“We Fight in the Prettiest Place” by Smiles With Teeth

Smiles with Teeth just released their newest EP and we’re particularly excited to be able to cover and review it. We decided to choose one song to write about because it’s the one that stood out the most to us and we believe this is the one that’s going to give them the most bang. “We fight in the prettiest places” is the track we love because first off, that title is intriguing on it’s own and we absolutely needed to know how creative this band wanted to take it.
Straight out of Montreal, Canada, we’re so glad that they reached out to us to check out their music because we would’ve never have known who they were. It’s so tough to find actually good up-and-coming bands, even with all this technology, which is why We Sound Strange does the dirty work for all our readers. We find, or in this case, they found us, to give you good music from artists who don’t have the same pull but just as much or even light years more talent than what you hear on the radio.
“We fight in the prettiest places” is actually a sweet song when you truly listen to the lyrics. The guitar captivated us as well as it’s melodies are quite soothing to the ear and we felt as if Mozart himself coached them to fine tune it to fit a pleasant feel. Of course, as many of our loyal readers know, we’re big guitar fans so it’s no surprise we love it when we listen to great guitar playing. The drums set the tone for the rhythm and it felt as if the drummer and the bass player have a solid relationship because of the connection they have throughout the song. All in all, it’s a pleasant song with great irony in it. You’ll know it when you hear it, no spoilers. Be sure to check out Smiles with Teeth” and their new EP, Suddenly Constantly.

Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down”

subfer img
It’s the Summer time, shouldn’t we be riding more synth waves (pun intended). I mean it figuratively and literally, or even both fused into one. Just like a wave, the synth wave indicates when it’s a flow of musical oceanic state. Subfer does a bit of a change of scenery by adding the synth wave at the drop accompanied by a classic piano key rhythm section and melodic chime bells. It’s peaceful yet dangerous as a tall wave. “Down” is what symbolizes the ocean perfectly because it’s a place where we love to be, be it the beach or out on a boat, it’s a place of relaxation and fun. Just like the ocean is dangerous, this track shows you the power it has in the drop and blows you away where you have to hold on to something to no fall off your chair, or in the case of a boat, off the ledge. Continue reading “Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down””

Slushii being Slushii with “Step by Step”


Slushii is well-known for his melodic tracks that are filled with slide guitar melodies and slide guitar-centered drops, which is one of the main reasons he’s one of our favorites. This time he changes it up by being keyboard-centered, along with synth waves. He uses the chill, slow vibe and turn it into his own to give you a pharmaceutical type of high, if that makes sense. Well, we get this sense ever since we heard his other track, “Morphine” but nonetheless, “Step by Step” well, follows in the same footsteps (pun intended).

Many of us know Slushii through Marshmello but we’re one of the few that can say we knew of Slushii before that. I don’t know if there are any points for that but a lot of people seem to get a kick from knowing unknown artists first. Many even keep it to themselves because they don’t want their favorite artists to go mainstream. You know what we say to that? Eff you! Let the world enjoy the beautiful music they make, and in this case, Slushii brings the house down to unleash such an ethereal track to mellow out your emotions. Yes, “Step by Step” is still heavily induced with slide-guitar and synthesized waves and is still reliant of smooth transitions but no one else out there does quite like he does.

Simmer down and revel in the company of a hopefully soon-to-go-mainstream artists and ride the wave of keyboard delays and morphine-induced highs. Ok, it’s not really morphine-induced but words aren’t needed to describe this feeling, it’s just felt.

There’s nothing unless there’s a “Me & You” by KVMO

“The skies, they speak at night, tell me that I need you by my side” This was our favorite line from the entire track, it speaks volumes on fate and the fact that they belong together. Hence, the reason the track is called “Me & You“. The ultimate song about chemistry and the reasons why it’s so important in a relationship above anything else you think matters. Yes, there are multiple reasons to be with someone, but with all the chemistry that’s filled with electrical waves that just don’t let each other stray to far from each other without needing them, that’s the strong connection everyone longs for. People don’t like to admit it, but they need other people, they need to feel accepted and loved. A lot of like to brag about independence but it can only take you so far. KVMO shows us the light from the stars and interprets your dreams to see what it is that you really need, you. Feel the chemistry in the air when you begin to listen to “Me & You” by KVMO


Can Duskus satisfy the “Gods”

duskus guy

Gods“, it better be a song for the ages because with a title like that, it’s going to get criticized by a lot of people. This track has been out for only 3 days but it’s already gaining a lot of traction on Soundcloud and it doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. It has over 1,700 likes, over 480 reposts, and way over 23k plays. If you want to break down the math to see the average over 3 days, it’s pretty freaking insane. This is only the beginning, YouTube channel Future Bass just released it less than a couple of hours ago and it already has over 1,500 views. So, who’s this mystery artist we are speaking of? The name is Duskus, he’s an upcoming producer from London who made his way onto the scene after his affiliation with Bitbird and Elysian Records. Keep him in mind when you think of future bass and trap, one mix of sugar and spice. Listen to “Gods” and criticize it heavily, because it sure as heck is difficult to dislike.


“Run Wild” as Summer approaches with PLS&TY

pls&ty run wild

Please and Thank You, no, we’re not teaching you how to have manners, we’re telling you about an up-and-coming Electronic DJ that needs to be on your radar ASAP. A couple of days ago he released a track that is a mix of Electronic and World for quite a unique sound that we have never heard before. We listen to a lot of music, believe us, we do it for a living, but a track like this doesn’t come around too often. It’s appropriately named “Run Wild” because that is the feeling you get when listening to this song, freedom.  Continue reading ““Run Wild” as Summer approaches with PLS&TY”

SteLouse and his new track “Method” will get you started off right this weekend

We are doing something that is a little out of the ordinary and we are featuring someone who is not exactly independent, and not exactly and unknown artist. We just had to feature it when we caught wind of it and since he is already a very well-known artist, we’ll keep this short and sweet. As a matter of fact, we’ll end it right here and just say go listen to SteLouse and his new track, “Method“.


NGHTMRE remixes a Fat Joe classic, “Lean Back”

Remember back in the early 2000’s when you would sag your pants and all you had to do to dance was pull up your pants and lean back? If this question reminded you of Fat Joe, it was done on purpose, derr. NGHTMRE just remixed this “classic”, yes it’s considered a classic for my generation so just run with it. He turns this “Lean Back” track into something even more hardcore than doing the Rocawear. It’s still has the strings melody that gets you leaning back but it also hits you with the drop that eats at the core of your reminiscing ways. All you have to do is lean back and enjoy this dope remix by NGHTMRE and let the classic do it’s work on you. RIP Big Black #dowork


“Love Me Not” to tease a MostArt surprise

most art animals

Ever picked the petal off a flower to see if your crush loved you or not? What if that flower could speak, what would it say? “Ouch, that hurts. Ouch, that hurts as well, and he loves you not. I could’ve told you because I have an even number of petals!”. Ok, yes this is an old Mitch Hedberg joke, but it’s still funny 15 years later. Horrible teaser but who cares because “Love Me Not” is only one of many tracks MostArt has released to let you inside the wires in his mind. We have the pleasure in introducing an artist who’s all about the music, all about creating and innovating the next wave. Wanna know how we discovered such a dope underground artist? A friend of a friend, how most new music is discovered.  Continue reading ““Love Me Not” to tease a MostArt surprise”

Borgeous & MORTEN dropped “Hold Up” on 4/20

We all know who Borgeous is and he definitely isn’t an up-and-coming artists because he’s already an artist that is at the top. We decided to feature his latest track, that came out on 4/20, because he’s one of the first supporters of We Sound Strange from the very beginning and we like to show love to everyone who supports. Heck, we even support those who don’t love us because peace & love is what we’re all about. That, and the strangeness in life that people are afraid to show. We encourage you to get a little strange this evening as we introduce you to “Hold Up“, a collaboration from Borgeous & MORTEN, a duo that will surely get your ears poppin’. If you’re interested in catching them soon on their Phase tour, catch them in Thailand for the Together Festival on 4/28. Without much further adieu, heeeeeere’s “Hold Up


Let Ryos help you “Discover Love ft. Envy Monroe”

ryos album

You have no idea where we’re taking this next blog post; its a direction you may or may not like, it’s Barely Legal. Oh yea, we’re talking about a fresh new 18-year-old that’s jumping onto the scene. Wait, what’d you think we were talking about ya sicko?! All we were leading up to was that there’s a fresh new face in EDM, it’s Ryos. A naturally-gifted artist that seems to only have great music ooze out of his fingertips. What we have for you is a sick track that just invades the musical part of your brain, vacancy or not. Allow us to introduce you to “Discover Love (ft. Envy Monroe)“.  Continue reading “Let Ryos help you “Discover Love ft. Envy Monroe””

Unleash your “Rage” with Bear Grillz

bear grillz

We decided to feature Bear Grillz for today’s upload. Now, yes, he’s not what you would call an up-and-coming artist like we usually cover but, we missed his set in Las Vegas yesterday that our hearts told us to make it up with this track. We’re not saying that Bear Grillz isn’t a phenomenal artist because he’s not up-and coming, we mean that he’s already a well-known artist that is love by many. The track we are going to feature is his latest release, which is why we are kicking ourselves thinking we could’ve experienced it live. We have “Rage ft. Sullivan King“, which is exactly how we’re feeling as we write this post because of our missed opportunity. Let’s hope this song pumps you up in a beneficial way as you listen to it. Enjoy and let us know how you like it!