Slushii being Slushii with “Step by Step”


Slushii is well-known for his melodic tracks that are filled with slide guitar melodies and slide guitar-centered drops, which is one of the main reasons he’s one of our favorites. This time he changes it up by being keyboard-centered, along with synth waves. He uses the chill, slow vibe and turn it into his own to give you a pharmaceutical type of high, if that makes sense. Well, we get this sense ever since we heard his other track, “Morphine” but nonetheless, “Step by Step” well, follows in the same footsteps (pun intended).

Many of us know Slushii through Marshmello but we’re one of the few that can say we knew of Slushii before that. I don’t know if there are any points for that but a lot of people seem to get a kick from knowing unknown artists first. Many even keep it to themselves because they don’t want their favorite artists to go mainstream. You know what we say to that? Eff you! Let the world enjoy the beautiful music they make, and in this case, Slushii brings the house down to unleash such an ethereal track to mellow out your emotions. Yes, “Step by Step” is still heavily induced with slide-guitar and synthesized waves and is still reliant of smooth transitions but no one else out there does quite like he does.

Simmer down and revel in the company of a hopefully soon-to-go-mainstream artists and ride the wave of keyboard delays and morphine-induced highs. Ok, it’s not really morphine-induced but words aren’t needed to describe this feeling, it’s just felt.

There’s nothing unless there’s a “Me & You” by KVMO

“The skies, they speak at night, tell me that I need you by my side” This was our favorite line from the entire track, it speaks volumes on fate and the fact that they belong together. Hence, the reason the track is called “Me & You“. The ultimate song about chemistry and the reasons why it’s so important in a relationship above anything else you think matters. Yes, there are multiple reasons to be with someone, but with all the chemistry that’s filled with electrical waves that just don’t let each other stray to far from each other without needing them, that’s the strong connection everyone longs for. People don’t like to admit it, but they need other people, they need to feel accepted and loved. A lot of like to brag about independence but it can only take you so far. KVMO shows us the light from the stars and interprets your dreams to see what it is that you really need, you. Feel the chemistry in the air when you begin to listen to “Me & You” by KVMO


“Run Wild” as Summer approaches with PLS&TY

pls&ty run wild

Please and Thank You, no, we’re not teaching you how to have manners, we’re telling you about an up-and-coming Electronic DJ that needs to be on your radar ASAP. A couple of days ago he released a track that is a mix of Electronic and World for quite a unique sound that we have never heard before. We listen to a lot of music, believe us, we do it for a living, but a track like this doesn’t come around too often. It’s appropriately named “Run Wild” because that is the feeling you get when listening to this song, freedom.  Continue reading ““Run Wild” as Summer approaches with PLS&TY”

SteLouse and his new track “Method” will get you started off right this weekend

We are doing something that is a little out of the ordinary and we are featuring someone who is not exactly independent, and not exactly and unknown artist. We just had to feature it when we caught wind of it and since he is already a very well-known artist, we’ll keep this short and sweet. As a matter of fact, we’ll end it right here and just say go listen to SteLouse and his new track, “Method“.


Kasbo wants you to confess your inner feelings to him with “Found You ft. Chelsea Cutler”


“The goal is to make you dance and make you cry at the same time”. This was a quote on Kasbo‘s Soundcloud when we first stumbled upon his most recent release, “Found You ft. Chelsea Cutler“.  Boy, aren’t we glad that we found you because this song has the power to do exactly that, make us feel things that we have perhaps purposely chosen to forget, all the while we’re moving our feet to an incredible beat.  Continue reading “Kasbo wants you to confess your inner feelings to him with “Found You ft. Chelsea Cutler””

Everyone looks good in black; Unlike Pluto gives us “Everything Black ft. Mike Taylor”


Electronic music has now become a black hole for many artists looking to break into the landscape because it is so overly saturated. The challenge to separate oneself from the pack is perpetual. One needs to be completely fearless in their approach and do what others are afraid to do. Unlike Pluto has been featured as one of Billboard’s “2016 Dance Artists to Watch”, he has earned that title to tireless work and dedication to his craft. “Everything Black” is just one of the many bold creations that he has unleashed for the world to enjoy.
Continue reading “Everyone looks good in black; Unlike Pluto gives us “Everything Black ft. Mike Taylor””

Dathan mixes R&B and Electronic with “Hello Goodbye ft. MRSHLL”

We have been thinking; it’s been a while since we’ve featured an R&B track on We Sound Strange. Well, what a surprise that this little diddy just fell onto our lap and now it’s the track to finish off your Monday. We have Dathan providing you some sensual music with, “Hello Goodbye ft. MRSHLL“. Right off the bat we were blown away with the mixing that was done, executed so beautifully. This isn’t like any other R&B track that is slow, vocal range, and lyrics about love and sex. No, this takes that original thought and goes beyond. Dathan is not satisfied with meeting or exceeding the bar that is set from past R7B artists, no, he wants to create a separate bar. Mixing R&B and Electronic sounds to contort into a finished product that sounds unreal. Be sure to let us know if you agree with us when you listen above.


New music video for “Taking Back Time” by Gunslinger


The age-old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? The truth is, no one really knows the answer to this question. Philosophers have been arguing this for centuries and there still is no answer in sight. Well, now we have a new question to have people argue for the next coming years. Who is Gunslinger and where exactly did he come from? Here’s another truth for you, no one knows where Gunslinger came from. We hope to shed some light tonight with revealing who this Gunslinger is and the dope music he’s been putting out. He just released a new trippy music video for his track, “Taking Back Time“.

First, let’s begin with a popular myth that is usually exchanged by people discussing Gunslinger. People say he emerged from a parallel universe that is neither past or present. It is also said of Gunslinger that he is the last of his kind. Well, what we do know for sure is that he will never break from his quest to vanquish the shimmering demons of pop with the only weapon he carries; an arsenal of songs that he slings into enlightening hearts and minds of all the brave enough to listen.

This music video really shows the style and image that Gunslinger is trying to instill on our minds for future debates. It is heavy in bass and synths to match his mysterious aura. A groove that will get you moving instead of debating. The video itself can be described as disturbing but in an interesting way that you just cannot look away. Pop should be shaking in its boots because Gunslinger is coming full steam ahead. Take a gander below!

Dark Model release “Survivor” ahead of their 2nd album “Saga” to be dropped March 24, 2017.


Model Electronic Records is eager to release the newest album “Saga” from Dark Model, which is set to be released March 24, 2017. We can expect nothing but the best since Dark Model’s debut album back in May 2014 when it was nominated for the 14th annual Independent Music Awards in the Dance/Electronica category. You may have also heard of some of their songs in the soundtrack of Elysium, which starred Matt Damon. “Survivor” is our teaser as we wait patiently for the album to drop.  Continue reading “Dark Model release “Survivor” ahead of their 2nd album “Saga” to be dropped March 24, 2017.”

New Monstercat release:”Shimmer” by Notaker

Everyone, we get a 2-for-1 deal here. Darn, I wish we were talking about shopping, heck, even free downloads, but no, we’re talking about drop distinctions. Notaker releases for the 3rd time with Monstercat so we know this one is going to be awesome too. What we have is “Shimmer”, an extremely wavy electronic track that brings you two distinct bass drops. They’re similar in technique but different in texture. The 2nd drop is the first drop but with heightened manipulation from the synths and bass, with an addition of a muted guitar The beat stays consistent while the melody becomes complex. It’s quite a unique but similar sound, if that makes sense. It’s a sick track that we love, we just expected a different 2-for-1 deal, but this one works just as fine. Listen below and enjoy!


Erich Mrak releases new Electronic Rap track , “Think About It”


Don’t we love it when two different genres collide but create something beautiful. Hip Hop and Electronic music have been collaborating together for many recent years but we don’t seem to be getting enough of it. Yes, there have been quite a lot of remixes to hip hop songs, but it’s just quite not the same when they go hand in hand and are recorded together. We want to introduce to you the next Hip Hop and Electronic rapper, Erich Mrak with his track, “Think About It”. Continue reading “Erich Mrak releases new Electronic Rap track , “Think About It””

Aero Chord urges you to join the”Resistance”


Ever done the experiment as a kid where you touch a static ball with your fingers and then all your hairs stand up almost instantaneously? Well, if you haven’t, we give you the next best alternative. We have a new Monstercat release of Aero Chord’s Resistance“. It is 3 minutes of jaw-dropping, head-exploding music that will make all the hairs on your body stand. Yes, those too, you dirty-minded person that we have now found something in common with. This track is utter chaos controlled under Aero Chord with many instruments coming together in a stampede to take your ears to eargasmic heaven. Two very distinct drops that not even Superman can replicate when he flies. We will no longer do the talking for the track because this track does it’s own walking; it walks the path of disastrous tribulation. We mean that in a good way. Join the “Resistance“.