Why do you do the things you do? Better question, what don’t you do? August Rigo is pouring his heart out for someone who feels he lost because of something he may have or have not done. “Don’t Do Drugs” is an autobiographical approach of apologizing and saying that whatever it was that caused the separation is no longer a problem. “He’s there conquering his fears”, the things he most feared is now used as courage to overcome because he doesn’t to lose again someone he considered special in his life. This is why we asked the question in the beginning; why is it you do the things you do. Now we ask this question, can you stop if need be? August let’s us know he’s doing the best he can with this ballad.

Lyrically, it’s deep where we can make our interpretations for our own lives. Vocally, he has the same aura and sensuality as a young Miguel and he has the talent to take it deep within genre. His vocals can melt an iceberg in the middle of Antarctica on a January morning. You instantly become intoxicated with his voice. This is why this track only needs a basic acoustic guitar melody from picking, not strumming. It’s a melody that follows the same sensuality as his voice. Enjoy!


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