What’s “Illusory” to you? asks Mielo

Did you ever base an assumption entirely on something that wasn’t real, something “Illusory”. Ok, that was our way of introducing Mielo’s new track but we really do want to dive deeper into that topic and how it pertains to this recent release. We’d like to jump right in and immediately express how listening to “Illusory” for the first time actually made us feel many different things, feelings that can be taken as Illusory. It brought back good and bad memories into light and made us realize new feelings/assumptions of what real, something that held you together that never really was there, just an assumption of likeness. “Illusory” uses the synthetic waves to drive these thoughts into our heads and we want to see if does the same for you.

The driving force behind the synth waves are further enhanced the use of the echoing drums to heighten the sound of each strike. No words are spoken but no words are needed when you have a melody that catchy and repetitive to capture the listener’s attention and keep it withing the same sounds. It’s a feel good song that requires nothing more than your attention and your belief in the Illusory. Just because something that perhaps isn’t real to you or a bond that you shared with something that perhaps isn’t real to others, it has a special place in each of you to make it real for you two. The only thing you know what’s real is what yo believe it to be and you make the decision to believe in it. Make your choice after listening to “Illusory” by Mielo.


Madeaux releases some variety-type track with “Run With It”

The Dire Straits, an underrated and underappreciated Rock band of their time, nay, of all time. They have a track that is an all-time classic that many people recognize, but it’s a shame that people don’t know where it comes from or if its just a commercial jingle. Every time you hear, “I want my mpg”, you understand the jingle, although people should recognize that its been construed specifically for the car commercial. Money For Nothing is an excellent song and it shares similarities with this new track that Madeaux has just released, “Run With It“. It’s mixing the essence of Rock with the heavy set sound of bass house and the vocal delivery and pitch of Trap, but the vocal range of Pop Rock. It’s got massive variety of taste as it appeals to many different likes of the music scene. For one specific verse, we feel the rhythm and vocals of Dancehall, which has become a lost art of sorts across the U.S. Nevertheless, the main sound they keep throughout is the sound of Bass House. They keep the heavy set vibe to appease the EDM Bass House heads without venturing off too far from it.

We won’t probe much further because it’s a simple song that goes so damn hard. That’s all it need, to go freaking hard. It’s what the thinking behind it went in, to hype people up to feeling rowdy. We just absolutely thought it was amazing how he included so many different styles and genres to create around the Bass House sound. It’s quite unique and we wanted to share it. Be sure to check out Madeaux’s “Run With It”.

Chill in your “Rav4” with MF Glooms

Welcome, and enjoy the ambient sounds of MF Glooms with his newest mellow track of “Rav4”. Yes, it’s exactly what the title states, about the Toyota Rav4, but it goes much deeper than what you might think. It’s the same thing with nearly everything you come across, you must dig a little deeper to truly find what it means. If you really thought Axl Rose of Guns ‘N Roses was talking about an actual jungle in Welcome to the Jungle, well then, we’d love to sell you this pen…We weren’t trying to rant but “Rav4 has a deeper connotation in it. We’ve all searched and tried to find the best possible way to hang out with our crush and the Rav4 symbolizes the last resort we all come to when we’re young and broke. Let’s just chill in our car and hang out; the point is to be with them.

This is where the creative ambiance is genius because it keeps the vibe of just chilling, just setting the mood of a swell time. Try to separate each of the different sounds that MF Glooms incorporates in the progression. He goes from the synth waves to a rain drop, the keyboard melodic riff to the steady rhythm of the percussion. The vocals are completely mixed to fit the tune of the sound and it works well to keep the ambiance of a trans state of mind that’s being shared. Chill in your own “Rav4” with the one you like spending time with and bump some MF Glooms.

What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You”

Inception, the concept of being able to dream within a dream, to dive deep into your own thoughts to find out things about yourself that you may have never known or have chosen to forget. Now, imagine being able to share these dreams with whomever you’d like and share and experience like no other, taking risks and enjoying endless possibilities. Jeffrey Paradise has captured a shared love dream with “Dream of You” to see if paradise can truly be recreated. How fitting is it that his name is paradise and the essence of the song captures what paradise may feel like. Continue reading “What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You””

Enjoy this week’s “Eclipse” by Elohim

Did you all enjoy the eclipse last week? We hope you didn’t stare right into it because you may have got some eye damage but if this were true, you wouldn’t be able to read this so you obviously have common sense. Cheers to common sense! Regardless, it was such a phenomenon, especially out here in Los Angeles because we had the perfect viewpoint to catch itat its best angle. Although, it was early, you can say you saw something magical. That’s what we plan to give you with today’s feature, “Eclipse” by Elohim. The track just captures the spirit of magic in the air, where dreamers can dream and lovers can love, both being a priviledge that we get to enjoy. “You can be my best time until someone eclipses you”, enjoy the moment and forget what the future might hold, live now and freely.  Continue reading “Enjoy this week’s “Eclipse” by Elohim”

Dzeko hits it again with “Heart Speak ft. TOKA-J”

There is a very old saying that gets thrown around a lot when speaking of anything that has to do with relationships. “The heart wants what the heart wants”, we’ve all heard it before it before and know exactly  what it’s supposed to mean when you’re on the receiving end of it. The heart is a very complicated organ that needs a lot of moving functions in your body to survive but apparently, it also knows what it wants from another heart. We’re here to bring you a track that can finally let your heart speak and finally figure it out what it wants…and needs. “Heart Speak ft. TOKA” by Dzeko allows you to ponder questions regarding what your what wants in another. Truly, let your heart speak for your brain and find another heart that wants the same.

At the end of reading this post, reflect with the sick drops of Dzeko, the heart-pumping bass that keeps your heartbeat in check. The drop infiltrates you brainwaves and cuts through the wires of love to get your heart to communicate with reflections of what you want. The keyboard provides a solid underbelly to follow the rhythm. The effects thrown to the second keyboard is too captivating to look or listen elsewhere. TOKA was the perfect vocalist to feature because her voice has a sense of desperation, an urge to settle down, the angst seems to have built up in her vocals. All around, powerful lyrics to encourage people to finally speak their mind and heart.

Do you believe in the “Supernatural” by Hundaes

Do you believe in the Supernatural”? We’ll what happens when the supernatural gets a bit of a face lift, is it still as supernatural? we’d like to think that this supernatural has been enhanced, it’s been modified to get another feel of great taste. Hundaes does a great job of remixing this piece a fun Hundaes state, keeping us as listeners engaged until the end. As we are all having to come to the realization that Sumer is in fact coming to an end, we all have some things that we’d want to change before it ends. Hundaes released this remix just for you, to encourage you to change the latter part of your summer to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Let the drop lead you in the right direction and have the time of your life in these final 2 weeks because it’s going to be back to grind mode. Perhaps you never left grind mode, it’s your final moment to catch a break and make memories with yourself. Take a risk and channel your inner wild child to uncover a whole new side of you that you may never known existed. This is the perfect track to get you in the mindset of Summer livin’ and Summer lovin’.

Unlike Pluto kills it with this cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”

We have a strong feeling that this was a prayer from someone way out there that wanted this to be done. They wanted a song by Queen to be turned into a heavy bass EDM track for them to just blast and feel electrified. There is so much static electricity flowing through our veins right now because this song spins the original to be bass-centered. The cover is so simple but it’s the fact that it’s so heavily influenced by Queen that it makes it so much more raw for a cover. For those who know the original, this does not sound like it at all. Unlike Pluto has taken “We Will Rock You” from a sing-along anthem track, to an out of this world phenomenon, making it clear that eclipses exist because opposites fit together so perfectly. It’s still perfect to sing along to but with a feeling of being close to the sun and ready to take on the universe someday.  Continue reading “Unlike Pluto kills it with this cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You””

“We Fight in the Prettiest Place” by Smiles With Teeth

Smiles with Teeth just released their newest EP and we’re particularly excited to be able to cover and review it. We decided to choose one song to write about because it’s the one that stood out the most to us and we believe this is the one that’s going to give them the most bang. “We fight in the prettiest places” is the track we love because first off, that title is intriguing on it’s own and we absolutely needed to know how creative this band wanted to take it.
Straight out of Montreal, Canada, we’re so glad that they reached out to us to check out their music because we would’ve never have known who they were. It’s so tough to find actually good up-and-coming bands, even with all this technology, which is why We Sound Strange does the dirty work for all our readers. We find, or in this case, they found us, to give you good music from artists who don’t have the same pull but just as much or even light years more talent than what you hear on the radio.
“We fight in the prettiest places” is actually a sweet song when you truly listen to the lyrics. The guitar captivated us as well as it’s melodies are quite soothing to the ear and we felt as if Mozart himself coached them to fine tune it to fit a pleasant feel. Of course, as many of our loyal readers know, we’re big guitar fans so it’s no surprise we love it when we listen to great guitar playing. The drums set the tone for the rhythm and it felt as if the drummer and the bass player have a solid relationship because of the connection they have throughout the song. All in all, it’s a pleasant song with great irony in it. You’ll know it when you hear it, no spoilers. Be sure to check out Smiles with Teeth” and their new EP, Suddenly Constantly.

Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down”

subfer img
It’s the Summer time, shouldn’t we be riding more synth waves (pun intended). I mean it figuratively and literally, or even both fused into one. Just like a wave, the synth wave indicates when it’s a flow of musical oceanic state. Subfer does a bit of a change of scenery by adding the synth wave at the drop accompanied by a classic piano key rhythm section and melodic chime bells. It’s peaceful yet dangerous as a tall wave. “Down” is what symbolizes the ocean perfectly because it’s a place where we love to be, be it the beach or out on a boat, it’s a place of relaxation and fun. Just like the ocean is dangerous, this track shows you the power it has in the drop and blows you away where you have to hold on to something to no fall off your chair, or in the case of a boat, off the ledge. Continue reading “Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down””

Slushii being Slushii with “Step by Step”


Slushii is well-known for his melodic tracks that are filled with slide guitar melodies and slide guitar-centered drops, which is one of the main reasons he’s one of our favorites. This time he changes it up by being keyboard-centered, along with synth waves. He uses the chill, slow vibe and turn it into his own to give you a pharmaceutical type of high, if that makes sense. Well, we get this sense ever since we heard his other track, “Morphine” but nonetheless, “Step by Step” well, follows in the same footsteps (pun intended).

Many of us know Slushii through Marshmello but we’re one of the few that can say we knew of Slushii before that. I don’t know if there are any points for that but a lot of people seem to get a kick from knowing unknown artists first. Many even keep it to themselves because they don’t want their favorite artists to go mainstream. You know what we say to that? Eff you! Let the world enjoy the beautiful music they make, and in this case, Slushii brings the house down to unleash such an ethereal track to mellow out your emotions. Yes, “Step by Step” is still heavily induced with slide-guitar and synthesized waves and is still reliant of smooth transitions but no one else out there does quite like he does.

Simmer down and revel in the company of a hopefully soon-to-go-mainstream artists and ride the wave of keyboard delays and morphine-induced highs. Ok, it’s not really morphine-induced but words aren’t needed to describe this feeling, it’s just felt.

There’s nothing unless there’s a “Me & You” by KVMO

“The skies, they speak at night, tell me that I need you by my side” This was our favorite line from the entire track, it speaks volumes on fate and the fact that they belong together. Hence, the reason the track is called “Me & You“. The ultimate song about chemistry and the reasons why it’s so important in a relationship above anything else you think matters. Yes, there are multiple reasons to be with someone, but with all the chemistry that’s filled with electrical waves that just don’t let each other stray to far from each other without needing them, that’s the strong connection everyone longs for. People don’t like to admit it, but they need other people, they need to feel accepted and loved. A lot of like to brag about independence but it can only take you so far. KVMO shows us the light from the stars and interprets your dreams to see what it is that you really need, you. Feel the chemistry in the air when you begin to listen to “Me & You” by KVMO