Tell us: What’s the first thing to come to mind when you think of Australia? Yes, yes, shrimp on the barbie and Crocodile Dundee (Rest in Peace brother), but you’re forgetting one major icon, Andy Michaels. Well, not yet at least. He’s working towards that status and we believe that his new album will take him there.

Australian-born singer Andy Michaels has just released his new album, “Revisited”.  He’s been able to mix Pop and Rock with carefully crafted instrumentation and arrangements to level it to a synchronicity of sounds. “People have compared me from Cat Stevens to Maroon 5, Coldplay, Counting Crows, and even Pink Floyd”, stated Andy Michaels. Those are some pretty heavy hitters in the music industry that such comparisons can either make or break such an artists. We see it happen all the time when young artists seem to have the sky’s the limit but have burned out and faded into the distance because they couldn’t handle the pressure of living up to such claims.

Andy’s guitar playing and storytelling in “Revisited” can really show us why he’s not afraid by such claims, rather he thrives with the pressures of that caliber. He’s brought Adult Contemporary to Pop and Country to Rock to make a sound that is all his own. Whatever you can think of to label him, keep trying, it’s not even close to what Andy is. He’s always changing, he’s always evolving. He likes to keep his fans guessing as to what his next music will become. That’s the allure of Andy Michael’s; he’s so musically talented that he is actually able to change his sounds. There aren’t many artists who can do that nowadays and the ones who can should be revered.

See what “Revisited” has in store for by following the link and checking it out. Andy Michaels’ will be waiting.

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