Lizzy Latimer releases new hit, “Cant Cage Me ft. Kyah Baby”

Every Summer is in need of a breakout star, especially one in the ranks of Pop. Pop music takes the radio waves of the Summer and the solid prediction for 2018 is Lizzy Latimer. “Can’t Cage Me” is the new single that feisty pop sensation Lizzy Latimer has just released for the Summer. This new track is able to fuse her love of hip-hop, rap, and afrobeat together with her wisdom and social awareness. We can say that this new track is just as empowering as it is catchy. That’s the level of talent Lizzy Latimer has that she shows strength and sheer fun, all in one experience.

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Jay Critch gives us a dope track with “Fashion ft. Rich The Kid”

It’s been a while since we’ve added a new hip hop track and we sound strange is dedicating this feature purely for hip hop if you will. For our first feature of the week, we decided to call upon the talents of Jay Critch. He just released fashion featuring rich the kid to give us a trap and hip hop ensemble.

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P.S. Juno is an independent artist who’s ready to embark on a remarkable journey through the rough patches of the music scene. He’s going to flip the common notion of what it takes to make it and do it the way he wants to do it. He’s someone who writes and produces his own music and content. The title “P.S.” stands for “Post Scriptum” meaning “Written After”, and the name “Juno”, being short for junior; as he shares his first name with his father. Typically, P.S. is written in expression when one has more to say. He finds serenity in writing and telling his stories. If the masses of his listeners can relate along the way, that is a sensational feeling for him and powers him to continue experimenting new sound patterns as a way to unfold his consciousness. Juno does not anticipate for everyone to value and understand his music on a personal level, but he’s grateful for the people he does connect with. He desires for his sound to be an influence to the culture in a positive and uplifting way. Juno does not identify as either a rapper or a singer, but a musician who is highly infatuated with melodies. Melodies are ruling the music industry.

“Clingy” is a word we’ve all heard before and for most part, it’s not something you want to be associated with, P.S. Juno is able to flip the script in what you believe the original definition of the word to be and makes it sound loving. He sticks true to the sound we stated earlier, the Contemporary R&B and Rap that is capitalized with his sultry vocals. It keeps the flow very romantic and smooth that connects both of the genres for the young and the old. Emphasizing the use of the bass and the trap percussion patterns to connect with the music of today. Let P.S. Juno convince you that “Clingy” is the new wave by taking a chance with a listen.


Erich Mrak helps close out our Summer with “Summer Dealer”

Say in ain’t so, Summer is basically reaching its final point and we’re not ready to let it go. Like all good things, Summer is finally coming to its end. Labor Day weekend is always the mark of one stage of the year leaving its mark while the next is just beginning. This is where Erich Mrak comes in, he’s the “Summer Dealer” that can extend your fun for a moment at a time. This track just released on August 29th and it’s already turning into an anthem that celebrates the closure of Summer, the closure of Summer romances, etc. We just listened to the track and we feel like we’ve been listening to it throughout the entire Summer, it has a sense of personal taste, the closure that we all experience when it comes to an end. Sadness that creeps in with relief that a change is going to come.


Through clouded vocals, intricate production that is simple to create with the right creative mind, and of course, the intimate songwriting ability that is showcased with vocals that is pleasant to the ears. We follow Erich through the lowest of his lows, the highest of the highs, and we’re awaiting for him to reach his ultimate height of potential, pushing to the limit to gain worldwide recognition. The end of Summer is not bad at all, it marks the beginning of new opportunity, a new wave that is going to catch on. Let perfection reign on as the end of Summer marks the spot of new hip hop, Erich Mrak with “Summer Dealer”.

Witt Lowry challenges all of Rap with “Blood in the Water”

It’s not anger, it’s frustration. Make no mistake, the frustration has nothing to do with himself, it’s frustration towards Rap & Hip Hop, the whole game is diluted with a materialistic vision. Witt Lowry exposes the truth and doesn’t want us listeners to fall into the trap of Hip Hop music today, the emptiness in the lyrics, the lack of creativity, and the lack of passion. The vision is hazy, many artists are confused or unaware of why they are making music in the first place. “Blood In The Water” brings all this to light and lets us know his vision is clear, he knows what he must do.

We decided to keep this one short and sweet because Witt Lowry is able to clarify all he’s trying to say in his lyrics. We can’t stress enough how lyrically-inclined this track is and how heavy it’s set with meaning between the lines so pay careful attention.

Avery LR is back with “They Don’t Like That”


Avery LR is back and he’s on a mission to release the his lyrical vengeance on those who don’t quite understand why he does what he does. Thus, “They Don’t Like That” was born and now we have a revelation of going towards the critics, not away. We shouldn’t be running from people who criticize, in fact, they are our biggest fans and our biggest supporters, deep down. They are a constant reminder that we should always be growing and always going for more, never satisfied with what’s in front of us.

This is what we got out of “They Don’t Like That” because not everyone will like what you do but you do it out of love and out of human nature to serve. We serve through our message on each blog post, and each artists we choose to feature because we want to get the word out there that we a strange freaking group that does what we want, and people might not like it. We support Avery LR 100% and we want him to continue to do what other people may not like because in the end, it’s what we in ourselves think that matters.

Be sure to give “They Don’t Like That” a listen and truly pay attention to the message that Avery LR is trying to portray on you. After, truly criticize it and see if it’s for you. The decision is yours for the making.

Inspiring lyrics from Avery LR in his new track, “Never Surrender”

avery lr

Nothing is ever what it seems. That’s why your rear view mirrors say that objects may be closer than they appear. Avery Lr learned this fact very quickly and he’s applied it to his underground hip hop career because he knows nothing is a sure thing. This is why he is ecstatic to release his latest track, “Never Surrender” because it says everything he’s always wanted to say and just lays it all out.  Continue reading “Inspiring lyrics from Avery LR in his new track, “Never Surrender””

Pluto releases “Echelon” to tease his act at the Veld Music Festival

pluto fest

Welcome to the upper echelon of Hip Hop music, where rappers and hip hop artists dream to be one day. Pluto has aspirations of one day being among the top artists to hold one of the hottest acts. When you want to be in the upper echelon of Hip Hop, what do you do? Screw it, you create a song about the upper echelon of music, that’ll surely get the people’s attention, and don’t call him Shirley. Let’s get it poppin’ with Pluto’s “Echelon“.  Continue reading “Pluto releases “Echelon” to tease his act at the Veld Music Festival”

JOMO releases new Hip Hop EP, “What I Want”

We’re excited to bring you a brand new EP to show you from an up-and-coming rapper from Atlantic City. JOMO is the latest to come out of Atlantic City and take the music scene by storm and he has no plans of stopping. “What I Want” is his proclamation that he takes what he wants whenever he pleases, and he wants your attention, now. You ready to hear a rapper heavily influenced by the like of Biggie and Tupac? Continue reading “JOMO releases new Hip Hop EP, “What I Want””

Listen to the message Emmanuel Tarsus has for you with “Hosanna in the Highest”

e tarsus behind

Each one of us has a calling and it’s up to us to listen and act on it. For some, the calling is too great of a challenge that first steps are never taken towards that calling. For those who have answered their calling, who aren’t afraid to chase and run with the gifts that have been bestowed upon you, stay strong in your path. Don’t fear it, embrace it. This is why we’re excited to feature for you all tonight, Emmanuel Tarsus. He heard his calling and he knows what he has to do. He’s “on a journey to create and release music that shares the good news”. What’s the good news? His recent release of “Hosanna in the Highest” tells it all.  Continue reading “Listen to the message Emmanuel Tarsus has for you with “Hosanna in the Highest””

L.O.V.E. Culture puts Jacksonville on the map with their new album, “Fluidity”.

We love collaborations. Many of the epic tracks and albums we love usually have been products of collaborations. Look at what legendary collaborations have done for people like DJ Khaled, French Montana, etc. Here’s one fine example that should fully support my claim: “We Takin’ Over” launched DJ Khaled’s career into super-stardom and it cemented the careers of Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I., Akon, Fat Joe and Birdman as the rappers who were “it” in the mid to late 2000’s. Continue reading “L.O.V.E. Culture puts Jacksonville on the map with their new album, “Fluidity”.”

Kobey Cash makes us jealous that he’s already Summer livin’ with “July”

Friday’s post was about Surf Rock and wishing that Summer was already here. Take into account that it’s the first of April and we’re itching to play an April Fool’s prank on you but we MAY resist the temptation. Well, in the spirit of Summer, we bring you “July” by Kobey CashContinue reading “Kobey Cash makes us jealous that he’s already Summer livin’ with “July””