Don’t go, it’s a Trap…song by Ashton Travis with “Exactly”

Don’t go in there, it’s a trap! It’s Trap music and now you’re stuck listening to it. Stuck is such a strong word, let’s use privileged. Trap music seems to be getting a lot of hate but there are few artists who dabble in the genre who can make it a dope experience to listen to.Ashton Travis is one of those artists that can rap and sing to a Trap beat and make it pleasurable for the listener to listen and sing along to. The beat is a simplistic trap beat but ashton uses autotune to create the trap vocal effects to synthesize with the beat. His lyrical prowess can really shine in “Exactly”. His rhymes are quite simple as well that we beat ourselves up because we should of thought of them but that’s how it always is with hit songs. Listeners beware, you may fall in love this track. Click that play button for Ashton Travis’ new track, “Exactly”.


It’s the “RETRN” of Remedy

We’ve got it. We’ve got just the thing to cure you of all your weekend’s mistakes and regrets. We guess you can say we found the perfect Remedy, eh? Well, in a way, we’re not wrong. Remedy brings you RETRN, a dubstep happy track that builds you up and reels you in with different ensembles of drops and samples to create an epic bring-down-the-house type track. The basic blueprint is of course have an eclectic build up with synthetic sounds and vocal cuts that literally build up in volume and intensity. Once the build is complete with the addition of drum kits that emphasize the use of change of pace in subtle fashion, let the music go quiet and then blast the listener’s ears with heavy bass and symphonic tones to pierce but soften a blow that gets the hype to reach maximum height, maximum level of chaos. Let the madness begin, not end, with remedy’s track RETRN. It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning to madness.

Jay Critch gives us a dope track with “Fashion ft. Rich The Kid”

It’s been a while since we’ve added a new hip hop track and we sound strange is dedicating this feature purely for hip hop if you will. For our first feature of the week, we decided to call upon the talents of Jay Critch. He just released fashion featuring rich the kid to give us a trap and hip hop ensemble.

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Get a 70’s flashback with Furnsss’ “Divine”

Divine by Furnsss, that’s it, go listen to it. No, we’re kidding. In all seriousness, we’re extremely excited to be able to bring this track to all of you. We absolutely love the creation of it, the production, the all-around feel of it. It’s taken aback by the rules of what music should be today but it has it’s right to stand alone and branch out of the common. We’re thinking of fleetwood mac back in the 70’s when they were changing the way we listened to music. Actually, we’re just referring to the age of the 70’s when music was going through a split, a revolution between two set of genres that couldn’t seem to coexist.

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Let the intensity rise by listening to Wasting Away’s “We’re Fucked”

Wasting Away is bringing the early 2000’s Punk Rock scene by recreating the scene, the sound, the memories of the beginning of a millennium full of hope. We listen to the heavy use of bass striking to resonate through the speakers and pierce the ears of everyone withing the reach of the sound waves. We listen on for the typical chords played by the Punk Rock bands of those days — the famous G chord to keep the fast strumming of the guitar to keep the speedy pace to keep us energized and ready mosh. It’s also being paired with guitar riffs that are about only 3 or 4 notes in to be repeated by strumming as well to follow the same breakdown. The drums are also fast-pumping, hard-hitting that doesn’t stop throughout the track, the continuous 1,2 or 1 beat to match the intensity. Also, it has the original fast playing buildup to lead to the same quickness of the vibe. This is why the track is only about 2 minutes long because it’s highly intense and very fast for those needing to let off some steam. The vocals remind us very closely to that of Blink 182, a nasaly sort of high-pitched sound that weirdly sounds pleasant. Listen to “We’re Fucked” by Wasting Away and tell us you don’t think they sound extremely similar to Blink 182.

“Wish” it to reality with Saycille

Let’s talk about something important here; wishes. Yes, a wish is sort of like hope but with less faith in it actually happening. Why is that? Why do we not have as much faith in wishing as we do with hoping? How many times did you want something so bad that it hurts every day you’re not where you want to be or have what you want to have? We can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t always happen, sometimes a wish is not enough. Perhaps, the wish the will you instill upon yourself to make it happen. No matter what it is you’re wishing for, it’s  a process to attain anything of value in this life. We’re still in the process today to reach new heights and we’ll keep wishing and working until it happens. What else are you going to do, right? Sleep around and watch Netflix? Heck no, work hard and make it happen — stop feeling sorry for yourself. This is where Saycille comes in with her new track, “Wish”. It’s a soft sensation that encourages the wish to come true through you, not through magic. Continue reading ““Wish” it to reality with Saycille”

FEHM bring back the totally 80’s sound with “Human Age”

FEHM is totally 80’s, it’s all about the 80’s with “Human Age“. Bringing back the sound of early to mid 80’s bands that took the radio by storm. Think back to the times of The Cure, Dead or Alive, A Flock of Seagulls, etc. They use the standard synth production to get the sound of enchantment and night skies. They use the bass to bring a sense of heavy rhythm while still keeping it light at the same time. FEHM also utilizes the low deep singing vocals to get a Gothic tone to it and make it sound dark. The chorus is what you would expect during the 80’s; a fun melody using the synthesized keyboard to make you feel larger than life. That’s what the 80’s were all about, feeling larger than life. The drums is where we picked up most of the similarities because it stays with the continuous 1,2,3,4 beat with a guitar strumming over it in intervals of 16. Listen to it and reminisce about the totally 80’s music with FEHM’s “Human Age”.

Chill out with some “Rainbows & Waterfalls” by Pretty Lights

If you’re going to rip a Hip Hop classic, you better make whatever it is that you’re creating damn near as good as the original because then there’ll be hell to pay. Not necessarily by us, but by the people that stand and swear by the classics. Pretty Lights has taken the challenge and exceeded expectations when releasing “Rainbows & Waterfalls”. As those of us who know the original, this track is an easy-listening type of tune that uses vocals that is similar to Nate Dogg’s deep soothing tone. It has a warmth to it that makes it much more interesting when they speak of chill things like “Rainbows & Waterfalls” to think of when we want to smile. Pretty Lights keeps the chill vibe when they use chimes and bells harmoniously to jam the rhythm to, but they take it to a different path when the drop comes because they use a long subdued bass drop to lengthen it. The interesting take is that they keep the vocals singing during the long bass drop sound to make the drop as chill as the tone. It’s a very interesting sound Pretty Lights decided to use for this classic but we absolutely love listening  to “Rainbows & Waterfalls” when we want to chill and vibe out.

Get lost in the 80’s muse with Sound Remedy’s “Lost Without You”

How fitting, artist name and title. Sound Remedy and “Lost Without You”, it doesn’t take much to put two and two together. Get lost in the synth waves, get lost in the attacking drums, get lost in the 80’s synth keyboard melody, just get lost within the sound. The bass is extremely heavy in the second drop that it turns the corner from an 80’s style Dance Electronic track to a heavy Bass Electronic muse. It’s a turntable of events that blows through the speakers and fills up the room. The ability to get lost in a room is pretty powerful and only the sound can remedy the lost to find their way. Listen to Sound Remedy’s “Lost Without You” for a dope sound.

“Pink” is GEA’s first single release from her new album, ‘Album’

GEA is back to making us feel very sentimental, to look deep within ourselves. ‘Butterflies’ is going to be the anthem that propels her to new heights because it seems as she is truly allowing herself to be vulnerable and speak on what’s been going on in her life. The track that we really connected with was “Pink”.

It’s a soft soothing track that showcases her soft voice and the power it has to make you feel warm inside. Yes, the feeling of warmth coming from a voice is a rare occurrence because we are constantly looking for someone who can soothe us back to a normal state of mind, soothe us back to a calm, relaxing place to live withing ourselves. Let’s quickly jump into the melody because it can easily be overlooked here but it’s key to making this track possible to be what it is. The beautiful melody being provided by the grand piano is quite simple with a few notes, but that’s all what GEA really needs. “Pink” is about pain, endurance, closing your eyes and holding your breath to feel as if you’re finally free, free from the world. As touchy a topic suicide is, GEA embraces such a tough topic with such a soft sound, a sound that welcomes in love, friendship, and new life.

LEt the feelings of pain and anguish no longer rule over you, take control. We no longer should see red, but we should see pink, the color that is nonthreatening and loved. Follow GEA’s voice and take her hand to a safe haven within her voice, withing her soul. ‘Butterflies’ follows the same hope as “Pink” and GEA does a phenomenal job of reaching out to her fans and to those who need a helping hand, a pick-me-up to get lost in her music and not in this life.


G.H. Hat gets us raging with “I Got A Problem”

Tell us, what do you know about G.H. Hat? It’s okay if you don’t know, you’re alone. Thought we would say you’re not alone, right? Widely-known remix genius G.H. Hat is back with another mix that is begging to be shared. It’s and EDM track that is ready for the masses, ready for the festival goers to jump, pump, and all-out rage to when the time hits. “I Got A Problem” has massive appeal with its sexy dance mix. It has some Electronic and Bass feel to it but it’s all mainly reliant on House, and bringing the house down with a massive party blowout. We’re having a little trouble trying to make it as to why this is different from other EDM House track but we can’t, and that’s the reason why this track is going to be so big. It has the influence of Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, all of the above to create the jam that we all love to party. That’s just what it is, it’s a party jam.

There are ways to see this in a new light. Let’s break it down as to why it’s like any other House track. It has the same lyrics that people will sing to because they can relate, “I Got A Problem”, followed by a slight chant of woo. The House drums are expected, with a quick synth wave turnaround as it goes from quick to slow to back to quick. We’ve also go the quick tempo hand claps to let listeners know it’s about to get hyped. When the beat does drop, which is way too soon that others, it’s the same House level drop that you’d expect. It seems like we are thrashing this track but we’re actually praising it. It’s taking advantage of what the demographics say is the most enjoyable tune to listen to among the young and middle ages. It’s what is popular right now and he’s taking it on full stride. Listen to the song and tell us we’re wrong, tell us it doesn’t sound like every House track you’ve ever listened to.

Ben Brookes releases new album, The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon

 Ben Brookes has just released his new album, The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon and it’s compiled full of Soft Rock tracks that can still kick ass but with a softer edge. All the great bands of the past have done it. They’ve dabbled in the art of Soft Rock even though they’re Hard Rock/Metal fiends who can play as good as the next guy. Be Brookes took the initiative and ran with it .We chose to specifically listen to “Stories In  The Rain, and if you don’t get the hint that it’s going to be Soft Rock just from the title, get a clue. This is what Soft Rock is made of.

Let’s dissect into what happens here, what is it that we really need to know? What goes into make the lost art of Soft Rock? One thing you need is a catchy hook, a hook that people can sing along to and be able to recreate with their own voice. the vocals in this track is nothing to write home about but he can hold his own. It’s the lyrics and the delivery behind it that makes it the hook that it is. Also, what does every hook need to be paired with? A catchy guitar riff that is soothingly similar to the hook. “Stories In The Rain” is a steady dose of music that people want to hear and sing along to, nothing less, nothing more. Check it out and see for yourself.