Award-winning San Diego-based Alternative Art Rock Artist Sluka continues their prolific streak of boundary-breaking new music and eye-opening, epic visuals with new single/music video “Isn’t It Strange”. The visuals are quite breathtaking and it’s strange in nature, but look who you’re talking to, We Sound Strange! This song and video was made for us, at least we like to think so haha!

Sluka began his career on the East Coast, NY to be exact! We’re from LA but we know NY has their own beat of strange, and we dig it. Sluka has the strange beat of the West and East Coast, two sets of weird that are vastly different but share a lot of the “strange” logic.

“Isn’t It Strange” is exactly what you would have thought it to be – it’s a single with incredible skill where musicians like Anna Eppink and Jesse Audelo get to show off their musical process and expertise. It’s a strange way of melody and harmony going together where you can’t tell which is which.

We are We Sound Strange because we are Strange, and Sluka now adds to their mysterious persona and we can’t wait to see many more visuals from them to go along with their musical prowess.

Our thoughts are able to bring creativity that is brought on by others – this is too wild of a concept but it’s so simple to grasp when you step back and see it through a lens of an outsider into yourself. 

Take into consideration that we’re up against the wall with booming musicianship, a gang of artists that add their own flavor to the sound of Sluka.

Check out the music video they released for it!

We also want to give a quick shoutout to Slash of Guns N’ Roses.

Follow the link below to check out the new single and it’s music video for “Isn’t It Strange” by Sluka. 


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