Steve Benjamin takes us through “Manhood”

We see Steven Benjamin get really deep with a topic that isn’t really spoken about. Men and women try to have this talk with their young boys so that they knew the life of a real man. “Manhood” speaks about the young tribulations that every single boy goes through. He takes us through his own tribulations and get real with all of us who wants to listen. Let’s get into it.

The Canadian Downtempo-Pop artist reminds of an unconventional symbiosis of Chet Faker and Josef Salvatcombining elements of Pop, Folk, Indie and Urban in his sound. The new single from the EP of the same name ‘Manhood’ describes the conflict between pride and self-doubts and draws a paradoxon between outer and inner image of the protagonist. ‘Manhood’, as second single of Benjamin’s new EP, follows up his first single from December ‘Still In Love With You’.  The corresponding music video portraits that discord through an aesthetic masquerade. The premiere of the video was on prestigious The Revue and Popmani.


Oh Geronimo gives us “Mountains”

Let’s talk about Oh Geronimo and the release of their new album, “The Sled”. What you should pop in the speakers first is “Mountains”.

We want you to hear it straight from the horses’ mouth. We want you to feel really in touch with not only the music but with the artists themselves. What better way to fully appreciate the music than seeing what the artists went through to put things together.

“Mountains” is a song about wholeheartedly pursuing your passions, while straddling the fragile line between ambition and humility. Everybody wants to be successful, and sometimes we go to great lengths to achieve the success that we so desperately desire. However, it’s important to remember to keep our egos in check. We must be kind to each other and to ourselves. It’s easy to let your goals and aspirations consume you to the point where it brings you and everyone else around you down. “Mountains” is about never giving up, whilst withstanding the pressure to compromise who we are in order to be successful.

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Amaris releases new EDM album, “Neon Colors”

Dutch producer, singer, author, and actress Amaris just released her new album last year and it’s just now picking up steam. Her new album, Neon Colors, has the allure of art, music, and flash. It’s an EDM mix that is now available on Spotify to all those that want the flash at their fingertips. Let’s dive in to who Amaris is for a second.

Amaris was trained at drama school and at Stage& Musical School in Frankfurt, Germany, where she graduated in drama, dance and classical singing. She debuted as an actress in theatre in 2011, and since appeared on stage in several plays, like Jake’s Women by Neil Simon. After Drama School, she decided to study Finance Management and Business Law.

Now, what does this tell us? That a pendulum swing is a great metaphor for who and what we are. We are constantly swinging back and forth to what we think we want, but what is it really what we’re working for. Do we continue doing the things that we know will provide a “good living”, or do we continue onto the path that our passion tells us continue striving for because it’s what we truly want. Well, many of us our on the swing where we have to juggle the choices of what we want, and what we need. It’s a constant battle but Amaris tells us that it’s possible to do both with passion for both. Tell us this: why isn’t it possible to have a passion for the stuff we want and need.

Neon Colors is a full-on Electronic wave of synths, soft vocals, flavorful drums, and intricate patterns to satisfy the tongue of musical taste. Just listen to “Deep Into Space” or “Critical Orbit” and you can feel her speaking to you. She speaks volumes through her voice and through her sound. “Lonely Fighter” and “Though Love” are the two tracks that show off her ability to write. Get this; Amaris is also a passionate writer. In 2017, her sci-fi novel The Chariots of Orion 1: The Request was released. This isn’t about being gifted with multiple talents. This is about chasing the feeling inside of you and putting your thoughts and your heart into action and letting it take you to the paths it chooses. 

Listen to Amaris and her new track, Neon Colors and let it take you to new heights that you haven’t thought of yet.


Sam Fischer lays it all out with a “Smoke”

Now that weed is legalized in California, of course we had to put up Sam Fischer’s “Smoke” and it brings out a whole different side of him that we wouldn’t have expected. We hope he makes more of this and lets himself be truly seen. We really set ourselves to be closer to one another when we finally let ourselves be vulnerable because we see that we all are not too different and can relate to many of the same things we go through. Here, we say, have a smoke and let yourself be seen by those around you and find out what it really means to be close to someone.

Sam Fischer first burst onto the scene in 2016 with the release of his debut single Lean” which premiered with Stereogum and has garnered over 300,000 streams. Earlier this year, he featured on Opia’s “Secrets,” amassing over 1 million streams. “Smoke” is the third single off of the four-track EP coming next week. Previously, Fischer released “Same Friends” with Billboard alongside its accompanying video, as well as “Getting Older,” which was selected for Spotify’s New Music Friday and premiered with NYLON.

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Israeli artist GaBso has new music clip video for “Where I’ll Put My Shoes”

Vintage – it’s where the people go to be cool without trying to be cool. Regardless, it’s a dope look and feel if it’s executed properly. We have GaBso executing it without looking like he’s only about the vintage; it adds edge to the music. The feeling of nostalgia and the feeling of wholeheartedness was our first initial reaction when we caught a glimpse of the music clip video for “Where I’ll Put My Shoes”. We sat and really looked at why he went for the vintage feel when putting together this clip video. These are our thoughts.

“Where I’ll Put My Shoes” has a couple of lines that really go aligned with the feeling he’s trying to portray. “They don’t want to figure, they don’t want to find, the life beneath the life”. This is one we pulled from the lyrics to expand to what it means to us. When you look at old memories and think back to how you felt at the moment, you try to recapture the moment. The moment will be gone but the memory lives forever. The beauty of looking back is that we can always study and look beneath what we initially thought was there. The lyrics are telling you that you may not want to find what’s beneath because you’re closed off with just thinking of that moment. Dive beneath and see what deeper meaning you find. Follow along GaBso’s clip video for “Where I’ll Put My Shoes” and see where it takes you.

Blakely is back in time for the holidays with “Holiday Vinyl”

There’s a start to the New Year, but let’s take some time reflecting on the past year and the holidays. The year has been excellent for We Sound Strange and Blakely that we find ourselves crossing paths in the New Year. As for the holidays, well, holidays have a mind of their own to scatter our brains. We want to start you off with a simple question.

What do the holidays mean to you? Well, for Blakely, it means being soaked in boozed, drowned in snow, and purring out her vocals for all those who want some holiday cheer. Blakeley’s “Holiday Vinyl” is the Christmas song that reminds everyone of a little place called home; the sweet silent night that turns your home into a Winter Wonderland. Now, of course we say this with a sense of vague interpretation because we each have our own Winter Wonderland that we like to dream about. For Blakely, it comes after downing a half cup of Jack Daniels and being able to sing her lungs out with the Christmas spirit. The song sparks a beautiful tension between the immaculate city adorned with ornaments, and a private loneliness that vacillates between love, neediness, and alcohol drenched desire. The song’s slow, languid guitar and Blakeley’s sonorous voice bring us the only authentic holiday song of 2017.

Just like the movie, “Bad Santa”, it showed us the other side of Christmas that ends up being just like everyone else’s Christmas, with a slight twist. Blakely allows us to enter in her very own Winter Wonderland to show the world that Christmas is not just a one-size-fits-all ordeal that everyone should follow. No; Christmas, just like any general quote or movie states, is within you. Surround yourself with your own Christmas cheer. Listen to Blakely’s “Holiday Vinyl” and dream your Winter Wonderland however way you want to.

After all this, what do you say to the New Year? No one has the correct answer, all they have is the day ahead and how they plan to seize it. Seize the day!

A true visionary: Elena Andujar releases “Flamenco In Time”

It’s difficult to say when you’ve found a true artist, a true visionary who speaks their mind through their work, their creativity, and their heart. Let the hearts unite in igniting the flames of “Flamenco In Time”. It’s truly something we haven’t heard before; unique in a way that sounds familiar yet new. Are you ready for the big reveal? We damn well know you’re ready, we just love asking rhetorical questions. Here is Elena Andujar allowing us to dive deep into the realms of her newest release, “Flamenco In Time”This disc introduces the young talent of percussionist, singer and song writer, Antonio Andujar, as a professional musician. This release also debuts MyMy Lady G, aka House vocalist, composer and poet, Mady “Pepper” Gomez, as Producer and Director. This can only allow us to the conclusion of true creativity; where mind meets reality and imagination at the same time. 

Flamenco is endangered music. This release brings flamenco elements into the world of dance music complete with jamming house-style club mixes. Two words colliding but for the greater good, to restore the elements of what makes both genres unique and different. To find a coherent space in time to recognize the potential of the fusion. Elena Andujar has always been an artist ahead of her time as she builds on her roots and continues to create, rap, and sing from her flamenco heart. By bringing flamenco framed music to today’s people, she keeps traditional flamenco alive as well. Help keep this new genre mix alive by playing it and sharing it with anyone who would appreciate such time and devotion to creating a sound that’s soothing and blissful. 

Enjoy the cold nights with “Morning Light” by A Choir Of Ghosts

It’s getting colder and the nights are getting darker, what is there to do but listen to some good old fashioned folk music to get through the day. We’ll have to see what we have in store for you. I got something for your folky days:The Sweden-based indie-folk duo A Choir Of Ghosts released their new single ‘Morning Light’ on December 1st and it’s truly a track that makes you feel like you’re in an old folk tale. After the overwhelming success of their first single ‘Ester’ in 2016 – a few weeks after they just founded the band – they went touring across all over Europe and are now also about to play in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and UK this Fall and Winter. Their tunes remind of a native surrounding with woods & oceans – and in the center of that scenario, it is A Choir Of Ghosts, a band that sounds like an indie-folk symbiosis between The Head And The Heart, Bear’s Den and Local Natives. Try this out for yourself and tell us your folky adventure.

Remember The Crowleys as they bring you “Midnight Blue”


The Crowleys just released our new single/video “Midnight Blue”. Remember Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s first song of their sounds track, Mr. Blue Sky? We have this tucked behind upbeat surf guitar and robotic vocal tones that remind us so much of it. “Midnight Blue” is about where your mind takes you on a sleepless night. We’ve all experienced our imagination take wondrous turns to different realities and different dimensions of our own creation. The limitless power of imagination is what enabled us as humans to advance and advance so quickly. The carefree yet melancholic tone of the song guides an antique robot through a day at the beach where his imagination and reality clash. We all suffer, nay, we all experience sleepless nights with thoughts we don’t understand, taking us to places we’ve never even heard of. It exemplifies the loneliness and anxiety hidden behind a happy facade, which is what inspired the track in the first place. We absolutely love songs that take us to far and out-of-this-world places that let’s our imagination to the walking. Let inspiration take you on a wild adventure and follow your own robotic undertones. Be sure to check out “Midnight Blue” by The Crowleys.

Adrian Underhill preps us for the Winter “Weather”


Be prepared because it’s sweater weather, and more importantly, it’s cuffing season. This is where Adrian Underhill comes in with his new single, “Weather”, specifically for times like these. I knew I wanted it to be a very simple concept and I think there’s something intrinsically meaningful about seeing a songwriter sing their own song. I sat with a keyboard and one drum machine and tried not to play too much with production ideas at first. The tunes have a classic ‘70s songwriter vibe, even though we ultimately wanted to push the production into a more modern realm. This simple, direct way of songwriting is me at my best. As a person with a lot of privilege I felt like these songs had to count – they had to really mean something to me.

On ‘Weather’, I love how the production came out. Adam (Bainbridge) took my original demo and just kinda warped it and morphed it, almost like a remix, adding new drums and changing the keyboard sounds I had played. Then we added the live piano and synth bass from Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington) and Keith Eaddy (DāM-FunK). In the end it’s quite playful and strange – it’s a great combination of sound”. This is all straight from the horse’s mouth and we decided to go in this direction so that you can get a true artist’s perspective and feel when creating a song, especially a song that is heavily reliant upon songwriting. What better way to get into a song then getting into the mind of the songwriter of it and work through your own interpretation as you listen to his. Not only do you get an in-depth look at the production, but you also get an in-depth feel of the emotions behind it. Listen to “Weather” by Adrian Underhill and tell us how you feel after.

“Remember Now” by Goodnight, Sunrise shows us how to rise above

Goodnight, Sunrise releases a track that speaks of the past, present, and future of their band and music in one track. One track that explains it all. There will be no walls, no secrets, no covers when it comes to this band and they want it that way. Remember Now is a hopeful song that came out of a time of despair – David (guitar/vocals) and Vanessa (keytar/vocals) started the band 6 years ago as best friends, found Paul (drums) shortly after, started dating 4 years ago, and broke up this summer. The song is about remembering that beneath the hurt, sadness, and pain that can overcome friendships and relationships, there’s always love at the core and if you’re careful and committed, it’s possible to preserve that love even if it’s in a different form.Goodnight, Sunrise lets the lightning strike to remind us that we shouldn’t forget the important things in life, a good memory goes a long way to make things work. Director Ryan Brough captured that spirit in the accompanying video which premiered Monday on Indie88 – it’s basically a dream scrapbook from this past summer and the wonderful roller coaster that is our band family. Remember the important things in life because if it truly is important to you, you’ll never forget. In another way, use the memory to prove to yourself and others that you can do anything you set you rmind to, even though people try to put you down. Sonically, Remember Now is a major turning point in the evolution of our sound, thanks largely to the production and mixing talents of Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, The Flatliners). Derek really nailed the heartbeat of our band and for the first time made our recording feel as explosive and dynamic as our live show is.

Story behind release of “Anxiety” by 1971

We get tons of submissions in our emails to listen and feature music on our site and social media, but there hasn’t been one request that actually brought us to tears. When reading this email from 1971 Canada and their story regarding their track, “Anxiety”, we couldn’t control our emotions and we felt a heavy heart for them. This feature is truly special and we are honored to be chosen to feature their new exclusive track and we dedicate this feature to 1971 Canada and anyone who is close to them. We decided to end our portion of this feature here and instead post thier own words from the email because it touched our hearts and we want it to touch yours as well.

In February 2017 our bassist, founding member, and friend Cameron Glen Cranston suddenly passed away in the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center. He was 25 years old.We as a band decided to not continue without our brother. Now we’re releasing our last existing recordings with Cameron; two demos we recorded for a grant we received and one of his songs. The first track “Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario)” was written for Cam in 2016 during a really difficult period while Cam was still around. We’re glad we have “his” song, even though it’s hard to listen to sometimes.We’ll be releasing this song as well as two others on cassette and 7” vinyl via Art of the Uncarved Block this December 1st. The EP is called No Matter Where You Go, There You Are. We really hope this release properly puts this band to rest and we hope it touches some people who might have experienced something similar to what we went through. Cameron was a great musician and an inspiration to a lot of people he knew. He deserves to be heard and remembered.

Enjoy “Anxiety” by 1971 Canada.