Northern California meets Southern California – these two artists come together for an amazing collaborative album called “American Bardo”. Eric Anders (singer/songwriter) and Mark O’Bitz (guitarist-composer) released this new concept album that brings both their talents to shine. These guys put the rivalry aside to bring a must-hear album.

Let’s get right to our favorite song of the album and you’re going to really ask yourself why – let’s get down to it. When you listen to “Bury Me”, you get a sense of the genius of Mark O’Bitz to perfectly complement the sultry voice of Eric Anders.

We love the feeling of intensity in such soft sounds. The brilliance in this irony really figures to set the mark that there’s always something deeper than just what you see or hear at first. Bury Me really shows you the pain and hurt that is behind the lyrics, wanting to drift away with the love that they only know. It’s able to keep him alive while killing him at the same time. 

Let’s get into “Won’t Live It Down” because that was another track that completely blew us out of the water. There are so many sounds overlaying one another , but the fact that it can still stay very chill and calming is quite interesting. We get the feeling of something deeper, something else that is pulling towards the heart strings.

We love when beautiful songwriting is simple because the thought behind it brings the more complex thoughts behind it. The simple things in life can really set us free from the constant worry that is out of our control. 

Mark O’Bitz is just the perfect composer to work with Eric. He knows what is needed in each track to make sure that it fits just right. We see it again Bardo Cons, where we can see more of his genius begin to come to light. We get the feeling of early Lynyrd Skynyrd in terms of guitar melody to really steal the show. When you hear Freebird or Tuesday’s Gone, you know exactly what we mean. 

We know it wasn’t by chance for the reason these two artists cross paths – nothing satisfies us more than chance creating a true work of art.

Take a gander and listen to Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz and see how they really transcend in their newest album, “American Bardo”.


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