It’s been a while since we’ve added a new hip hop track and we sound strange is dedicating this feature purely for hip hop if you will. For our first feature of the week, we decided to call upon the talents of Jay Critch. He just released fashion featuring rich the kid to give us a trap and hip hop ensemble.

Let’s begin by saying it has the stereotypical trap beat, low chimes to keep it dark and rich in cool and calm. Keeping up with the stereotype, it keeps the same drum pattern using the quick light strike of a drum pad to use the ironic quickness to rap in a slow-paced delivery. Let’s move on to the vocals; just as we’ve been saying before, it’s what you can expect. The low auto-tuned vocal to make up for a lack of vocal range is expected as we don’t see many singing rappers shying away from the tool. Let’s move past the obvious. This music isn’t going anywhere any time soon because it’s what’s hot and the teens and young adults of this generation find this appealing. We’re including ourselves to this mix to a certain degree because there is something about it that you can’t escape, you just want to be part of the life, part of the mix. Also, take into account that is quite simple to make music like this that relies heavily on a deep bass with a few simple notes. If we take a quick look around and we see the mass amount of content being created in this fashion, it’s no surprise that this is what people want to create. Fashion featuring rich the kid by jay critch is up in the mix.

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