“Music In Your Bones”, there’s no way to lie without having music travel with you wherever you are, it’s a part of you whether you like it or not. Bourbon House brings back Rock ‘N Roll to the nitty gritty sound that we came to love: the distortion, the power chords, the heavy riffs, the angst in the vocals, the list can go on. The one fact that stood out the most was the use of an effective riff that truly catches the attention of the listener to be on the edge. Think back to Smoke On The Water; it’s a simple riff that is as heavy as they come. It’s got the power behind every strum to capture the audience withing its waves and bang your head to Personally, music will always be in our bones, no matter what genre or year we’ve aged, music makes us feel more that we actually are. We have our human senses, but music takes you beyond your senses, to a world of your own that is guided by the imagination that’s influenced by others. When we heard the solo for the first time, the electricity was flowing though our veins and giving us temporary paralysis, leaving us stuck to the doing of Bourbon House.

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