Scenic Route to Alaska reached out to us to check out their newest single before the release of their album, Tough Luck, on March 9th. They want to do us one better, they’re releasing the album in time to promote their show out here in Los Angeles at the Hotel Cafe. You can better believe we’re going to be out there and who knows, we may have an interview in the works to get to know the artists even better. Here’s a quip from Scenic Route to Alaska on their latest track and album.

“How It Feels is an impulsive indie rock song about the challenge of finding love, or even a relationship for that matter, while being caught up in the hustle and bustle of touring and life on the road. The song was written after getting home (the same night) from a European tour where the band played 13 shows in 14 days across four countries.

Along with the single, we filmed a crazy wrestling music video! We assembled our dream team of Mike Robertson and Cory Johnn to do the directing/filming and had the expertise of Massive Damage to train us/act/beat us up.”

We’re excited to show you what “How It Feels” can make actually make you feel. Bring all those feel on March 30th at the Hotel Cafe and check them out. If you happen to see us at the Hotel Cafe, be sure to say hello and chill.


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