It’s the final day of the workweek and you’re ready to let loose with some good ol’ fashion dancing and good times. You can dance all by yourself and have the time of your night, but you need the right track to get the party started. You need the right tune to jumpstart the chemicals in your body that just jolts your charisma and energy. This is Caden Jester coming in with Butterjack to blast into your party waves with “Fade“.

“Fade” is that one track that is able to get the ground shaking with people getting up off of their seats to release all their bottled-up frustration of the workweek and get into a fun groove for the night. This is the part in the movie where it fades into a slow-motion frame with sparkles and lighting shine on the one person you’ve had your eye on and they seem even more attractive and intoxicating.

Butterjack delivers with his vocals to keep the chill mellow aspect of a good time by providing some kid cudi-esque vocals and delivery. The grand piano sets up the flavor of the sound as it hints to the quick synth sounds that get us feeling jumpy, in a good way. As we prepare for the drop and have the entire dance floor lose their freaking minds, the tease of a drop is in fact the drop! It just continues to keep the level high and our blood pumping fast. Get your groove on with “Fade” by Caden Jester.

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