We’re all excited to be hearing from Andrea Desmond and the news that her newest EP is set to be released later this Summer, well, that’s music to our ears. We all remember when Andrea Desmond teased us with her release of her track Inner Fire and we were absolutely blown away. If that’s just one of her tracks coming out in the EP, what does she have in store for us now! One more track is set to release this late June. The new track is called “The Strongest” and judging by the title, it’s set to be something fierce to light up our spirits.

What a perfect track for the Summer of 2018 because we’re ready to make this the best Summer yet. With so much happening in the world, “The Strongest” comes just in time for the World Cup 2018 and we believe it resonates so well with the lifestyle that the World Cup embodies. “The Strongest” hopes to be something of an anthem when you’re living it up this Summer. Keep Andrea Desmond in mind when you’re out enjoying the Summer heat, having those long days outdoors and those Summer nights that will live on forever. We hope that “The Strongest” has the ability to live in your memories and be remembered forever.

We Sound Strange is growing stronger as our artists grow strong!


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