Come and meet your new love. Nope, well, sorry. We didn’t mean to get your hopes up by making you think we’re now offering a speed dating option. We meant that it’s time for your to find a new musical love; something you want to listen to over and over. It’s that music you can’t wait to share. Well, get the share button ready because Mah-Ze-Tar is bringing you “Liquid Lotus”. For the sake of the World Series, this single is a homerun.

Mah-Ze-Tar is fusing long-standing tradition, intent, and technology to truly create something that is rarely done. In fact, it’s more than likely that you won’t see or hear anything done like this for a very long time. Actually, count your lucky stars that we are able to witness such a feat. Mah-Z-Tar is finally giving the public his lead single, “Luquid Lotus”, which is a true revelation to what music was once before and what it should return to be – art.

From the horse’s mouth, “Liquid Lotus soars through a plethora of musical traditions together in a meaningful way. There are endless possibilities when one utilizes world instruments and gliding vocals in sync with electronic textures and rhythmic grooves. Liquid Lotus uniquely fuses these elements together to create a sound completely unique and unheard of before.”

Mah-ze-Tar is bringing tradition into a whole new light. A light that has every intent to shine on every listener. Think about the quote; there’s endless possibilities when one utilizes the instruments, which saddens us to hear the same old sound played over and over again on the radio.

Let’s rejoice and celebrate those who take risks in releasing true form of creativity. Check out Mah-Ze-Tar’s new lead single, “Liquid Lotus”. Get Strange by following our new website!


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