Steve Benjamin takes us through “Manhood”

We see Steven Benjamin get really deep with a topic that isn’t really spoken about. Men and women try to have this talk with their young boys so that they knew the life of a real man. “Manhood” speaks about the young tribulations that every single boy goes through. He takes us through his own tribulations and get real with all of us who wants to listen. Let’s get into it.

The Canadian Downtempo-Pop artist reminds of an unconventional symbiosis of Chet Faker and Josef Salvatcombining elements of Pop, Folk, Indie and Urban in his sound. The new single from the EP of the same name ‘Manhood’ describes the conflict between pride and self-doubts and draws a paradoxon between outer and inner image of the protagonist. ‘Manhood’, as second single of Benjamin’s new EP, follows up his first single from December ‘Still In Love With You’.  The corresponding music video portraits that discord through an aesthetic masquerade. The premiere of the video was on prestigious The Revue and Popmani.


Sam Fischer lays it all out with a “Smoke”

Now that weed is legalized in California, of course we had to put up Sam Fischer’s “Smoke” and it brings out a whole different side of him that we wouldn’t have expected. We hope he makes more of this and lets himself be truly seen. We really set ourselves to be closer to one another when we finally let ourselves be vulnerable because we see that we all are not too different and can relate to many of the same things we go through. Here, we say, have a smoke and let yourself be seen by those around you and find out what it really means to be close to someone.

Sam Fischer first burst onto the scene in 2016 with the release of his debut single Lean” which premiered with Stereogum and has garnered over 300,000 streams. Earlier this year, he featured on Opia’s “Secrets,” amassing over 1 million streams. “Smoke” is the third single off of the four-track EP coming next week. Previously, Fischer released “Same Friends” with Billboard alongside its accompanying video, as well as “Getting Older,” which was selected for Spotify’s New Music Friday and premiered with NYLON.

Adrian Underhill preps us for the Winter “Weather”


Be prepared because it’s sweater weather, and more importantly, it’s cuffing season. This is where Adrian Underhill comes in with his new single, “Weather”, specifically for times like these. I knew I wanted it to be a very simple concept and I think there’s something intrinsically meaningful about seeing a songwriter sing their own song. I sat with a keyboard and one drum machine and tried not to play too much with production ideas at first. The tunes have a classic ‘70s songwriter vibe, even though we ultimately wanted to push the production into a more modern realm. This simple, direct way of songwriting is me at my best. As a person with a lot of privilege I felt like these songs had to count – they had to really mean something to me.

On ‘Weather’, I love how the production came out. Adam (Bainbridge) took my original demo and just kinda warped it and morphed it, almost like a remix, adding new drums and changing the keyboard sounds I had played. Then we added the live piano and synth bass from Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington) and Keith Eaddy (DāM-FunK). In the end it’s quite playful and strange – it’s a great combination of sound”. This is all straight from the horse’s mouth and we decided to go in this direction so that you can get a true artist’s perspective and feel when creating a song, especially a song that is heavily reliant upon songwriting. What better way to get into a song then getting into the mind of the songwriter of it and work through your own interpretation as you listen to his. Not only do you get an in-depth look at the production, but you also get an in-depth feel of the emotions behind it. Listen to “Weather” by Adrian Underhill and tell us how you feel after.

Story behind release of “Anxiety” by 1971

We get tons of submissions in our emails to listen and feature music on our site and social media, but there hasn’t been one request that actually brought us to tears. When reading this email from 1971 Canada and their story regarding their track, “Anxiety”, we couldn’t control our emotions and we felt a heavy heart for them. This feature is truly special and we are honored to be chosen to feature their new exclusive track and we dedicate this feature to 1971 Canada and anyone who is close to them. We decided to end our portion of this feature here and instead post thier own words from the email because it touched our hearts and we want it to touch yours as well.

In February 2017 our bassist, founding member, and friend Cameron Glen Cranston suddenly passed away in the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center. He was 25 years old.We as a band decided to not continue without our brother. Now we’re releasing our last existing recordings with Cameron; two demos we recorded for a grant we received and one of his songs. The first track “Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario)” was written for Cam in 2016 during a really difficult period while Cam was still around. We’re glad we have “his” song, even though it’s hard to listen to sometimes.We’ll be releasing this song as well as two others on cassette and 7” vinyl via Art of the Uncarved Block this December 1st. The EP is called No Matter Where You Go, There You Are. We really hope this release properly puts this band to rest and we hope it touches some people who might have experienced something similar to what we went through. Cameron was a great musician and an inspiration to a lot of people he knew. He deserves to be heard and remembered.

Enjoy “Anxiety” by 1971 Canada.

Let The Him bring you some good memories with “Always”

We’re excited to bring you this electronic track to your ears, soul, and into your heart. The Him bring us with “Always” not to dance to, like you’d expect from Electronic music using synth waves to bounce and drop to the floor. No, this track hits you right in the feels, especially with the lyrics and the message if confides in you to keep in your heart. The creation and production of the track is classic build up with the vocals and it usually takes the lead but it definitely looks as if they take the backseat in this one, making way for the lyrics. We’ll only give you a taste of the lyrics because we wouldn’t want to spoil for you. “Make feel like always, kiss me like it’s always”. Even with this words alone it takes us to another world where happiness is something you feel, always. Happiness should be an always and the person who brings you this always is somone who should be with you, always. Listen to “Always” by The Him and you’ll have this on repeat, always.

Chill out with some “Rainbows & Waterfalls” by Pretty Lights

If you’re going to rip a Hip Hop classic, you better make whatever it is that you’re creating damn near as good as the original because then there’ll be hell to pay. Not necessarily by us, but by the people that stand and swear by the classics. Pretty Lights has taken the challenge and exceeded expectations when releasing “Rainbows & Waterfalls”. As those of us who know the original, this track is an easy-listening type of tune that uses vocals that is similar to Nate Dogg’s deep soothing tone. It has a warmth to it that makes it much more interesting when they speak of chill things like “Rainbows & Waterfalls” to think of when we want to smile. Pretty Lights keeps the chill vibe when they use chimes and bells harmoniously to jam the rhythm to, but they take it to a different path when the drop comes because they use a long subdued bass drop to lengthen it. The interesting take is that they keep the vocals singing during the long bass drop sound to make the drop as chill as the tone. It’s a very interesting sound Pretty Lights decided to use for this classic but we absolutely love listening  to “Rainbows & Waterfalls” when we want to chill and vibe out.

What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You”

Inception, the concept of being able to dream within a dream, to dive deep into your own thoughts to find out things about yourself that you may have never known or have chosen to forget. Now, imagine being able to share these dreams with whomever you’d like and share and experience like no other, taking risks and enjoying endless possibilities. Jeffrey Paradise has captured a shared love dream with “Dream of You” to see if paradise can truly be recreated. How fitting is it that his name is paradise and the essence of the song captures what paradise may feel like. Continue reading “What’s your paradise look like? Jeffrey Paradise with “Dream of You””

Chill Nation show us a new chill track from Eljay with “Lonely”

If you read the post we did for Wednesday, you may be thinking that we are schizophrenic because we just completely did a 180 degree turn. We asked you to get up off your feet and dance the night away, leaving only solid memories that you want to last a lifetime, but now we’ve changed it up. This one is for the ones who have gone hard all Summer and just need a break, some time to relax and recuperate all the energy they’ve expended through these past months. We all need time to gather ourselves and Eljay brings you “Lonely” to chill out and enjoy a YOU night.

The chill synth waves take your mind for a ride through oceanic flow to the center of your own mind. The knocking of the wooden percussion keeps an organic and elemental feel to the sound of the track, even sounds from natural elements like wind howling to make it seem lively. Also, the cuts aren’t exaggerated where you feel it was too hacked, again, it’s kept simple and natural. Everything about this track yells chill. Ironic, it yells chill. Despite that horrible joke, take a listen and relax to the sounds of an original soothing track.

My Silent Bravery takes confidence to a new level with “Got It Going On”

my silent bravery
Confidence is key in anything that you do. If there is a slight lack of confidence in your body, that very little difference can be the game changer when it comes to you succeeding and failing. My Silent Bravery takes it to the extreme and basically boasts about how good he really is and guess what, he backs up his claim. Now THAT’S confidence in your abilities. His new track “Got It Going On” is everything that the title states he is, he’s got it going on and he wants everyone to know. We first took a listen and wham, we were dumbfounded at what we heard, this guy’s got it and other people want it.

Continue reading “My Silent Bravery takes confidence to a new level with “Got It Going On””

Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down”

subfer img
It’s the Summer time, shouldn’t we be riding more synth waves (pun intended). I mean it figuratively and literally, or even both fused into one. Just like a wave, the synth wave indicates when it’s a flow of musical oceanic state. Subfer does a bit of a change of scenery by adding the synth wave at the drop accompanied by a classic piano key rhythm section and melodic chime bells. It’s peaceful yet dangerous as a tall wave. “Down” is what symbolizes the ocean perfectly because it’s a place where we love to be, be it the beach or out on a boat, it’s a place of relaxation and fun. Just like the ocean is dangerous, this track shows you the power it has in the drop and blows you away where you have to hold on to something to no fall off your chair, or in the case of a boat, off the ledge. Continue reading “Subfer comes from SoCal and releases his Summer track, “Down””

“Coasting” through the weekend with Guided By The Sun

guided by the sun

Guided By The Sun is a one-man band straight out of the Atlanta. One thing you all don’t know too much about us but, Atlanta is a city that holds a little place in our heart. This is why it was so awesome to get this great band and feature their newest track, “Coasting“. It’s a really chill and easy-to-listen instrumental where the keyboard and the guitar are the two main acts. They showcase the musical talent and musical creativity by keeping our attention with great instrumental melodies and harmonies. It’s a Psychedelic dream that craft your attention span into its own. If you want to know what it really takes after, it sounds a lot like the 90’s smash hit from Eric Johnson, “Cliffs of Dover” but without being so guitar-centered. This track is really a doozy and we know you all will enjoy listening to it and just vibe out. Enjoy Guided By The Sun’s “Coasting

Let your imagination take over as you listen to “The Life Aquatic” by Moon Boots

moon boots life

The sensation of being able to breathe underwater and in space is such a surreal thought. Imagine the possibilities of exploration if we had such powers, such courage to venture out into the unknown. There’s so much we don’t know about our own world, let alone the entire universe. This is why we should never let go of the imagination we constantly relied upon as a kid. Allow us to bring you back into a state of childlike imagination and see where your mind wanders. Moon Boots brings you the music that allows you to step forth towards your virtual journey with their new track, “The Life Aquatic”. Continue reading “Let your imagination take over as you listen to “The Life Aquatic” by Moon Boots”