Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen”

We Sound Strange headquarters has recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles and when a good friend of ours heard the news, she immediately recommend we check out an act nearby. The Lavender Scare come straight from a neighboring city, Echo Park, and who know an amazing talent were so darn close to use. As soon as we heard “Drag for a Queen“,  we knew we had to feature it because it has the sound that encapsulates We Sound Strange, strange. From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare.  Continue reading “Echo Park sensation Lavender Scare give us a psychedelic track with “Drag for a Queen””

Run DMT is back with a vengeance with “Revolutionaire”

We have a full-length album coming to you that features popular drum and bass/dubstep artist Run DMT entitled “Revolutionaire”. As many of us have probably stumbled upon him when going to a festival this Summer, you now don’t have to be at Coachella to this amazing DJ. We all know and love his famous remixes on tracks from The Who, Major Lazer, Bassnectar, and Twenty One Pilots, but we anticipate many more in the near future. “Analogue Noir” is probably our favorite track in the entire album because it speaks volumes to those who choose to actually listen.

For those of you who believe that this name may sound familiar and he may not just be the bold name to know right now, he’s actually toured a myriad of festivals a long time ago as well. He’s gone through a 3 year hiatus to focus on side projects like his Kill Your Ego Network. Worry not, he returned to the studio 2016 to create his third original release. That’s why the anticipation has felt like more than a year, it’s because he’s been gone much longer but strikes his return. The release of “Revolutionaire” is supposed to mark the return. Well, the kicker for us was when we found out that Barrington Levy was making a feature! Get pumped that Run DMT is back and listen to “Revolutionaire”.

Sam Handford describes you his “Small Town Girl”

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world!! *DJ scratches record* Every time one of us sees those first 3 words, we immediately jump to sing “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey but no, don’t do it this time. This time, we have a talented musician named Sam Handford with a new track called “Small Town Girl”. As we all know, many Country songs tell a good story and this one is no different, it really is about a small town girl. He play the acoustic guitar to what it was made for, simple chords to compliment a great voice and lyrics that truly had a message for the listeners to soak in. Musically, it’s not going to wow you, there’s no sick solo, no sick drop, there isn’t even a change of pace to surprise, it’s a man with his guitar singing his feelings away.

“She’s a small town girl with a heart of gold”, she’s the type we all want to meet. Anyone with a heart of gold is as genuine as they come who deserves with the same type of heart to match. A heart of gold cannot be tainted, it can be broken down but in the end, a good person is a good person. A feel good song for us who need a reminder that there are still good people left in this world, we just have to find them, or them find us. Listen to Sam Handford and let him describe you his “Small Town Girl“.

Reece Jackson urges you to get up and dance with “Whine Pon Me”

Dancehall ilfitrates We Sound Strange and makes a big splash with Reece Jackson as he releases an intoxication sound with “Whine Pon Me“, the epitome of what Dancehall is. Once you hear the first instrument play you know you’re supposed to get up off of your seat and start dancing, moving those hips and shoulders to the rhythm of the hand claps. Once you hear the (boom ta ta) beat, you also know exactly how you’re supposed to move your body. There’s no science behind it, just feel the music and let it speak to you. Reece Jackson gives us a track that allows you to dance with him forever under the night sky. The keyboard follows the rhythm of the percussion and doesn’t lose it for one sec. The basis of the song is to dance and describing the girl and the way she moves. Get up and move that body and let the music pull you in.

Kloudink puts an extra bounce in your step as you listen to “Round and Round”

We find music from all over the world because the way we see it, why be confined within the areas of where you live. Yes, we live in Los Angeles, where there is a lot of music to be listened to and live acts to see, but we have aspirations of finding music from all over. We want all of our Strange followers to know and listen to different music from different parts of the world with different stories to share. Our feature today is an Alternative band from South Africa, George to be exact. We bring you Kloudink and their first single, “Round and Round”.

You can tell how fun and charismatic this band is from their very first music video for “Round and Round”. Their energy is definitely contagious because it makes you want to go out there and seize the day, let the sun tell you how much time you have to enjoy the world outside. The guitar uses higher pitched chords to strike each string to melodic perfection. You can listen in when they go into higher and higher frets to keep the sound bubbly and fun. The drums keep the rhythm upbeat with a high tempo to insinuate an extra bounce to your step. Wait, let’s get back to the guitar, it’s just too enchanting as you listen to the bridge, and it isn’t something too difficult but it works so well. It’s the same 3 notes played over each other in higher and lower frets but they were able to make it to a complete new sound. Tell us what you think below!


Sarah Brennan comforts us during our sleepless nights with “3:28 a.m.”

Sarah Brennan doesn’t need all that fancy mumbo jumbo, all the devices and programs that can alter your sound to give you some crazy music. Nope, all she needs are two things: a piano, and a helluva voice. You can’t have one without the other (cue Married With Children theme song). She’s an amazing talent that can do what’s too difficult for a lot of people, multitasking. She’s able to play beautifully on the piano to pair up with her extremely relaxing voice. “3:28 a.m.” is a beautiful story of a woman opening up her heart and her soul, giving herself love and time for those who may feel alone. She’s close in our hearts and close to her own heart. “Let the memories of pretty things take hold in your mind” is such a beautiful line to remind us that these are precious things that cannot be taken, you’ve had good times in your life.

Sarah helps us find comfort during those sleepless nights where we have our life in our mind, wondering what’s next or why are we where we are. The sleepless nights where all you can do is think, think about all of your regrets in life, those are the worst nights in our lives. Sarah made this song to lullaby us to a calming night, she’s with us to put us under her watchful eye. I find it soothing to listen to and I’m sure she’s gone through our struggles as well. Listen as she listens to you, Sarah Brennan.

The Peanut Gallery release a proclamation, “Deep Thoughts”

What do you do when you all you see in the rap game is utter mediocrity, rappers staying in the same lane for quick fame and a quick buck. You change the game, flip the script on them and force them to adapt. New Jersey natives The Peanut Gallery is a new duo in the hip hop world and its culture with their unorthodox style is something that will surely have people talking. Their ways of expressing music , the two are on a mission to bring the authenticity to the rap game, the one thing that it has been lacking. One a plus note, their energy is psyche enough to hype up a room. They are all set to release “Deep Thoughts”, its set to unite the difference in each other and the differences in all of us for a more united world.
At an early age, they both fell in love with hip hop and its roots from such greats such as Eminem, Tupac, Big L, and Nas, all of which are all great lyricists. They have a lot of work to do to get on that level but “Deep Thoughts” is a step in the right direction.

“The Peanut Gallery” plans to start a viral marketing campaign for the
single to bring further awareness to their brand. In addition to this,
the artists plan to release more single’s in 2017. Listen in and pay attention because the message is strong and powerful.

Witt Lowry challenges all of Rap with “Blood in the Water”

It’s not anger, it’s frustration. Make no mistake, the frustration has nothing to do with himself, it’s frustration towards Rap & Hip Hop, the whole game is diluted with a materialistic vision. Witt Lowry exposes the truth and doesn’t want us listeners to fall into the trap of Hip Hop music today, the emptiness in the lyrics, the lack of creativity, and the lack of passion. The vision is hazy, many artists are confused or unaware of why they are making music in the first place. “Blood In The Water” brings all this to light and lets us know his vision is clear, he knows what he must do.

We decided to keep this one short and sweet because Witt Lowry is able to clarify all he’s trying to say in his lyrics. We can’t stress enough how lyrically-inclined this track is and how heavy it’s set with meaning between the lines so pay careful attention.

We’d like to start this with a sports reference because it’s the perfect analogy to explain what happened with this artist here. A couple of years ago, Tim Tebow was on top of the world as an “ok” quarterback that needed a lot of development. Now, he had the tools to be truly a star in another position because of the way his body was built and the way he plays. Coaches advised him that he’d have much more success as a tight end; he refused because that’s not what he grew up wanting to become. He stayed the course of being a great quarterback, but in the end, it didn’t work out.

We have the same situation with Vital; he was on a path to become a hip hop artists but he realized his true potential by adhering to advice to switch it up. He may have more success in another genre, try Indie Dream Pop. Vital took it and ran with it, now what we have is “Finito“, the eccentric track that still has a bit of Hip Hop feel but with more Alternative sounds and Indie vibes. It’s looking like he adapted to the gift he was given and became what he always was, an Indie star-in-the-making. Utilizing the guitar to provide the rhythm while using a synthesizer to provide eclectic melodies that compliment his singing skills. We see more of an Alternative Kid Cudi with a vaster vocal range. He’s truly up-and-coming but not for long, soon he’ll be widely known. Be the first to listen to “Finito” today!




Floret Loret remixes Electric Mantis’ “Faced”

Music allows one to express themselves in ways that they never really thought they could. You can express yourself without saying one word, just playing instruments. The instrument can say things you couldn’t. Now, take that even further and let someone else’s song speak to you, then after taking it all in, spin it to a way that you feel it could also be taken. Remix the way you feel it can also be expressed. Floret Loret remixes Electric Mantis’ “Faced” to a peculiar and interestingly different sound.
Bass waves are highly utilized to get a continuous drop when it wants to highlight a specific instrument coming in. We hear some sort of flutes providing some harmony to other keyboard sounds. Then a distinctive echo pop and zip that we can make on our own. It sounds organic and also pre-made. Add in the eccentric percussions: the hard 808 and the quick sprits of taps and claps. It’s all coming together in cohesion and we’re enchanted by it.

French for Rabbits spoke to us through “It Will Be Okay”

Coincidences, many times there are just situations that don’t make any sense at all that we label them off as coincidences. There are also moments when you refuse to believe that it was a matter of coincidence, there was a reason why this situation or occurrence arose in front of you at this exact moment. We were having a pretty shitty morning here at We Sound Strange and were feeling quite depressed, just general thoughts that people go through everyday. We popped on Soundcloud and we came across a track that was high on our feed. Believe us when we say this track changed our day, changed our whole vibe and perception for the rest of the day. French for Rabbits’ “It Will Be Okay”, well, it reminded us that things will be okay. We don’t believe it was  mere coincidence, this track was meant for us to listen to.
Everything about the song accentuates the theme that things will be okay. From the soothing vocals that make you feel as if you were being personally sung to and cared for, as if she was there by your side showing you heartfelt care. The soft melodies provided by the guitar that allows to let oneself go, dive into an introspective trance. The piano joining in the happy nature to muse a rhythmic pattern to add to the collective effort. To top it off, the lyrics are a whole different story. We’ll leave you with this, “It will be okay when the lights go out”.

RVDY intensifies your Sunday with “Tell Me”

“I make the soundtrack of your intensity”. This does not come from the lyrics of the track, this comes straight from the RVDY‘s soundcloud page describing the type of music he makes. He knows his style, he knows his strong suits, he wants to make music that you can bang out to, to unleash the intensity built within you. This hard-banger of a track does just that, it allows all your emotional rage to escape from the bounds of your normal self. Quite fitting that his latest track is called “Tell Me“, which is basically telling his listeners to speak up and give him what you want and he’ll reciprocate it.
What does a good head-banger type song need? A banging drum pattern and a banging bass line to explode through the speakers of the listener. Ye be warned, speakers may explode if listened to max capacity. That’s the range of raw explosive volume RVDY plays, to match the intensity he wants to unleash. The build is as intense as the drop. Ever heard the phrase, “The build up is too intense, I can’t take the finish”, this is what’s happening to your anticipation. The anticipation may be too much, it may too tough to handle but if you can get through it, BOOM, all hell breaks loose and you bang to the sound. The dubbed-out keyboard squeaks make it that much more intense because now it’s messing with your eardrums. Listen in and tell us it’s not messing with your and unbolting your urge to jump.