Twisted/Mistake by Kaleigh really hits home

Don’t get it twisted, this is no mistake, Kaleigh blessed us with a really great track and we can’t get enough of it. What’s it called you say? “Twisted/Mistake”, and it’s absolutely a must listen because of it’s lyrics alone. It’s a message that needs to be heard and reflected on.

Have you ever felt the feeling that you were invulnerable, like you had nothing to worry about because nothing could ever hurt you? Of course you have. Let’s be frank, we all went through this phase because we had the perfect relationship, the perfect friends, the perfect life, but it all came crashing down in an instant. Life doesn’t care if you think you have everything; life will not hesitate to test you and put obstacles in front of you to overcome. Here’s a story from Kaleigh called “Twisted/Mistake” that sings to us the perfect crash. In her own words, “This song was inspired by heartbreak and the struggle to cope with losing someone who was once such a staple in your day-to-day life. The vital part about this song is its message that every emotional storm comes to an end and every person is capable of pulling through the heartbreak. Everyone has strength greater than they realize.”


We get a warm feeling when we see someone overcome such a hard time in their life. The struggle truly builds character and we get to follow Kaleigh’s achievement of overcoming such a difficult time. The real question from this is: How do we do it ourselves? Use “Twisted/Mistake” as a blueprint for our own obstacles and apply the same mindset and will power to show what we are made of. We are all strong individuals capable of pulling through. A heartbreak, a loss, or anything that made us realize that we are human, but as humans, we are capable of coming out on top. Let “Twisted/Mistake” guide you to better places with Kaleigh as your guide.


Andy Michaels takes us through melodic scenery with his album, “Revisited”

Let’s get to know Andy Michaels before we get to know his music. You may be asking yourself, “Why do I even care who Andy Michaels is? We believe you’re asking yourself the wrong question. Instead, take this as an opportunity for a new beginning, to fall in love again. We may be spinning this way beyond where you thought it could be taken..and we like it. Andy Michaels releases his new album, “Revisited”, which is ironic because how can you revisit something that you’ve never known. Andy Michaels has something that really connects with us instantaneously, he has that effect.


Andy has played the guitar since a car accident left him temporarily incapacitated at 20 years old. He’s performed his poems growing up and has been published by the International Library of Poetry, USA. He’s turned his passion for writing into music that sounds like Coldplay, R.E.M., and The Script. All three being well-known bands that he’s looked up to. This is why “Revisited” is so important. “Revisited” uses Andy’s unique voice that gives passion and vitality to his song for added impact. Each track is reminiscent of past music that we’ve all fell in love with from other bands. It’s a journey through time that has not yet existed, has not yet happened. It’s a time in space that brings you back and brings you forward.


Revisited is an emotive trek through thirteen tracks based in adult-contemporary and melded with a mix of pop, rock, and soul.  Listen to each story in “Revisited” and live through the times you loved and will continue loving.

Scenic Route to Alaska release “How It Feels” to tease their new album, Tough Luck

Scenic Route to Alaska reached out to us to check out their newest single before the release of their album, Tough Luck, on March 9th. They want to do us one better, they’re releasing the album in time to promote their show out here in Los Angeles at the Hotel Cafe. You can better believe we’re going to be out there and who knows, we may have an interview in the works to get to know the artists even better. Here’s a quip from Scenic Route to Alaska on their latest track and album.

“How It Feels is an impulsive indie rock song about the challenge of finding love, or even a relationship for that matter, while being caught up in the hustle and bustle of touring and life on the road. The song was written after getting home (the same night) from a European tour where the band played 13 shows in 14 days across four countries.

Along with the single, we filmed a crazy wrestling music video! We assembled our dream team of Mike Robertson and Cory Johnn to do the directing/filming and had the expertise of Massive Damage to train us/act/beat us up.”

We’re excited to show you what “How It Feels” can make actually make you feel. Bring all those feel on March 30th at the Hotel Cafe and check them out. If you happen to see us at the Hotel Cafe, be sure to say hello and chill.

DYLYN warns us about girls like her with “Wolf”

Don’t cry wolf, unless it’s DYLYN’s new track. She clearly states in her chorus that girls like her should come with a warning, which can only lead us to believe one thing, we want to definitely be with her because we just don’t know what’s going to happen next. We won’t run the other way, we run and stay near the wildfire because it can spread like what? Wildfire. This is our forewarning to all of those who are about to embark on a trail of no return. This is the taste of thrill we long for. DYLYN is the next pop artist who is going to give you exactly what you want without you knowing it.

Here’s an excerpt straight from DYLYN: This song was the aftermath of a shitty breakup and my family divide. It was as if the universe was telling me to rebel and revert to autopilot. Shutting my feelings off for a little while was a much easier way to live – misery loves a hot guy.

Don’t you want to know how it all plays out? Listen to DYLYN’s “Wolf” and the let the trail of thrills begin with We Sound Strange.

FEHM bring back the totally 80’s sound with “Human Age”

FEHM is totally 80’s, it’s all about the 80’s with “Human Age“. Bringing back the sound of early to mid 80’s bands that took the radio by storm. Think back to the times of The Cure, Dead or Alive, A Flock of Seagulls, etc. They use the standard synth production to get the sound of enchantment and night skies. They use the bass to bring a sense of heavy rhythm while still keeping it light at the same time. FEHM also utilizes the low deep singing vocals to get a Gothic tone to it and make it sound dark. The chorus is what you would expect during the 80’s; a fun melody using the synthesized keyboard to make you feel larger than life. That’s what the 80’s were all about, feeling larger than life. The drums is where we picked up most of the similarities because it stays with the continuous 1,2,3,4 beat with a guitar strumming over it in intervals of 16. Listen to it and reminisce about the totally 80’s music with FEHM’s “Human Age”.

Get lost in the 80’s muse with Sound Remedy’s “Lost Without You”

How fitting, artist name and title. Sound Remedy and “Lost Without You”, it doesn’t take much to put two and two together. Get lost in the synth waves, get lost in the attacking drums, get lost in the 80’s synth keyboard melody, just get lost within the sound. The bass is extremely heavy in the second drop that it turns the corner from an 80’s style Dance Electronic track to a heavy Bass Electronic muse. It’s a turntable of events that blows through the speakers and fills up the room. The ability to get lost in a room is pretty powerful and only the sound can remedy the lost to find their way. Listen to Sound Remedy’s “Lost Without You” for a dope sound.

“Pink” is GEA’s first single release from her new album, ‘Album’

GEA is back to making us feel very sentimental, to look deep within ourselves. ‘Butterflies’ is going to be the anthem that propels her to new heights because it seems as she is truly allowing herself to be vulnerable and speak on what’s been going on in her life. The track that we really connected with was “Pink”.

It’s a soft soothing track that showcases her soft voice and the power it has to make you feel warm inside. Yes, the feeling of warmth coming from a voice is a rare occurrence because we are constantly looking for someone who can soothe us back to a normal state of mind, soothe us back to a calm, relaxing place to live withing ourselves. Let’s quickly jump into the melody because it can easily be overlooked here but it’s key to making this track possible to be what it is. The beautiful melody being provided by the grand piano is quite simple with a few notes, but that’s all what GEA really needs. “Pink” is about pain, endurance, closing your eyes and holding your breath to feel as if you’re finally free, free from the world. As touchy a topic suicide is, GEA embraces such a tough topic with such a soft sound, a sound that welcomes in love, friendship, and new life.

LEt the feelings of pain and anguish no longer rule over you, take control. We no longer should see red, but we should see pink, the color that is nonthreatening and loved. Follow GEA’s voice and take her hand to a safe haven within her voice, withing her soul. ‘Butterflies’ follows the same hope as “Pink” and GEA does a phenomenal job of reaching out to her fans and to those who need a helping hand, a pick-me-up to get lost in her music and not in this life.


Be someone’s “Oxytocin”

Oxytocin” is beautiful. It’s often referred to as the love hormone and for good reason, it acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain that allows you to feel loved when hugged, kissed, etc. That’s why we should never be surprised when both men and women want to cuddle; it’s the feeling that comes with it that lets us bond with one another and actually feel close to someone. We all need oxytocin and Jack Conman puts the lyrics in a way that you feel you’re being hugged and kissed by his words. All it takes is it a little bit of love to feel that you’re not alone, that you don’t need serotonin if you just listen to his track.   Continue reading “Be someone’s “Oxytocin””

Boniface declares “I Will Not Return as a Tourist”

We cannot move, we’re in a state of paralysis. Sometimes, when you so desperately want to speak your mind but you just can’t because you’re still in shock, nay, awe of how good a track can be. Nevertheless, it wasn’t just the track in its entirety that blew us away, it was the complete bridge breakdown. It caught us by surprise, it caught everyone by surprise. The beginning of the track started off a bit tame, a bit like something that would be great just as is and wouldn’t have a problem, but who wants “just good” anymore. The vocals alone take you on a surreal high and a catastrophic low in such a burst that will keep you on the edge of your seat. His voice works like a teaser to prepare us for the intimate breakdown with the drums, guitar, bass, all in one for a super finish. Just when you thought it was just a quick bridge, it surprised you by staying a bit longer than you’d expect, then turning it all over again on a higher pitch later in the track. See if you can put together better words to express how you feel about this track because we’re still recovering from shock and awe. Listen to “I Will Not Return As A Tourist” by Boniface.

What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You”

Inception, the concept of being able to dream within a dream, to dive deep into your own thoughts to find out things about yourself that you may have never known or have chosen to forget. Now, imagine being able to share these dreams with whomever you’d like and share and experience like no other, taking risks and enjoying endless possibilities. Jeffrey Paradise has captured a shared love dream with “Dream of You” to see if paradise can truly be recreated. How fitting is it that his name is paradise and the essence of the song captures what paradise may feel like. Continue reading “What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You””

Anna Ross has full support from Duran Duran on her release of her single, “First Day”

anna ross
Hailing from the far, far land in the U.K., singer/songwriter Anna Ross releases her extremely enticing track, “First Day” to have some actual good music to listen to this Summer. You may know Anna Ross from her work touring and singing with Duran Duran, a platform that has brought her to just about every stage imaginable, from Coachella and Live Aid to the opening of the Olympics. To note, if you don’t know who Duran Duran, google them, they’re only one of the premiere groups of the 80’s. Now she brings her passionate, hypnotic vocals front and center on. From an early age, she was encouraged by her parents to follow her passion in music and boy were they right on the money. We all should be thankful to them because then we wouldn’t have this.

Continue reading “Anna Ross has full support from Duran Duran on her release of her single, “First Day””

“Bad In Bed” by Flaviyake is like nothing you’ve ever listened to

Flaviyake is a Pop artist, songwriter and producer known for going the extra mile, doing what others dare not to do. Her artist name is coming from her real name Flavia and part of a Japanese name “yake” (from Issey Miyake, her favourite fashion designer). This is where we get such an out of nowhere track like “Bad In Bed“, something you thought you’d never see, let alone listen to.
Originally she is from Moldova, has  given a lot of live shows in London, where she also played on BBC6 Music Radio, writing songs for artists in Russia and now based in Los Angeles. Flaviyake decided to defend women after ready articles on women’s websites telling women not to tell men their feelings. I was appalled that women’s websites or any website would advise that. Communication is key when it comes to relationships and to feel the need to be quiet is not healthy anymore. “Bad In Bed” is her first track as a producer as well. The song “Bad in Bed” is talking about that beast in a man that makes a  woman feel submissive. Although BDSM is widely used in the music  industry (artist and dancers’ outfits, stage design, song lyrics, music videos), Flaviyake is really coming from that background and knows this
topic not from reading.
It’s easy to talk about something we barely know anything about, but I rather trust the opinion of someone who has actually lived through it. Listen to Flaviyake’s new track “Back In Bed” and let us know your opinion on it.