The name: MostArt. The name has come up before here with We Sound Strange. We were first introduced to the name from a personal friend who kept raving about a new artist with off-the-wall skill, MostArt. Of course we were intrigued. Not only is this coming from a personal friend we trust, but the hype he’s building is pretty astronomical. The first track we listened and eventually featured here was “Love Me Not” from his album, No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Record. Blown away. MostArt reached out to us as he wanted We Sound Strange to exclusively release his new album, Off The Richter”. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see him perform live at the Lubitsch and let the world finally hear “Off The Richter” and vibe out to the technical skill, the musical variety, and the on-stage prowess of MostArt in the comfort of his own home, music.

What better way of telling the world that he’s finally out to leave a mark in the Los Angeles and Hollywood music scene than with a track called, “I’m Back”. The build up using a keyboard intro that reminds of the late great, Ray Manzarek, with a sense of strange psychedelic electricity. Spin it to a modern psychedelic bass track that has roots of Drum & Bass in it to get our veins pumping adrenaline. The next track we heard was “Hang On” and it immediately hit close to home with the sound of the legendary Vin Scully giving a Dodgers play-by-play, we got chills. The track itself kept our chills afloat with the soft sounds of the organ with a Reggae rhythm strike. The bass line keeps the Reggae vibes  to match with ZZZloth’s vocals to keep us in a relaxed state of mind.

If you’re anywhere near the LA area, be sure to come to the Libitsch and have a drink with us as we vibe out to the ethereal sounds of MostArt. Heck, he’ll probably end up having a drink with us! Come find us at 9 with our We Sound Strange gear (available soon) and chill this Sunday before Thanksgiving weekend.



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