It’s October, and it’s the time of year where every strange thing happens, very strange. If you couldn’t tell, October is one of our favorite months because it’s a time for the supernatural and the unexplained to randomly happen to defy the laws of reality. How many times did you hear stories that you had to be there to believe it to be true. Let’s let the frightfest begin with “The Fog” by Figure to induce some crazy hallucination/nightmare to appear in the dead of night or the fall of echoes. Figure is able to capture everything that is eerie and spooky and spin it to a mind-blown catastrophe that you want to happen again and again. It’s the type of song that you don’t dare listen to at night, secluded in your bedroom, with all the lights off, and all the curtains drawn because of the unnatural, the paranormal can be awoken at any time. Do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes to take Figure’s dare and listen to their organ keyboard sounds to doom you with some Dubstep thrills and drops that can match your scream. You can scream at the top of your lungs but the music will still be playing, it will still be waking things that shouldn’t be awake. Time and time again, you feel that you’re ready to be strange like us but first, pass the test. Listen to “The Fog” by Figure and let us know it you’ve survived the frightfest.


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