Be prepared because it’s sweater weather, and more importantly, it’s cuffing season. This is where Adrian Underhill comes in with his new single, “Weather”, specifically for times like these. I knew I wanted it to be a very simple concept and I think there’s something intrinsically meaningful about seeing a songwriter sing their own song. I sat with a keyboard and one drum machine and tried not to play too much with production ideas at first. The tunes have a classic ‘70s songwriter vibe, even though we ultimately wanted to push the production into a more modern realm. This simple, direct way of songwriting is me at my best. As a person with a lot of privilege I felt like these songs had to count – they had to really mean something to me.

On ‘Weather’, I love how the production came out. Adam (Bainbridge) took my original demo and just kinda warped it and morphed it, almost like a remix, adding new drums and changing the keyboard sounds I had played. Then we added the live piano and synth bass from Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington) and Keith Eaddy (DāM-FunK). In the end it’s quite playful and strange – it’s a great combination of sound”. This is all straight from the horse’s mouth and we decided to go in this direction so that you can get a true artist’s perspective and feel when creating a song, especially a song that is heavily reliant upon songwriting. What better way to get into a song then getting into the mind of the songwriter of it and work through your own interpretation as you listen to his. Not only do you get an in-depth look at the production, but you also get an in-depth feel of the emotions behind it. Listen to “Weather” by Adrian Underhill and tell us how you feel after.


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