Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz, it’s an honor to have you guys back and man, you came with a heck of an album. As soon as we were brought with it, we had to pop it in and blast it! We love it, and so do our neighbors….

Let’s welcome in their new full-length album titled, “Sirens Go By”. This was an album created during the isolation times of 2020. Some artists broach the subject of the last year directly, delving into the emotions and consequences of having our lives changed in a way that none of us had really experienced before.

 This prolific partnership has put together a compendium of songs that describe what life was like over the last year from their perch in California. Sirens Go By is sleepy but restless, drenched in dreamy reverb and guided by the rounded falsetto of Anders.

This prolific stream of new music expands past the depths of emotion and conceptual impact – take on the challenge of going beyond these perceptions of feelings is now easy feat.

‘Sirens Go By’ tackles the anxious hopelessness that many felt being trapped inside with little grasp on what it was that was attacking us. Anders keeps count of the days under glass as health worries overrun the mind. The only sounds coming from the once-bustling streets are the ambulance sirens, giving a frequent reminder of our looming predicament.

Hearing Anders and O’Bitz reflections on the year of Coronavirus is a chilling time capsule of a period that gave us all a shared experience apart.

We wanted to just wanted to give you a quick take of their new album but we didn’t want to dive too deep into this duo as we did before. We want to let the music do the talking.

Let em talk by following the link below and check out “Sirens Go By” by Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz.


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