Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen”

We Sound Strange headquarters has recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles and when a good friend of ours heard the news, she immediately recommend we check out an act nearby. The Lavender Scare come straight from a neighboring city, Echo Park, and who know an amazing talent were so darn close to use. As soon as we heard “Drag for a Queen“,  we knew we had to feature it because it has the sound that encapsulates We Sound Strange, strange. From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare.  Continue reading “Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen””

We’d like to start this with a sports reference because it’s the perfect analogy to explain what happened with this artist here. A couple of years ago, Tim Tebow was on top of the world as an “ok” quarterback that needed a lot of development. Now, he had the tools to be truly a star in another position because of the way his body was built and the way he plays. Coaches advised him that he’d have much more success as a tight end; he refused because that’s not what he grew up wanting to become. He stayed the course of being a great quarterback, but in the end, it didn’t work out.

We have the same situation with Vital; he was on a path to become a hip hop artists but he realized his true potential by adhering to advice to switch it up. He may have more success in another genre, try Indie Dream Pop. Vital took it and ran with it, now what we have is “Finito“, the eccentric track that still has a bit of Hip Hop feel but with more Alternative sounds and Indie vibes. It’s looking like he adapted to the gift he was given and became what he always was, an Indie star-in-the-making. Utilizing the guitar to provide the rhythm while using a synthesizer to provide eclectic melodies that compliment his singing skills. We see more of an Alternative Kid Cudi with a vaster vocal range. He’s truly up-and-coming but not for long, soon he’ll be widely known. Be the first to listen to “Finito” today!




French for Rabbits spoke to us through “It Will Be Okay”

Coincidences, many times there are just situations that don’t make any sense at all that we label them off as coincidences. There are also moments when you refuse to believe that it was a matter of coincidence, there was a reason why this situation or occurrence arose in front of you at this exact moment. We were having a pretty shitty morning here at We Sound Strange and were feeling quite depressed, just general thoughts that people go through everyday. We popped on Soundcloud and we came across a track that was high on our feed. Believe us when we say this track changed our day, changed our whole vibe and perception for the rest of the day. French for Rabbits’ “It Will Be Okay”, well, it reminded us that things will be okay. We don’t believe it was  mere coincidence, this track was meant for us to listen to.
Everything about the song accentuates the theme that things will be okay. From the soothing vocals that make you feel as if you were being personally sung to and cared for, as if she was there by your side showing you heartfelt care. The soft melodies provided by the guitar that allows to let oneself go, dive into an introspective trance. The piano joining in the happy nature to muse a rhythmic pattern to add to the collective effort. To top it off, the lyrics are a whole different story. We’ll leave you with this, “It will be okay when the lights go out”.

The Stangs release EP, “American Sessions”

What do you know about Indie bands from Wales? Nothing, would be our best guess. It’s not your fault, it’s our fault, we need to inform you better about great bands from across the globe. The Stangs is an energetic young three-piece band with an unmistakable sound encapsulating everything from Skiffle to Brit Rock to Pop Punk. They remind us a whole lot like a young up-and-coming Rolling Stones hungry to make a name for themselves in mainstream America. Maintaining an entirely organic approach to social media thus far, The Stangs are already creating waves in the British indie scene, utilizing support slots as their main tactic for gaining popularity.  Demand for The Stangs in the UK has brought them to a number of festivals and well-known live venues.

The lead vocalist creates lyrics that truly support the sounds created by the guitar and bass line. Visually, the band is a burst of energy on stage while humbled in understated apparel reminiscent of their greatest early influences. They have so much love more music that it shows whenever they perform. Rock ‘N Roll needs that fire to burn in their music again and The Stangs have it.

Having an earlier show at the Troubadour caught the attention of a very well-known producer who flew them to his New Jersey studio to record their first EP, American Sessions, thus “She’s a Stranger” was born. They will be releasing it song by song with their single, “Beekeeper”, being the last.

In the midst of “Fire & Lightning” we welcome Hundred Acres

We’re having a hard time classifying this track and this band, perhaps we shouldn’t even try. We listened to “Fire & Lightning” by Hundred Acres and we’re trying to pin our finger to their sound but it sounds out of this world. It has a mix of Indie, Alternative, Pop, Electronic, even some New Wave Hip Hop. We probably just made that up but this is what this band sounds like, a new sound we haven’t really heard of before. They even have some World type of music that we hear from India when they use the same string guitar for their solo, something that resembles a sitar. We listen to the Electro waves in the beginning that sets up a Dreamy Pop sound but then the voice bellows in with grace with a trace of Daft Punk effects. We don’t know what to think, we need your help. Where do you pinpoint this song and are you fond of it? We are, so listen above and let us know your thoughts.

“Before You Go” by Nicholas Roberts

Nicholas Roberts is a Florida-based indie-folk musician.  Roberts spent 2015 writing, recording, and arranging his debut LP in his studio apartment, the public library, and coffee shops around Orlando, FL. Yes, the rumors are true, we do have a bit of a soft spot for artists from Orlando because we spent a chunk of our lives living on that part of the East Coast. Heck, we kick ourselves everyday knowing that we never got to experience them live but we’re sure to see if he’s touring when we visit next month.

We’re excited to be bringing you his recent release, “Before You Go” that has all the aspects of Indie-Folk that we like. It has the story, the profound vocals to match the lyrics, the guitar melodies, and the all-around feel of musical oneness. It was mixed by Stephen Turney (Humming House, Dave Rawlings Machine) and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird)

Previously, Roberts’ songs have been featured on FOX, CNN, and MTV. That’s the past; now he’s being featured on We Sound Strange and we believe our strange followers are going to love him as much as we do. Go and check out “Before You Go” by Nicholas Roberts.

Feel like you’re in a Jazz lounge with “Lil Louie” by David Mountain

david mountain lil louie

The first thought that popped into our head when we first listened to this track was that it would’ve been perfect to add to the soundtrack of Pulpfiction during the dance scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman. It has such a lounge feel to it that you instantly feel a rush of cool flow through you as you make your way to the scene. David Mountain does a great job of capturing that feel for it as you get an Indie Jazz lounge tune. The drums give us the most sense of lounge because it utilizes the quick Jazz hi-hat and quick drum taps to the cymbals to keep pace. What we have here is “Lil Louie“, and our interpretation was that that Louie is quite the character that spends most of his time in Jazz lounges. He’s the kind of guy that is pretty well off and loves just having himself his cocktail while snapping his fingers to the local Jazz talent.

The rhythm guitar does a great job of keeping the same pace as well to not throw off the listener and keep the chill vibe surrounding the space. Then, out of nowhere, the music changes when the guitar decides to amp up the volume and uses the chorus flange effect to make it sound eccentric and awoken. As if to say, enough of that, let’s get this party started and wake up the dancing feet. It’s quite the jump but very well-timed and we just had to hear it again.


Slow it down with Emmit Fenn as he takes you back to “1995

emmit fenn

Nowadays, whenever an older millenial begins to reminisce about the olden days, ever notice they start by saying, “Yeah, back in ’95” and they get to telling their story about phones with cords on them or something like that. This track is appropriately called “1995” to give people a reminder of R&B music back in those days, for those 90’s kids to reminisce. Emmit Fenn takes his vocal talent to new levels with this one.  Continue reading “Slow it down with Emmit Fenn as he takes you back to “1995”

Softer Still’s “Wishing Well” needs its iconic 80’s movie

softer still wishing well

Wish upon a star and it may true. Chase your dreams and there’s a chance you can attain. Listen to Dreamy Pop and you get Softer Still. 3 out of the 3 are true; those are some damn good odds aren’t they? Well shit, this isn’t Vegas, we want you to have everything you want in this. So if you’re wish was to find out the next Dreamy Pop band that’s going to take over the U.K. soon, you found it here with us. Softer Still released “Wishing Well” less than a week ago but we’ve listened to it more days than there’s in a month.  Continue reading “Softer Still’s “Wishing Well” needs its iconic 80’s movie”

Take a peak inside the entertaining journey of Gravity Circus as they unveil “Skyline”

gravity circus skyline

“A juggler and a clown on their entertaining journey, through the universe”. This is straight from the horse’s mouth, who is which is for them to know and we to find out. Nevertheless, we love the way they decided to describe themselves, different and strange that intrigues the audience to follow for more. It makes more sense to us now when we see their band is named Gravity Circus. They bring us their latest original track, “Skyline” to continue their entertaining journey.  Continue reading “Take a peak inside the entertaining journey of Gravity Circus as they unveil “Skyline””

Boston wins again with Tipling Rock’s “A Side/ B Side”

tippling rock

Everything good seems to happen to Massachusetts: the New England Patriots just won the Superbowl, the Boston Red Sox recently won a World Series, and now they have one of the hottest Indie bands stepping onto the scene. We aren’t trying to insinuate that this band is on the level of greatness like these two teams, but they have the potential of being a widely-recognized band in the next coming weeks. We present to you Tipling Rock and their next big track to shoot them to global exposure, “A Side/ B Side“. Continue reading “Boston wins again with Tipling Rock’s “A Side/ B Side””

Said The Whale is set to release their album “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide” on March 31, 2017

said the whale

Said The Whale release “Miscarriage” as their album “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide” is set to drop March 31, 2017.

Since forming back in 2007, Said The Whale has decided to go back to their roots, back to when it was a project that knew no bounds, freedom to venture forward into uncharted art-pop territory. Don’t believe us? Just check out their most recent release, “Miscarriage” and you’ll get a sense of freedom, a sense of risk with no consequences.  Continue reading “Said The Whale is set to release their album “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide” on March 31, 2017″