about chasing one’s dream, reevaluating one’s goals and about the fateful turning points in a person’s life or whether it must be seen as merely a succession of coalescing coincidences.

If you want just a snippet of what is yet to come, be sure to follow the link to one of his singles off the EP, “On and On”. This track really was a great choice to tease us that Makk can really bring it to the table, can really walk his talk. Makk leaves nothing to debate about his EP and wants us to know that it’s only a matter of time before we are all chanting his name.

Twisted/Mistake by Kaleigh really hits home

Don’t get it twisted, this is no mistake, Kaleigh blessed us with a really great track and we can’t get enough of it. What’s it called you say? “Twisted/Mistake”, and it’s absolutely a must listen because of it’s lyrics alone. It’s a message that needs to be heard and reflected on.

Have you ever felt the feeling that you were invulnerable, like you had nothing to worry about because nothing could ever hurt you? Of course you have. Let’s be frank, we all went through this phase because we had the perfect relationship, the perfect friends, the perfect life, but it all came crashing down in an instant. Life doesn’t care if you think you have everything; life will not hesitate to test you and put obstacles in front of you to overcome. Here’s a story from Kaleigh called “Twisted/Mistake” that sings to us the perfect crash. In her own words, “This song was inspired by heartbreak and the struggle to cope with losing someone who was once such a staple in your day-to-day life. The vital part about this song is its message that every emotional storm comes to an end and every person is capable of pulling through the heartbreak. Everyone has strength greater than they realize.”


We get a warm feeling when we see someone overcome such a hard time in their life. The struggle truly builds character and we get to follow Kaleigh’s achievement of overcoming such a difficult time. The real question from this is: How do we do it ourselves? Use “Twisted/Mistake” as a blueprint for our own obstacles and apply the same mindset and will power to show what we are made of. We are all strong individuals capable of pulling through. A heartbreak, a loss, or anything that made us realize that we are human, but as humans, we are capable of coming out on top. Let “Twisted/Mistake” guide you to better places with Kaleigh as your guide.