Let the ghouls come to play when “The Fog” by Figure is blasting away

It’s October, and it’s the time of year where every strange thing happens, very strange. If you couldn’t tell, October is one of our favorite months because it’s a time for the supernatural and the unexplained to randomly happen to defy the laws of reality. How many times did you hear stories that you had to be there to believe it to be true. Let’s let the frightfest begin with “The Fog” by Figure to induce some crazy hallucination/nightmare to appear in the dead of night or the fall of echoes. Figure is able to capture everything that is eerie and spooky and spin it to a mind-blown catastrophe that you want to happen again and again. It’s the type of song that you don’t dare listen to at night, secluded in your bedroom, with all the lights off, and all the curtains drawn because of the unnatural, the paranormal can be awoken at any time. Do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes to take Figure’s dare and listen to their organ keyboard sounds to doom you with some Dubstep thrills and drops that can match your scream. You can scream at the top of your lungs but the music will still be playing, it will still be waking things that shouldn’t be awake. Time and time again, you feel that you’re ready to be strange like us but first, pass the test. Listen to “The Fog” by Figure and let us know it you’ve survived the frightfest.


Run DMT is back with a vengeance with “Revolutionaire”

We have a full-length album coming to you that features popular drum and bass/dubstep artist Run DMT entitled “Revolutionaire”. As many of us have probably stumbled upon him when going to a festival this Summer, you now don’t have to be at Coachella to this amazing DJ. We all know and love his famous remixes on tracks from The Who, Major Lazer, Bassnectar, and Twenty One Pilots, but we anticipate many more in the near future. “Analogue Noir” is probably our favorite track in the entire album because it speaks volumes to those who choose to actually listen.

For those of you who believe that this name may sound familiar and he may not just be the bold name to know right now, he’s actually toured a myriad of festivals a long time ago as well. He’s gone through a 3 year hiatus to focus on side projects like his Kill Your Ego Network. Worry not, he returned to the studio 2016 to create his third original release. That’s why the anticipation has felt like more than a year, it’s because he’s been gone much longer but strikes his return. The release of “Revolutionaire” is supposed to mark the return. Well, the kicker for us was when we found out that Barrington Levy was making a feature! Get pumped that Run DMT is back and listen to “Revolutionaire”.

RVDY intensifies your Sunday with “Tell Me”

“I make the soundtrack of your intensity”. This does not come from the lyrics of the track, this comes straight from the RVDY‘s soundcloud page describing the type of music he makes. He knows his style, he knows his strong suits, he wants to make music that you can bang out to, to unleash the intensity built within you. This hard-banger of a track does just that, it allows all your emotional rage to escape from the bounds of your normal self. Quite fitting that his latest track is called “Tell Me“, which is basically telling his listeners to speak up and give him what you want and he’ll reciprocate it.
What does a good head-banger type song need? A banging drum pattern and a banging bass line to explode through the speakers of the listener. Ye be warned, speakers may explode if listened to max capacity. That’s the range of raw explosive volume RVDY plays, to match the intensity he wants to unleash. The build is as intense as the drop. Ever heard the phrase, “The build up is too intense, I can’t take the finish”, this is what’s happening to your anticipation. The anticipation may be too much, it may too tough to handle but if you can get through it, BOOM, all hell breaks loose and you bang to the sound. The dubbed-out keyboard squeaks make it that much more intense because now it’s messing with your eardrums. Listen in and tell us it’s not messing with your and unbolting your urge to jump.

HEARTS has just what you need for your “Downtime”

hearts downtime

I don’t know about you, but our week went by damn freaking slow so we’re ready to unleash and let loose this weekend. Get your HEARTS pumping with this sick new track, “Downtime” and you’ll be wishing that there were just a few more hours left in the night. Every bass drop hits it each time with an extra ounce of power to mess with the calibration of everything around it. What’s a good bass song if you can’t feel it, if everything around you doesn’t shake in its boots. With Summer just around the corner, you need something to rile you up and make this the most memorable Summer of your life, HEARTS is what you need. Take a listen below and let us know if your heart rate didn’t jump a few notches after listening to “Downtime


Eliminate pushes the limit with “Final Warning”

We know that Eliminate is far from being a relatively unknown artists but this track is way too freakin’ sick to not feature it here. Eliminate goes hardcore in “Final Warning” as he just makes you want to headbang with your all your energy, all your force. Got us feeling like we may get whiplash with each drop but damn, it’s a risk we are willing to take to enjoy some real heavy cuts. He hits drop with such force and such cuts that it it really is a final warning, a final warning of legality because it’s way too good to be legal. This Seattle-born artist is now residing in Los Angeles to unleash us hell, final warning. Make sure to do yourself a favor and stretch before you listen to this song because you don’t want to pull a muscle.

Aero Chord urges you to join the”Resistance”


Ever done the experiment as a kid where you touch a static ball with your fingers and then all your hairs stand up almost instantaneously? Well, if you haven’t, we give you the next best alternative. We have a new Monstercat release of Aero Chord’s Resistance“. It is 3 minutes of jaw-dropping, head-exploding music that will make all the hairs on your body stand. Yes, those too, you dirty-minded person that we have now found something in common with. This track is utter chaos controlled under Aero Chord with many instruments coming together in a stampede to take your ears to eargasmic heaven. Two very distinct drops that not even Superman can replicate when he flies. We will no longer do the talking for the track because this track does it’s own walking; it walks the path of disastrous tribulation. We mean that in a good way. Join the “Resistance“.

Dmise killing it in Seattle with “Wonked”


Right now, Seattle is preoccupied with the NFL playoffs and their beloved Seahawks as they try their best to earn another Superbowl title. The 12th man will definitely be heard around CenturyLink Field, but wouldn’t it be surreal if Seattle’s own Dmise can provide even more sound for the 12th man. Check this out: “Wonked” is that insanity and reckless sound that is known around Seattle and their home games. Continue reading “Dmise killing it in Seattle with “Wonked””

Quest brings insanity back to action with “Fall Control”

Quest quest

Now that all of the holiday season hoorah is just about over, we can finally get back to an insanity that we are more comfortable with. No, we are not talking about fighting for the last leftover tamale or that last piece of pie. We are talking about letting out our insanity within that only music can release. As the title suggests, Quest brings insanity back to action with his new dubstep track, “Fall Control“. It has that hard-hitting drop that can cause whiplash, which we don’t recommend, trust us, it’s not fun. What we do suggest is this: headbang, throw elbows, stomp your feet, anything and everything that lets your inner beast loose. “Fall Control” is such an adrenaline rush that can match that of a 45-second rollercoaster or those 2 cans of Red Bull. Piece it all together and you fill find yourself diving deeper and deeper into the madness of Quest and the insanity he is excited to be releasing upon you. Give yourself a rush today by listening to “Fall Control”.