Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen”

We Sound Strange headquarters has recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles and when a good friend of ours heard the news, she immediately recommend we check out an act nearby. The Lavender Scare come straight from a neighboring city, Echo Park, and who know an amazing talent were so darn close to use. As soon as we heard “Drag for a Queen“,  we knew we had to feature it because it has the sound that encapsulates We Sound Strange, strange. From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare.  Continue reading “Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen””


Roy Blair pays homage to 90’s Grunge with “Shell”

When it comes to paying homage to the 1990’s experimental grunge/flange music, Roy Blair takes the cake with the newest release of “Shell” and all of it’s mind-warping sounds and mixes. Yes, the beginning of “Shell” sounds like a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and a very domestic Nirvana, whatever we think that means it works for us right now. Deal with it. Get this, we even get a bit of a boy band vibe with the type of chorus we are vibing out to. The sound of familiarity but unique mix is quite a breathe of fresh air as we rock back and forth to chorus flange guitar.
Just when you thought it was just one sound the story immediately flips the script and gives you a taste of a Kid Cudi tribute. Sick vocals that sound effortless but pleasurable to listen to after you’ve hit the high. Take a deep breath and breathe in the flange chords and vocals to have all to ourselves. All in all, it’s a soft and soothing track that can rock hard in its own right. It’s a new wave of Alternative Rock that we hope catches on with the masses and we’re here to spread it to you guys. Do Roy Blair a favor and listen to “Shell” and step out of your own shell when you tell people of this psychedelic meteoric rise and fall.

Temples wants you to embrace reality with “Strange or Be Forgotten”


Anytime you put psychedelic and strange together, you definitely have our attention. Temples have peaked our interest when we first stumbled upon the track, “Strange or Be Forgotten“. Forget the fact that we love everything that is considered strange, we live and breathe what’s strange, but Tempest took it down a different path. Continue reading “Temples wants you to embrace reality with “Strange or Be Forgotten””

Ramsey wants you forget what you know about Electronic music with “Love Surrounds You”


Electronic music nowadays is all about happy go-lucky type of vibes and feeling good emotions. What happens when you flip the script and bring dark and heavy insanity? What if the script is flipped yet again where this darkness is being brought upon by love? Ramsey challenges what you know about electronic music today and dares you to listen to the other side of what it can bring with “Love Surrounds You“. With lyrics such as “Eat my sin, turn me white”, it is no wonder this song can be seen as very disturbing and controversial. Let Ramsey paint you a picture, “Peel my skin, put it on and let my shape consume you. I go limp while you creep and crawl through every tissue”. Vivid description and psychological mind-shaping when those lyrics crawl and consume your ears. Now, allow me to blow your mind. The script was never flipped, it was just shown a different path that it very rarely taken. Love is above all and we all want it to consume it. A typical love story told by an edgy artist, Ramsey.

January 4, 1967 marks the 50th anniversary of The Doors releasing their self-titled debut album


Today, January 4th, 1967 marks the 50th anniversary of The Doors self-title release of their debut album. This date marks the beginning of a new era, the push that progressed psychedelic rock to new heights.  The Doors features their two most well-known singles, “Light My Fire” and “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”. One must not forget their lengthy controversial song, “The End” with it’s Oedipus theme and it’s strange nature, even for modern times.

If their is one person or place that we must thank for giving The Doors their start, along with many others that have come after them, it’s the Whisky a Go Go. This small but historic venue is located down in West Hollywood; a place I have frequented many times now. With lyrics like, “show me the way to the next whisky bar”, we get the feeling that The Whisky holds a nice spot in The Doors’ heart. Again, thank you Whisky a Go Go for giving us, to what Rolling Stone magazine has, as the #42 of the 500 greatest albums of all time. To think, this album only took 6 days to record!

We cannot hold back our excitement any longer! We learned that there will be celebration today at 4:30 pm at the Venice Boardwalk in California to honor the 50th Anniversary. Robby Krieger (guitarist for The Doors) and John Densmore (drummer for The Doors) will be making an appearance. They will be honoring their deceased band mates (Ray Manzarek (keyboardist for The Doors) and Jim Morrison (vocalist for The Doors). If you happen to be in the neighborhood, drop on by as this will surely be a memorable event. If not, be sure to stay alert for our next blog post as we will post a video of the event along with the experience itself will be written for your enjoyment.

As Jim Morrison once said, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen man, but I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames”. Check out our Spotify Playlist below for the whole album.




Tilted Axes : Album Review “Music for Mobile Electric Guitars”


The New York- based group Tilted Axes is an experimental rock group that pushes the boundaries with the sounds they can make with their guitars. Their new album Music for Mobile Electric Guitars is play on words to appeal to the new generation that put their whole lives inside of their mobile devices. Continue reading “Tilted Axes : Album Review “Music for Mobile Electric Guitars””