Y4NN’s take on Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon”

Where’s my bass heads at? We have an interesting rendition of Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon” by Y4NN. It’s an excellent mix of Future Bass and Drum & Bass to bring into new light a new perspective of this cult classic. Future Bass and Drum Bass take on the vox of Dubstep anthem “Bass Cannon” to equip the trilogy of crazed neuroticism to new heights. Now, why did we choose to use such an intensely sensitive word like nueroticism. Well, we want you to embrace it; it has so many negative connotations to it that it’s looked down upon and even frightful. We want to approach it logically. We want to own up to the feelings of neuroticism because they are all natural human feelings. Y4NN’s rendition of “Bass Cannon” somehow heightened each of the feelings of neuroticism and allowed us to delve into a deeper thought within ourselves. Take this simple fact quoted by Y4NN himself, “Took a 3 night solitary confinement in my room to finish this track”, which is where the feelings of neuroticism can stem from, but this is only our hypothesis. The main fact here is that this remix of “Bass Cannon” has infused Future Bass, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep to a different level of Bass and we’re excited to see others follow suit and bring it to even greater heights. Let us know your opinion of Y4NN’s remix of “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion.


Do you believe in the “Supernatural” by Hundaes

Do you believe in the Supernatural”? We’ll what happens when the supernatural gets a bit of a face lift, is it still as supernatural? we’d like to think that this supernatural has been enhanced, it’s been modified to get another feel of great taste. Hundaes does a great job of remixing this piece a fun Hundaes state, keeping us as listeners engaged until the end. As we are all having to come to the realization that Sumer is in fact coming to an end, we all have some things that we’d want to change before it ends. Hundaes released this remix just for you, to encourage you to change the latter part of your summer to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Let the drop lead you in the right direction and have the time of your life in these final 2 weeks because it’s going to be back to grind mode. Perhaps you never left grind mode, it’s your final moment to catch a break and make memories with yourself. Take a risk and channel your inner wild child to uncover a whole new side of you that you may never known existed. This is the perfect track to get you in the mindset of Summer livin’ and Summer lovin’.

Floret Loret remixes Electric Mantis’ “Faced”

Music allows one to express themselves in ways that they never really thought they could. You can express yourself without saying one word, just playing instruments. The instrument can say things you couldn’t. Now, take that even further and let someone else’s song speak to you, then after taking it all in, spin it to a way that you feel it could also be taken. Remix the way you feel it can also be expressed. Floret Loret remixes Electric Mantis’ “Faced” to a peculiar and interestingly different sound.
Bass waves are highly utilized to get a continuous drop when it wants to highlight a specific instrument coming in. We hear some sort of flutes providing some harmony to other keyboard sounds. Then a distinctive echo pop and zip that we can make on our own. It sounds organic and also pre-made. Add in the eccentric percussions: the hard 808 and the quick sprits of taps and claps. It’s all coming together in cohesion and we’re enchanted by it.

NGHTMRE remixes a Fat Joe classic, “Lean Back”

Remember back in the early 2000’s when you would sag your pants and all you had to do to dance was pull up your pants and lean back? If this question reminded you of Fat Joe, it was done on purpose, derr. NGHTMRE just remixed this “classic”, yes it’s considered a classic for my generation so just run with it. He turns this “Lean Back” track into something even more hardcore than doing the Rocawear. It’s still has the strings melody that gets you leaning back but it also hits you with the drop that eats at the core of your reminiscing ways. All you have to do is lean back and enjoy this dope remix by NGHTMRE and let the classic do it’s work on you. RIP Big Black #dowork


Jupe and Awoltalk pair up to remix Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”


Who doesn’t love an Ed Sheeran song these days. It’s only natural that many prominent and up-and-coming DJ’s would remix¬† his songs to add their own twist to already popular songs. What we have here is the ever-awesome Jupe and Awoltalk teaming up to remix Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You“. Continue reading “Jupe and Awoltalk pair up to remix Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You””