Bourbon House brings back the old Rock ‘N Roll with “Music In Your Bones”

“Music In Your Bones”, there’s no way to lie without having music travel with you wherever you are, it’s a part of you whether you like it or not. Bourbon House brings back Rock ‘N Roll to the nitty gritty sound that we came to love: the distortion, the power chords, the heavy riffs, the angst in the vocals, the list can go on. The one fact that stood out the most was the use of an effective riff that truly catches the attention of the listener to be on the edge. Think back to Smoke On The Water; it’s a simple riff that is as heavy as they come. It’s got the power behind every strum to capture the audience withing its waves and bang your head to Personally, music will always be in our bones, no matter what genre or year we’ve aged, music makes us feel more that we actually are. We have our human senses, but music takes you beyond your senses, to a world of your own that is guided by the imagination that’s influenced by others. When we heard the solo for the first time, the electricity was flowing though our veins and giving us temporary paralysis, leaving us stuck to the doing of Bourbon House.


Johnny Childe reminds us of Jimi Hendrix with “Dionysian Eyes”

Any of you ever heard the track “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix? This was the first thought that popped into our head as soon as the first chord progression kicked in from “Dionysian Eyes” from Johnny Childe. We got the chilling sensation we received when we first heard Little Wing many years back because the guitar playing in this track is just as good. It has a great groove and great pace to it, it rocks hard with with the complex strings picked and strummed. It’s complicated patterns is what makes this unique and it’s bluesy sound makes it sexy as well. When we say sexy, we mean it just gives you that feeling of strutting and Billy Idol face where you have the entire world in the palm of your hands. The guitar playing is just overwhelmingly good, it takes real talent to be able to put this together and play it over and over again, naturally. As we stated earlier, this track has so many similarities to the track Little Wing ans we want to dive in a little bit deeper into it.  Continue reading “Johnny Childe reminds us of Jimi Hendrix with “Dionysian Eyes””

“So Wasteful” by Anatrok

Don’t you just love tracks that go perfectly when you’re down on your luck. Think about it, the songs that you just picture are playing as your theme song when you’re just going about your life. It definitely has to have some distortion in it, better, yet, it needs to be the guitar that has to be distorted. The kind of distortion where you can’t even tell what notes are exactly being played, where you listen in because it sounds cool but again, no idea what is being played. How great is it when the bass is also being distorted at the same time, replicating the nonsense that is being played to your ears. It’s fascinating when the guitar decides to let go of the distortion and pitch in with some lead guitar solos to enhance the sensations you’re feeling. The bummy feels are halfway gone but the bass and the vocals are sticking around. We forgot to mention, yes, the vocals are even distorted and sound hazy, picture something from The Smashing Pumpkins. Give this track a try and let us know if you hear it too. So Wasteful by Anatrok.

Emergin artist Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa unleashes Alt Rock track, “Until Death”

Marcus Figueroa is just hitting his prime and has realized his potential, his niche in which he’s become an expert in. He was born in Alconbury, UK and has now made himself known around the part of Arizona, Nashville, and is now residing in Sacramento, Ca, looking to take over another city and possibly new state. He started as a self-taught guitarist, learning not only through books, ear, or even trial and error, he’s gained the scars of battle on stage to learn and experiment with different brands and strings to find what works for him. He’s been involved with music his entire life; however he has been a part of the profession for over six years with no foreseen end in sight. As many musicians, even the greats, to go out play with different bands with varying styles to find the special connection that makes palying truly effortless. It’s the bond, the high, the chemical reaction of linking musical abilities. There’s a trial and error in this aspect as well and Marcus has found that sometimes, it’s the connection within ourselves that truly brings out the best in us.

When you come to terms with the fact that you’re your own best instrumentalist that can keep up with your own ideas and skill. Marcus was also able to add bass and piano to his collection of artistic disciplines. As time progressed, Marcus started to emerge as an artist who  had the thrive and thirst for knowledge outside of being an instrumentalist in a band. It’s a light bulb that went off with the idea that he should start on his own; forget about relying on others. He immediately began to compose and produce full works of art utilizing his own hands and the instruments available to him. Now, there’s no telling where he’s taking his musical abilities; he can go from folk to punk and he’s just as great at both of them. His main goal is to provide awareness and put only the best music out there. Marcus’ gift needs to shown and shared with the world and let this be just the beginning.

“Until Death” is the new Alternative Rock track that he’s unleashed upon us. Go ahead and take a listen and let us know what you think!

Boniface declares “I Will Not Return as a Tourist”

We cannot move, we’re in a state of paralysis. Sometimes, when you so desperately want to speak your mind but you just can’t because you’re still in shock, nay, awe of how good a track can be. Nevertheless, it wasn’t just the track in its entirety that blew us away, it was the complete bridge breakdown. It caught us by surprise, it caught everyone by surprise. The beginning of the track started off a bit tame, a bit like something that would be great just as is and wouldn’t have a problem, but who wants “just good” anymore. The vocals alone take you on a surreal high and a catastrophic low in such a burst that will keep you on the edge of your seat. His voice works like a teaser to prepare us for the intimate breakdown with the drums, guitar, bass, all in one for a super finish. Just when you thought it was just a quick bridge, it surprised you by staying a bit longer than you’d expect, then turning it all over again on a higher pitch later in the track. See if you can put together better words to express how you feel about this track because we’re still recovering from shock and awe. Listen to “I Will Not Return As A Tourist” by Boniface.

What are you doing at 5 am?

Most of us would hate the fact that we’re awake at “5 am”, it’s not something that is looked forward to. Many of us have no choice, either by waking up that early, or still being awake from the night before. In this case, Distant Blue stays up thinking of the one that got away, which is one of the worst nights anyone can ever go through because every single situation replays in your head. You’ll always try to think  of other ways that situation could’ve gone differently to have that one special person with you at 5 am, instead of staying up sleepless. This epitomizes Pop Punk because when you think of Pop Punk, this general theme is what you get.  Continue reading “What are you doing at 5 am?”

Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen”

We Sound Strange headquarters has recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles and when a good friend of ours heard the news, she immediately recommend we check out an act nearby. The Lavender Scare come straight from a neighboring city, Echo Park, and who know an amazing talent were so darn close to use. As soon as we heard “Drag for a Queen“,  we knew we had to feature it because it has the sound that encapsulates We Sound Strange, strange. From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare.  Continue reading “Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen””

Kloudink puts an extra bounce in your step as you listen to “Round and Round”

We find music from all over the world because the way we see it, why be confined within the areas of where you live. Yes, we live in Los Angeles, where there is a lot of music to be listened to and live acts to see, but we have aspirations of finding music from all over. We want all of our Strange followers to know and listen to different music from different parts of the world with different stories to share. Our feature today is an Alternative band from South Africa, George to be exact. We bring you Kloudink and their first single, “Round and Round”.

You can tell how fun and charismatic this band is from their very first music video for “Round and Round”. Their energy is definitely contagious because it makes you want to go out there and seize the day, let the sun tell you how much time you have to enjoy the world outside. The guitar uses higher pitched chords to strike each string to melodic perfection. You can listen in when they go into higher and higher frets to keep the sound bubbly and fun. The drums keep the rhythm upbeat with a high tempo to insinuate an extra bounce to your step. Wait, let’s get back to the guitar, it’s just too enchanting as you listen to the bridge, and it isn’t something too difficult but it works so well. It’s the same 3 notes played over each other in higher and lower frets but they were able to make it to a complete new sound. Tell us what you think below!


Roy Blair pays homage to 90’s Grunge with “Shell”

When it comes to paying homage to the 1990’s experimental grunge/flange music, Roy Blair takes the cake with the newest release of “Shell” and all of it’s mind-warping sounds and mixes. Yes, the beginning of “Shell” sounds like a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and a very domestic Nirvana, whatever we think that means it works for us right now. Deal with it. Get this, we even get a bit of a boy band vibe with the type of chorus we are vibing out to. The sound of familiarity but unique mix is quite a breathe of fresh air as we rock back and forth to chorus flange guitar.
Just when you thought it was just one sound the story immediately flips the script and gives you a taste of a Kid Cudi tribute. Sick vocals that sound effortless but pleasurable to listen to after you’ve hit the high. Take a deep breath and breathe in the flange chords and vocals to have all to ourselves. All in all, it’s a soft and soothing track that can rock hard in its own right. It’s a new wave of Alternative Rock that we hope catches on with the masses and we’re here to spread it to you guys. Do Roy Blair a favor and listen to “Shell” and step out of your own shell when you tell people of this psychedelic meteoric rise and fall.

The Stangs release EP, “American Sessions”

What do you know about Indie bands from Wales? Nothing, would be our best guess. It’s not your fault, it’s our fault, we need to inform you better about great bands from across the globe. The Stangs is an energetic young three-piece band with an unmistakable sound encapsulating everything from Skiffle to Brit Rock to Pop Punk. They remind us a whole lot like a young up-and-coming Rolling Stones hungry to make a name for themselves in mainstream America. Maintaining an entirely organic approach to social media thus far, The Stangs are already creating waves in the British indie scene, utilizing support slots as their main tactic for gaining popularity.  Demand for The Stangs in the UK has brought them to a number of festivals and well-known live venues.

The lead vocalist creates lyrics that truly support the sounds created by the guitar and bass line. Visually, the band is a burst of energy on stage while humbled in understated apparel reminiscent of their greatest early influences. They have so much love more music that it shows whenever they perform. Rock ‘N Roll needs that fire to burn in their music again and The Stangs have it.

Having an earlier show at the Troubadour caught the attention of a very well-known producer who flew them to his New Jersey studio to record their first EP, American Sessions, thus “She’s a Stranger” was born. They will be releasing it song by song with their single, “Beekeeper”, being the last.

The Night Cafe release new Alternative track, “Felicity”

Just by listening to “Felicity” by The Night Cafe, we were able to automatically guess what type of band this is and the type of music they release. They hold a strong resemblance to Cage The Elephant and “Felicity” is just the track to show you one side of the band that closely follows in their footsteps. From the start of the initial guitar riff to the initial guitar chord from the rhythm guitar to signify its sound. They have a major influential sound of The Cure from the 80s and Cage The Elephant. The vocals hold tightly to the range the singer is comfortable and he doesn’t stray away too far from what he knows. Make no mistake, we are excited to listen to what they can come with in the future but for now, “Felicity” sounds all too familiar. We may be wrong, so please take a listen and give us your thoughts on the track.

Good things come in 3’s when you listen to Good Kid’s “Witches”

good kid witches
There are 3 things that make this world go ’round: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galacctica. Whoops, never mind that. We thought it was Dwight Schrute’s world and we were just living in it. Well, here’s another set of 3 things that make the world go ’round for the band being featured tonight: Music, computers, and video games. Good Kid is a band made of friends who like three of the those same things. The latter you can say would be the constant inspiration for all the writing and jam sessions they have. This is how they were able to show us “Witches“, their new track release that’s truly an alternative sound.

Continue reading “Good things come in 3’s when you listen to Good Kid’s “Witches””