Lavender Child gives us a sneak peak to her December 1st EP release of Reflections with “Happy Illusions”


Toronto artist Lavender Child writes dreamy / ethereal alt-pop that can dictate the type of mood you can be in for the next several hours. We’re glad her music is the type to make you think, truly though-provoking. Her debut music video / single “Happy Illusions” exclusively premiered with The Revue November 9th and we’re excited to be able to feature here at We Sound Strange. Where else would such a eye-catching artist be that with the strange who can appreciate. Soon, all will be able to revel in her presence but until then, we have the privilege of welcoming her new single that is set to release December 1st.  Lavender Child is passionate about the environment, community, and self exploration and her upcoming EP Reflections is a humble manifestation of these thoughts… “Our experience is the only truth that we know, here are some of mine”. We hope that you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving being thankful to all of those you love and care about. We Sound Strange is thankful for all of those who’ve stuck by our side and embraced the strange in them. Strange is our normal and that’s how we like. Enjoy this new track by Lavender Child, “Happy Illusions”.


Chill in your “Rav4” with MF Glooms

Welcome, and enjoy the ambient sounds of MF Glooms with his newest mellow track of “Rav4”. Yes, it’s exactly what the title states, about the Toyota Rav4, but it goes much deeper than what you might think. It’s the same thing with nearly everything you come across, you must dig a little deeper to truly find what it means. If you really thought Axl Rose of Guns ‘N Roses was talking about an actual jungle in Welcome to the Jungle, well then, we’d love to sell you this pen…We weren’t trying to rant but “Rav4 has a deeper connotation in it. We’ve all searched and tried to find the best possible way to hang out with our crush and the Rav4 symbolizes the last resort we all come to when we’re young and broke. Let’s just chill in our car and hang out; the point is to be with them.

This is where the creative ambiance is genius because it keeps the vibe of just chilling, just setting the mood of a swell time. Try to separate each of the different sounds that MF Glooms incorporates in the progression. He goes from the synth waves to a rain drop, the keyboard melodic riff to the steady rhythm of the percussion. The vocals are completely mixed to fit the tune of the sound and it works well to keep the ambiance of a trans state of mind that’s being shared. Chill in your own “Rav4” with the one you like spending time with and bump some MF Glooms.

“Coasting” through the weekend with Guided By The Sun

guided by the sun

Guided By The Sun is a one-man band straight out of the Atlanta. One thing you all don’t know too much about us but, Atlanta is a city that holds a little place in our heart. This is why it was so awesome to get this great band and feature their newest track, “Coasting“. It’s a really chill and easy-to-listen instrumental where the keyboard and the guitar are the two main acts. They showcase the musical talent and musical creativity by keeping our attention with great instrumental melodies and harmonies. It’s a Psychedelic dream that craft your attention span into its own. If you want to know what it really takes after, it sounds a lot like the 90’s smash hit from Eric Johnson, “Cliffs of Dover” but without being so guitar-centered. This track is really a doozy and we know you all will enjoy listening to it and just vibe out. Enjoy Guided By The Sun’s “Coasting

Let your imagination take over as you listen to “The Life Aquatic” by Moon Boots

moon boots life

The sensation of being able to breathe underwater and in space is such a surreal thought. Imagine the possibilities of exploration if we had such powers, such courage to venture out into the unknown. There’s so much we don’t know about our own world, let alone the entire universe. This is why we should never let go of the imagination we constantly relied upon as a kid. Allow us to bring you back into a state of childlike imagination and see where your mind wanders. Moon Boots brings you the music that allows you to step forth towards your virtual journey with their new track, “The Life Aquatic”. Continue reading “Let your imagination take over as you listen to “The Life Aquatic” by Moon Boots”

Take a drive down to a “Moonlit Beach”

ed han moonlit beach

The days are getting warmer and you just know, you know that this Summer is going to be one to remember. You’re going to make memories that will last you a lifetime, meet great people who influence you to be a better you, and experience things you only dreamed of. Listen to Mother Nature as she’s trying to tell you something, “I’m yours, don’t take me for granted”. We urge you, before the Summer even starts, take a drive to your local “Moonlit Beach” and create a plan to achieve everything on your “Life’s Adventure List”. We have one of the hardest working artists we know,  Ed Han, to provide you some pondering-type of music with his latest release, “Moonlit Beach“.  Continue reading “Take a drive down to a “Moonlit Beach””

Chilled Cow just released Kupla’s new track, “Emerald”


“If we all just close our eyes for a second, the Earth has music for those who choose to listen”. This quote comes from a YouTube comment that we found while listening to Chilled Cow’s premiere of “Emerald” by Kupla. We felt this quote perfectly embodies the essence of what “Emerald” is.  Continue reading “Chilled Cow just released Kupla’s new track, “Emerald””

Kick back to the smooth sounds of Darko with “Paradise”

The middle of the week is approaching and you’re already looking forward to the weekend. We took you back to 1969 with yesterday’s post but we can’t take you to the future for your weekend extravaganza. Fortunately, we were able to stumble upon a track that is perfect to mend your Tuesday blues, to provide you a sense of relaxation and surefire way to de-stress. The track of the name says it all, “Paradise” by Darko is a 3-minute dive into a meditative state of mind. Continue reading “Kick back to the smooth sounds of Darko with “Paradise””

Do Wrong (ft. Ayelle) released merely hours ago

Belgian artist Alex Lustig brings you the next track that’ll surely be having you sail away on your dreamboat adventures full of serene whispers from the wind. “Do Wrong (ft. Ayelle) “is a new Electronic/Chill track to get you in the chill mood. Alex Lustig is a seasoned hip hop/grime producer having worked with the likes of Young Thug and Skeme. He’s now ready to step out onto his own with “Do Wrong”. “I know I don’t make it easy”, coos Ayelle over broody, deep water synths. Lustig’s coy and skillful splicing of Ayelle’s hazy alto sets the track’f film noir hue, as she sings the repeated hook, “I know how to make good men wrong”.

As we await “Tired Boy” album, Joey Pecoraro drops “Curl Up In A Ball”


February 22 cannot come any sooner! Joey Pecoraro releases “Curl Up In A Ball” to cling to until the date arrives. If you’ve heard some of the music that Joey has made in the past, you know that it’s something that ranges in style but the overall atmosphere that he creates ultimately stays the same.  Continue reading “As we await “Tired Boy” album, Joey Pecoraro drops “Curl Up In A Ball””

Ehrling releases new chill track, “You and Me”


It’s Taco Tuesday ladies and gentlemen; what better way to eat your tacos and drink your margarita than doing it beachside. Well, many of us don’t have the luxury of living near the beach but here’s the next best thing. Ehrling releases the track that can chill the mightiest flames, “You and Me” can make you feel as if the ocean breeze is hitting you across the face. Continue reading “Ehrling releases new chill track, “You and Me””

New Years Eve ends with Stonefox’s “Hands of Gold”


Coming straight from Melbourne, Australia is the newest Chill, Indie trio Stonefox and their single, “Hands of Gold“. We felt this was the perfect song to help you vibe and chill out your New Year’s Eve night before the storm of epic adventures begin for you. Heck, if at 12:01 you are feeling the need to mellow out and relax from yelling your lungs out, we suggest “Hands of Gold“, as well as a throat lozenge. This cool and calming sound resonates from two guitars that strum  what sounds like a semi-mute note that is side-by-side sharing the mellow touch of the drums. Lest not us forget the angelic-like vocals that, though they may say “Hands of Gold” may not exist, they pulled out their best persuasion tactic to make us fall in love with the idea. Give in to the thought that there is something special about a New Year’s Eve night because if you believe in it, magical moments do exist. Stonefox is here to get you in the right mood to expect it. Listen now to “Hands of Gold” below.

New Mystics bring new meaning to psychedelics with “Sparrows”


Ever heard people say: “I don’t need weed to get high, I get high on life”. Music can provide you with such a multi-dimensional high that no outside force can penetrate the psychological flight your mind has taken. Woodstock was the perfect example of people leaving their bodies and escaping to a reality that only music can bring them. The New Mystics bring you a gift with “Sparrows”. Continue reading “New Mystics bring new meaning to psychedelics with “Sparrows””