We were immediately intrigued when we received this new album by Jackson Reed; not only because we love discovering new music but rather the name of his album sparked our interest. “Dark Areas of Description” is his second solo album and it looks to lead him down a successful path because we had to listen to it over again. The creative approach one has to take to make a folk song deeper than it already can be. Jackson states that he had to take a look at himself before writing at his lyrics and find out what his roots mean to him. Take his first single, “Taller Than Me”, which he says came to him in a stream of consciousness. A state of awakening, a mental lapse of what is reality and what isn’t. These are the best moments to just jot down on your book and start writing.

Jackson uses his introspective nature to use this single as his way of expressing his love for his home. He’s humble enough to admit that he should never forget his home and that everything he does is for them.

What’s really interesting about his lyrics is that there can be many interpretations of it. This is what Jackson told us what this song was about and what it meant to him but we see that it can be left to our own interpretation. As the album name infers, travel through the deep dark areas of your own description to find out what it means to you. In this way, you find true meaning to your own introspective ways. Listen and interpret “Taller Than Me” and then make your way to the album, “Dark Areas of Description”.


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