Israeli artist GaBso has new music clip video for “Where I’ll Put My Shoes”

Vintage – it’s where the people go to be cool without trying to be cool. Regardless, it’s a dope look and feel if it’s executed properly. We have GaBso executing it without looking like he’s only about the vintage; it adds edge to the music. The feeling of nostalgia and the feeling of wholeheartedness was our first initial reaction when we caught a glimpse of the music clip video for “Where I’ll Put My Shoes”. We sat and really looked at why he went for the vintage feel when putting together this clip video. These are our thoughts.

“Where I’ll Put My Shoes” has a couple of lines that really go aligned with the feeling he’s trying to portray. “They don’t want to figure, they don’t want to find, the life beneath the life”. This is one we pulled from the lyrics to expand to what it means to us. When you look at old memories and think back to how you felt at the moment, you try to recapture the moment. The moment will be gone but the memory lives forever. The beauty of looking back is that we can always study and look beneath what we initially thought was there. The lyrics are telling you that you may not want to find what’s beneath because you’re closed off with just thinking of that moment. Dive beneath and see what deeper meaning you find. Follow along GaBso’s clip video for “Where I’ll Put My Shoes” and see where it takes you.


Let’s follow Makk into the “Jungle”

Think back to 1987, when Guns N’ Roses first told the world how crazy the streets of LA can, basically telling us, Welcome to the jungle. Now, we Makk telling us to go on a hunt for her in the jungle, that it takes more than just a little effort to get her attention, let alone, affection. “Jungle” symbolizes more about her and what we’re willing to go through for her. Are we willing to fight off all the dangers of the deep jungle to get to a prize, which in turn, a prize like the love of Makk seems to be well-worth the risk. How would we know, right? Well, we dove deep into the production of the track to truly analyze and hypothesize what it is about Makk and the jungle journey we’d embark on.
We’re enchanted by Makk; we find her style of music irresistible that we would definitely dive in head first to the jungle to rescue her. Let’s start with the vocals: it’s intoxicating. Her voice has now become an addiciton that we need constant doses of. The delicate and velvety sound can brainwash and influence any mortal being to be under her spell. The effective use of the 808 drums further hightens the mollifying perception of sensuality. We’re caught between a spell and a trance but we don’t want to break either because we’re afraid of making it real and no longer having this novelty feeling. Let Makk put you under her spell with “Jungle”.

Catch the new wave of EDM with Bulow’s “This Is Not A Love Song”

Bulow goes against the stereotypical holiday love with her new track, “This Is Not A Love Song”. Finally, somone who doesn’t exaggerate all the lovey dovey hoopla that everyone seems to be getting now. What better way to tell somone who’s falling for you than by telling them the truth. They want you so bad and they want to be together so bad but you can’t fake feelings, no matter how badly you would want it as well. The heart wants what it wants and it’s best not to fake a feeling that just isn’t there. In the long run, it’s best for both you. By telling the truth from the get-go instead having it linger makes more sense to get the feelings hurt now, and not hurt much worse much later. It’s a conversation that needs to be had as soon as possible. Bulow tells it like it is and play no games.
 Enough of our rambling, we got a bit ahead of ourselves. Bulow gives us a track that we instantly loved. Lyric aside since we got into already how incredibly accurate it is, the production of the track works perfectly with the vibe she wanted to portray. We’re enamored by the cohesion of sounds to blend a mix that meshes with the synth waves, the vocal effects, the standard rhythm, and the eclectic 80’s keyboard as fillers. The melody brought by the high-pitched bass line makes it flow well with the chorus that reiterates that it’s not a love song but don’t take it so harsh. Our advice is to always tell people the truth and we hope that Bulow encourages you muster up some courage and tell people how you really feel and forget the game that everyone seems to be playing nowadays. Listen to “This Is Not A Love Song” to get that last bit of courage.

MOSTART is set to drop Off The Richter during his album release party Sunday at Lubitsch in West Hollywood

The name: MostArt. The name has come up before here with We Sound Strange. We were first introduced to the name from a personal friend who kept raving about a new artist with off-the-wall skill, MostArt. Of course we were intrigued. Not only is this coming from a personal friend we trust, but the hype he’s building is pretty astronomical. The first track we listened and eventually featured here was “Love Me Not” from his album, No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Record. Blown away. MostArt reached out to us as he wanted We Sound Strange to exclusively release his new album, Off The Richter”. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see him perform live at the Lubitsch and let the world finally hear “Off The Richter” and vibe out to the technical skill, the musical variety, and the on-stage prowess of MostArt in the comfort of his own home, music.

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Let The Him bring you some good memories with “Always”

We’re excited to bring you this electronic track to your ears, soul, and into your heart. The Him bring us with “Always” not to dance to, like you’d expect from Electronic music using synth waves to bounce and drop to the floor. No, this track hits you right in the feels, especially with the lyrics and the message if confides in you to keep in your heart. The creation and production of the track is classic build up with the vocals and it usually takes the lead but it definitely looks as if they take the backseat in this one, making way for the lyrics. We’ll only give you a taste of the lyrics because we wouldn’t want to spoil for you. “Make feel like always, kiss me like it’s always”. Even with this words alone it takes us to another world where happiness is something you feel, always. Happiness should be an always and the person who brings you this always is somone who should be with you, always. Listen to “Always” by The Him and you’ll have this on repeat, always.

It’s the “RETRN” of Remedy

We’ve got it. We’ve got just the thing to cure you of all your weekend’s mistakes and regrets. We guess you can say we found the perfect Remedy, eh? Well, in a way, we’re not wrong. Remedy brings you RETRN, a dubstep happy track that builds you up and reels you in with different ensembles of drops and samples to create an epic bring-down-the-house type track. The basic blueprint is of course have an eclectic build up with synthetic sounds and vocal cuts that literally build up in volume and intensity. Once the build is complete with the addition of drum kits that emphasize the use of change of pace in subtle fashion, let the music go quiet and then blast the listener’s ears with heavy bass and symphonic tones to pierce but soften a blow that gets the hype to reach maximum height, maximum level of chaos. Let the madness begin, not end, with remedy’s track RETRN. It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning to madness.

Chill out with some “Rainbows & Waterfalls” by Pretty Lights

If you’re going to rip a Hip Hop classic, you better make whatever it is that you’re creating damn near as good as the original because then there’ll be hell to pay. Not necessarily by us, but by the people that stand and swear by the classics. Pretty Lights has taken the challenge and exceeded expectations when releasing “Rainbows & Waterfalls”. As those of us who know the original, this track is an easy-listening type of tune that uses vocals that is similar to Nate Dogg’s deep soothing tone. It has a warmth to it that makes it much more interesting when they speak of chill things like “Rainbows & Waterfalls” to think of when we want to smile. Pretty Lights keeps the chill vibe when they use chimes and bells harmoniously to jam the rhythm to, but they take it to a different path when the drop comes because they use a long subdued bass drop to lengthen it. The interesting take is that they keep the vocals singing during the long bass drop sound to make the drop as chill as the tone. It’s a very interesting sound Pretty Lights decided to use for this classic but we absolutely love listening  to “Rainbows & Waterfalls” when we want to chill and vibe out.

G.H. Hat gets us raging with “I Got A Problem”

Tell us, what do you know about G.H. Hat? It’s okay if you don’t know, you’re alone. Thought we would say you’re not alone, right? Widely-known remix genius G.H. Hat is back with another mix that is begging to be shared. It’s and EDM track that is ready for the masses, ready for the festival goers to jump, pump, and all-out rage to when the time hits. “I Got A Problem” has massive appeal with its sexy dance mix. It has some Electronic and Bass feel to it but it’s all mainly reliant on House, and bringing the house down with a massive party blowout. We’re having a little trouble trying to make it as to why this is different from other EDM House track but we can’t, and that’s the reason why this track is going to be so big. It has the influence of Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, all of the above to create the jam that we all love to party. That’s just what it is, it’s a party jam.

There are ways to see this in a new light. Let’s break it down as to why it’s like any other House track. It has the same lyrics that people will sing to because they can relate, “I Got A Problem”, followed by a slight chant of woo. The House drums are expected, with a quick synth wave turnaround as it goes from quick to slow to back to quick. We’ve also go the quick tempo hand claps to let listeners know it’s about to get hyped. When the beat does drop, which is way too soon that others, it’s the same House level drop that you’d expect. It seems like we are thrashing this track but we’re actually praising it. It’s taking advantage of what the demographics say is the most enjoyable tune to listen to among the young and middle ages. It’s what is popular right now and he’s taking it on full stride. Listen to the song and tell us we’re wrong, tell us it doesn’t sound like every House track you’ve ever listened to.

Kick your heels up this weekend with Caden Jester’s “Fade ft. Butterjack”

It’s the final day of the workweek and you’re ready to let loose with some good ol’ fashion dancing and good times. You can dance all by yourself and have the time of your night, but you need the right track to get the party started. You need the right tune to jumpstart the chemicals in your body that just jolts your charisma and energy. This is Caden Jester coming in with Butterjack to blast into your party waves with “Fade“. “Fade” is that one track that is able to get the ground shaking with people getting up off of their seats to release all their bottled-up frustration of the workweek and get into a fun groove for the night. This is the part in the movie where it fades into a slow-motion frame with sparkles and lighting shine on the one person you’ve had your eye on and they seem even more attractive and intoxicating. Butterjack delivers with his vocals to keep the chill mellow aspect of a good time by providing some kid cudi-esque vocals and delivery. The grand piano sets up the flavor of the sound as it hints to the quick synth sounds that get us feeling jumpy, in a good way. As we prepare for the drop and have the entire dance floor lose their freaking minds, the tease of a drop is in fact the drop! It just continues to keep the level high and our blood pumping fast. Get your groove on with “Fade” by Caden Jester.

What’s “Illusory” to you? asks Mielo

Did you ever base an assumption entirely on something that wasn’t real, something “Illusory”. Ok, that was our way of introducing Mielo’s new track but we really do want to dive deeper into that topic and how it pertains to this recent release. We’d like to jump right in and immediately express how listening to “Illusory” for the first time actually made us feel many different things, feelings that can be taken as Illusory. It brought back good and bad memories into light and made us realize new feelings/assumptions of what real, something that held you together that never really was there, just an assumption of likeness. “Illusory” uses the synthetic waves to drive these thoughts into our heads and we want to see if does the same for you.

The driving force behind the synth waves are further enhanced the use of the echoing drums to heighten the sound of each strike. No words are spoken but no words are needed when you have a melody that catchy and repetitive to capture the listener’s attention and keep it withing the same sounds. It’s a feel good song that requires nothing more than your attention and your belief in the Illusory. Just because something that perhaps isn’t real to you or a bond that you shared with something that perhaps isn’t real to others, it has a special place in each of you to make it real for you two. The only thing you know what’s real is what yo believe it to be and you make the decision to believe in it. Make your choice after listening to “Illusory” by Mielo.

Madeaux releases some variety-type track with “Run With It”

The Dire Straits, an underrated and underappreciated Rock band of their time, nay, of all time. They have a track that is an all-time classic that many people recognize, but it’s a shame that people don’t know where it comes from or if its just a commercial jingle. Every time you hear, “I want my mpg”, you understand the jingle, although people should recognize that its been construed specifically for the car commercial. Money For Nothing is an excellent song and it shares similarities with this new track that Madeaux has just released, “Run With It“. It’s mixing the essence of Rock with the heavy set sound of bass house and the vocal delivery and pitch of Trap, but the vocal range of Pop Rock. It’s got massive variety of taste as it appeals to many different likes of the music scene. For one specific verse, we feel the rhythm and vocals of Dancehall, which has become a lost art of sorts across the U.S. Nevertheless, the main sound they keep throughout is the sound of Bass House. They keep the heavy set vibe to appease the EDM Bass House heads without venturing off too far from it.

We won’t probe much further because it’s a simple song that goes so damn hard. That’s all it need, to go freaking hard. It’s what the thinking behind it went in, to hype people up to feeling rowdy. We just absolutely thought it was amazing how he included so many different styles and genres to create around the Bass House sound. It’s quite unique and we wanted to share it. Be sure to check out Madeaux’s “Run With It”.

Chill in your “Rav4” with MF Glooms

Welcome, and enjoy the ambient sounds of MF Glooms with his newest mellow track of “Rav4”. Yes, it’s exactly what the title states, about the Toyota Rav4, but it goes much deeper than what you might think. It’s the same thing with nearly everything you come across, you must dig a little deeper to truly find what it means. If you really thought Axl Rose of Guns ‘N Roses was talking about an actual jungle in Welcome to the Jungle, well then, we’d love to sell you this pen…We weren’t trying to rant but “Rav4 has a deeper connotation in it. We’ve all searched and tried to find the best possible way to hang out with our crush and the Rav4 symbolizes the last resort we all come to when we’re young and broke. Let’s just chill in our car and hang out; the point is to be with them.

This is where the creative ambiance is genius because it keeps the vibe of just chilling, just setting the mood of a swell time. Try to separate each of the different sounds that MF Glooms incorporates in the progression. He goes from the synth waves to a rain drop, the keyboard melodic riff to the steady rhythm of the percussion. The vocals are completely mixed to fit the tune of the sound and it works well to keep the ambiance of a trans state of mind that’s being shared. Chill in your own “Rav4” with the one you like spending time with and bump some MF Glooms.