Let the intensity rise by listening to Wasting Away’s “We’re Fucked”

Wasting Away is bringing the early 2000’s Punk Rock scene by recreating the scene, the sound, the memories of the beginning of a millennium full of hope. We listen to the heavy use of bass striking to resonate through the speakers and pierce the ears of everyone withing the reach of the sound waves. We listen on for the typical chords played by the Punk Rock bands of those days — the famous G chord to keep the fast strumming of the guitar to keep the speedy pace to keep us energized and ready mosh. It’s also being paired with guitar riffs that are about only 3 or 4 notes in to be repeated by strumming as well to follow the same breakdown. The drums are also fast-pumping, hard-hitting that doesn’t stop throughout the track, the continuous 1,2 or 1 beat to match the intensity. Also, it has the original fast playing buildup to lead to the same quickness of the vibe. This is why the track is only about 2 minutes long because it’s highly intense and very fast for those needing to let off some steam. The vocals remind us very closely to that of Blink 182, a nasaly sort of high-pitched sound that weirdly sounds pleasant. Listen to “We’re Fucked” by Wasting Away and tell us you don’t think they sound extremely similar to Blink 182.


Punk or Surf Rock? You decide on The Numbers’ “Rules of Love”

Punk or Surf Rock, what would you describe this as? Well,  the track was made in 1978 but it’s 2017 and we can combine anything these days to create something new, duh, we have hybrid everything nowadays. The Number combine them both with “Rules of Love” to give us a hybrid of fast-paced Surf Rock to get us a feeling like we’re driving up to Manhattan Beach with our favorite gal to surf and play some volleyball. The quick strumming of the guitar and the quick hits from the drummer gets you hyped to just have a thrilling of a time and live it close to the edge. How does Punk fit in you say? Continue reading “Punk or Surf Rock? You decide on The Numbers’ “Rules of Love””

Kevin Weir brings Emo Punk back with “Let’s Be Friends”

kevin weir album

We’ve all heard these dreaded 3 words that make each and every one of us cringe, “Let’s Be Friends“. Yuck! It is such a stab in the heart and Kevin Weir knows too well how this feels and he’s laid it all out in this new track. We don’t even want to speak too much on this topic because it brings up some forgettable memories. Let’s get to the music, that’s what we’re here for anyway.

It’s labeled as Alternative Rock, but we get a sense of Emo Punk, something like My Chemical Romance and From First To Last in their early years. Emo Punk definitely needs to make a comeback and events such as Emo Night in Los Angeles keeps the spirit alive. Where are the bands like Blink 182, Linkin Park, etc. bring the pain and guitar strums back. the fast-paces drum patterns to have the feel and rawness of Punk back.

Kevin Weir has the vocals for the next big singer in the Emo Punk scene and with a bit of voice manipulation through effects. He’s a package full of spunk and filled with energy that needs to be released, not harnessed. Enjoy Kevin before this music makes a comeback!

Listen to “Let’s Be Friends” now!

Follow us to the Surf Punk scene with Swells and their track, “Dream Girl”

swells dream girl

We get a peak into the Surf Punk world as Swells has graced us with “Dream Girl”

The world needs Surf Punk bands to make a comeback, they need to bring back the easy-living vibes of the surf world of the 60’s and 70’s. Where is the ultra-guitar sounds of Dick Dale, the intricate guitar melodies of The Ventures, the finest harmonies of The Deltones, and the all-around fun vibes of The Beach Boys. Then we have Swells, a band from North Hollywood that looks to be the band that does just that, get the world groovin’ to Surf Punk again with “Dream Girl“.  Continue reading “Follow us to the Surf Punk scene with Swells and their track, “Dream Girl””