Don’t go, it’s a Trap…song by Ashton Travis with “Exactly”

Don’t go in there, it’s a trap! It’s Trap music and now you’re stuck listening to it. Stuck is such a strong word, let’s use privileged. Trap music seems to be getting a lot of hate but there are few artists who dabble in the genre who can make it a dope experience to listen to.Ashton Travis is one of those artists that can rap and sing to a Trap beat and make it pleasurable for the listener to listen and sing along to. The beat is a simplistic trap beat but ashton uses autotune to create the trap vocal effects to synthesize with the beat. His lyrical prowess can really shine in “Exactly”. His rhymes are quite simple as well that we beat ourselves up because we should of thought of them but that’s how it always is with hit songs. Listeners beware, you may fall in love this track. Click that play button for Ashton Travis’ new track, “Exactly”.


Drew Vision drops a dope new video for “Want ’em All”

Drew Vision is an R&B star on the rise with no signs of ever coming back down. He took the notion of shooting for the stars literally because he is rising and rising with the peak not nearly coming soon. Professionally trained, talented both vocally & lyrically, confident, yet humble – he is the total package. After more than a decade of live performances, his stage presence captures every room & screen and gives his fans an
immersive and engaging experience. The way he’s able to captivate his audience and engage his lyrical prowess to exude a way about him. “Shades of Summer” EP is exactly what his fans needed to brag about this new wave is coming. His new video for “Want ’em All” is just one prime example of it.
With a unique, soulful sound that is both current and a nod to the past, Drew connects with almost every demographic. That’s quite a feat to achieve and to stand on planet rock when the time comes. While his natural talent is undeniable, he fully recognizes how fortunate and blessed he is to be doing what he loves. He is truly one of a kind. Although focused on his solo career, Drew has worked with a long list of performers including Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé & Kanye West. Music is Drew’s passion, but he has also recently done modeling & ambassador work for many national brands including Coach, Pepsi, Lays, Bacardi & Samsung. There’s no stopping the world from hearing this sound and why should anyone stop it anyhow. Enjoy!

Get your “Adrenaline” pumping tonight with Dread Pitt

Dread Pitt Adrenaline

Are you feeling tired throughout the day? Are you hitting that 2 p.m. wall that just wants to put you to sleep? Coffee not getting it done anymore? Am I asking you too many questions? Oh well, get this shot of “Adrenaline” by Dread Pitt and you’ll have the energy of 100 gazelles escaping from a mighty lion. Crazy comparison, right? What the heck else did you expect, we are We Sound Strange after all!  Continue reading “Get your “Adrenaline” pumping tonight with Dread Pitt”

We got your Trap Rap fulfillment with “Rondo ft. UnoTheActivist” by Sash

The smooth sounds of Sash featuring UnoTheActivist, ladies and gentlemen. “Rondo” is the latest Trap Rap release for Sash, as he collaborates with the talented UnoTheActivist to bring you another track to bump to while you’re sippin’ on your favorite drink.

Continue reading “We got your Trap Rap fulfillment with “Rondo ft. UnoTheActivist” by Sash”

Korosu teams up with Vowl to bring you “Secluded”

We featured Vowl in one of our first posts back in November and it was well-received. Korosu teamed up with Vowl in the Trap game and we get a stellar sound with “Secluded“. We were astonished with the melody; it’s definitely the bread and butter of this track and when paired with the heavy dose of Vowl, we understand how light and dark can coexist. The melody is so intricate and pleasing that you can’t help but follow each keyboard stroke with your fingers. We get it coupled with the heavy bass that really traps the sound around your ear drums . Here is an interesting piece that this track really separates itself from other trap songs; the high hat sounds perfect with this melody. Check out “Secluded” below and let the next two minutes blossom into a peaceful state of mind.


NOX & Calli Boom leave you gasping for air with “Focused”

Look out! It’s a Trap….song. It’s better that you see this trap from a mile away because regardless, it’ll catch you by surprise and leave you gasping for air. NOX and Calli Boom collaborate to bring you a new heavy Trap track, “Focused“.

Music is always playing in the background when we are writing and this one stays true to its title; it keeps you focused on the music as it drowns out the sounds around you. Calli Boom definitely utilizes the heavy stepping trumpets and a deep pulsating bass to mesmerize the listener into a stellar swirling bass drop. “Focused” definitely shows the top-tier production of both NOX and Calli Boom, which definitely leaves a very good impression on us. Although, it doesn’t matter if we’re impressed, it only matter if you the listener enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, let us know. You’re probably just out of air, remember.


New kid on the block: Parker with a rad track in “FUN”


As we’ve referenced before, it’s always fun o’clock in Fun Land, especially with Michael Kelso. You’re probably onto us, yes, we watch a lot of That 70’s Show. For good reason, he was the first person that came to our mind when we first heard “FUN” by Parker. It has all the wild aspects in a track that you would expect from Kelso; it’s Kelso rolled into a track. It’s difficult to explain if you’ve never seen the show but within 5 minutes of watching it you’ll understand. If I try to explain it’ll lose it’s humor , so I advise you to check it out for yourself below and see if you agree with me.

Bringing something you probably never heard before: Trap Rap in Spanish – Lenny Tavarez “Caviar”


We are back on another beautiful Tuesday for our #traptuesdays post and we have a very special treat for you today. Take everything you know about Trap Rap and flip the switch; we bring you a rising Trap star in Lenny Tavarez with his single, “Caviar”. This track is already gaining ground in all of Puerto Rico and now he has his sights set on all of North America. Continue reading “Bringing something you probably never heard before: Trap Rap in Spanish – Lenny Tavarez “Caviar””

Vowl has us thinking about Trap, not tacos, on Tuesday with “temper”


Taco Tuesday has arrived and we are hungry! Yes, we will satisfy our hunger but what can satisfy our thirst. Trap Tuesdays! Vowl lets the trap river flow to quench our thirst for dope music. “temper” brings a different element to trap that really caught us by surprise. Continue reading “Vowl has us thinking about Trap, not tacos, on Tuesday with “temper””

Cue the fire extinguisher now that AKAY has dropped “Crawl”

akay-cartoonThere are a couple of songs in your playlist that you always put on blast when you are in your car so that everyone knows that fire you’re listening to. Get ready to add one track to that fire playlist of yours. This fresh out the studio track is from AKAY and he brings the gasoline, the match, even provides his own oxygen to induce the flame that comes out of “Crawl”. Continue reading “Cue the fire extinguisher now that AKAY has dropped “Crawl””