We see Steven Benjamin get really deep with a topic that isn’t really spoken about. Men and women try to have this talk with their young boys so that they knew the life of a real man. “Manhood” speaks about the young tribulations that every single boy goes through. He takes us through his own tribulations and get real with all of us who wants to listen. Let’s get into it.

The Canadian Downtempo-Pop artist reminds of an unconventional symbiosis of Chet Faker and Josef Salvatcombining elements of Pop, Folk, Indie and Urban in his sound. The new single from the EP of the same name ‘Manhood’ describes the conflict between pride and self-doubts and draws a paradoxon between outer and inner image of the protagonist. ‘Manhood’, as second single of Benjamin’s new EP, follows up his first single from December ‘Still In Love With You’.  The corresponding music video portraits that discord through an aesthetic masquerade. The premiere of the video was on prestigious The Revue and Popmani.


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