Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen”

We Sound Strange headquarters has recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles and when a good friend of ours heard the news, she immediately recommend we check out an act nearby. The Lavender Scare come straight from a neighboring city, Echo Park, and who know an amazing talent were so darn close to use. As soon as we heard “Drag for a Queen“,  we knew we had to feature it because it has the sound that encapsulates We Sound Strange, strange. From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare.  Continue reading “Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen””

Kloudink puts an extra bounce in your step as you listen to “Round and Round”

We find music from all over the world because the way we see it, why be confined within the areas of where you live. Yes, we live in Los Angeles, where there is a lot of music to be listened to and live acts to see, but we have aspirations of finding music from all over. We want all of our Strange followers to know and listen to different music from different parts of the world with different stories to share. Our feature today is an Alternative band from South Africa, George to be exact. We bring you Kloudink and their first single, “Round and Round”.

You can tell how fun and charismatic this band is from their very first music video for “Round and Round”. Their energy is definitely contagious because it makes you want to go out there and seize the day, let the sun tell you how much time you have to enjoy the world outside. The guitar uses higher pitched chords to strike each string to melodic perfection. You can listen in when they go into higher and higher frets to keep the sound bubbly and fun. The drums keep the rhythm upbeat with a high tempo to insinuate an extra bounce to your step. Wait, let’s get back to the guitar, it’s just too enchanting as you listen to the bridge, and it isn’t something too difficult but it works so well. It’s the same 3 notes played over each other in higher and lower frets but they were able to make it to a complete new sound. Tell us what you think below!


Roy Blair pays homage to 90’s Grunge with “Shell”

When it comes to paying homage to the 1990’s experimental grunge/flange music, Roy Blair takes the cake with the newest release of “Shell” and all of it’s mind-warping sounds and mixes. Yes, the beginning of “Shell” sounds like a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and a very domestic Nirvana, whatever we think that means it works for us right now. Deal with it. Get this, we even get a bit of a boy band vibe with the type of chorus we are vibing out to. The sound of familiarity but unique mix is quite a breathe of fresh air as we rock back and forth to chorus flange guitar.
Just when you thought it was just one sound the story immediately flips the script and gives you a taste of a Kid Cudi tribute. Sick vocals that sound effortless but pleasurable to listen to after you’ve hit the high. Take a deep breath and breathe in the flange chords and vocals to have all to ourselves. All in all, it’s a soft and soothing track that can rock hard in its own right. It’s a new wave of Alternative Rock that we hope catches on with the masses and we’re here to spread it to you guys. Do Roy Blair a favor and listen to “Shell” and step out of your own shell when you tell people of this psychedelic meteoric rise and fall.

The Stangs release EP, “American Sessions”

What do you know about Indie bands from Wales? Nothing, would be our best guess. It’s not your fault, it’s our fault, we need to inform you better about great bands from across the globe. The Stangs is an energetic young three-piece band with an unmistakable sound encapsulating everything from Skiffle to Brit Rock to Pop Punk. They remind us a whole lot like a young up-and-coming Rolling Stones hungry to make a name for themselves in mainstream America. Maintaining an entirely organic approach to social media thus far, The Stangs are already creating waves in the British indie scene, utilizing support slots as their main tactic for gaining popularity.  Demand for The Stangs in the UK has brought them to a number of festivals and well-known live venues.

The lead vocalist creates lyrics that truly support the sounds created by the guitar and bass line. Visually, the band is a burst of energy on stage while humbled in understated apparel reminiscent of their greatest early influences. They have so much love more music that it shows whenever they perform. Rock ‘N Roll needs that fire to burn in their music again and The Stangs have it.

Having an earlier show at the Troubadour caught the attention of a very well-known producer who flew them to his New Jersey studio to record their first EP, American Sessions, thus “She’s a Stranger” was born. They will be releasing it song by song with their single, “Beekeeper”, being the last.

The Night Cafe release new Alternative track, “Felicity”

Just by listening to “Felicity” by The Night Cafe, we were able to automatically guess what type of band this is and the type of music they release. They hold a strong resemblance to Cage The Elephant and “Felicity” is just the track to show you one side of the band that closely follows in their footsteps. From the start of the initial guitar riff to the initial guitar chord from the rhythm guitar to signify its sound. They have a major influential sound of The Cure from the 80s and Cage The Elephant. The vocals hold tightly to the range the singer is comfortable and he doesn’t stray away too far from what he knows. Make no mistake, we are excited to listen to what they can come with in the future but for now, “Felicity” sounds all too familiar. We may be wrong, so please take a listen and give us your thoughts on the track.

Good things come in 3’s when you listen to Good Kid’s “Witches”

good kid witches
There are 3 things that make this world go ’round: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galacctica. Whoops, never mind that. We thought it was Dwight Schrute’s world and we were just living in it. Well, here’s another set of 3 things that make the world go ’round for the band being featured tonight: Music, computers, and video games. Good Kid is a band made of friends who like three of the those same things. The latter you can say would be the constant inspiration for all the writing and jam sessions they have. This is how they were able to show us “Witches“, their new track release that’s truly an alternative sound.

Continue reading “Good things come in 3’s when you listen to Good Kid’s “Witches””

Palm Haze pushes and pulls you with “Gravitation”

palm haze

You’ll find yourself deep inside the ethereal sounds between dreams and reality when you sink your teeth into this new track that Palm Haze just released. “Gravitation” truly makes you feel like you’re in limbo, in a state of mind where past and future meet, where consciousness and unconsciousness mesh together, courage and fear pick you apart, feel a pull or chase the feeling as music helps you make the choice.  Continue reading “Palm Haze pushes and pulls you with “Gravitation””

Minnesota’s finest: Early Eyes drop their new album Minutes

early eyes album

Minneapolis is lucky to have such a great up-and-coming band like Early Eyes at their fingertips because they’re booked all around Minnesota. Just this weekend they reassured us why they are the next band to look out for. Their new EP, Minutes is breathtakingly exquisite and their track, “Good Hearts” is their cherry on top. We decided to delve into this track entirely because it’s the one that stood out to us the most.  Continue reading “Minnesota’s finest: Early Eyes drop their new album Minutes”

Ladies and Gentlemen: “When The Going Gets Tough” by The John Toms Dilemma

the john toms dilemma

We all know the saying, “When the going get tough, the tough get going” and we we’ve all experienced a rough patch in our lives. What do you do to overcome adversity? Don’t worry if you’re stumped for answers because The John Toms Dilemma plan to steer you in the right direction with none other than their track, “When The Going Gets Tough“.  Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen: “When The Going Gets Tough” by The John Toms Dilemma”

Stop what you’re doing and listen to Two Feet’s new mini EP immediately

two feet tracks

The world owes Harlem, New York a huge thank you because it’s responsible for giving us the next big band when it comes to Jazz & Blues, Two Feet. We were absolutely blown away by the release of their mini EP of “Love Is A Bitch” and “Had Some Drinks“. Continue reading “Stop what you’re doing and listen to Two Feet’s new mini EP immediately”

Sad Picnic has the tools to be the new Queen with “I Though I Knew”

We go through our lives thinking we know what’s best, we know what we want and who we want but in reality, we know diddly squat. This brings us to showcase our newest favorite band, Sad Picnic. They just released a new single that just blew us away and no one is going to argue with us. “I Thought I Knew” is too contagious that it’s spreading like wildfire, yet this is one wild fire we don’t want to put out and you shouldn’t either. Continue reading “Sad Picnic has the tools to be the new Queen with “I Though I Knew””

Scotland unveils another kick-ass band, The Double Standards and their new EP “Rocket Turtle”

the double standards rocket turtle

Scotland, Scotland, Scotland! We have another great 4-piece band coming out of this great country! We have The Double Standards, a pop-punk band from Hamilton, Scotland that can rock out with their co..socks out! We have been so blessed to have so many bands reach out to We Sound Strange but Scotland definitely takes the cake for not only having talented bands, but the nicest people you will ever meet. That’s why, when The Double Standards informed us of their new EP release of “Rocket Turtle“, we had to share it with our We Sound Strange family! The track we chose to showcase is our absolutely favorite, “She’s Not As Cool As She Thinks“. Continue reading “Scotland unveils another kick-ass band, The Double Standards and their new EP “Rocket Turtle””