Did you ever base an assumption entirely on something that wasn’t real, something “Illusory”. Ok, that was our way of introducing Mielo’s new track but we really do want to dive deeper into that topic and how it pertains to this recent release. We’d like to jump right in and immediately express how listening to “Illusory” for the first time actually made us feel many different things, feelings that can be taken as Illusory. It brought back good and bad memories into light and made us realize new feelings/assumptions of what real, something that held you together that never really was there, just an assumption of likeness. “Illusory” uses the synthetic waves to drive these thoughts into our heads and we want to see if does the same for you.

The driving force behind the synth waves are further enhanced the use of the echoing drums to heighten the sound of each strike. No words are spoken but no words are needed when you have a melody that catchy and repetitive to capture the listener’s attention and keep it withing the same sounds. It’s a feel good song that requires nothing more than your attention and your belief in the Illusory. Just because something that perhaps isn’t real to you or a bond that you shared with something that perhaps isn’t real to others, it has a special place in each of you to make it real for you two. The only thing you know what’s real is what yo believe it to be and you make the decision to believe in it. Make your choice after listening to “Illusory” by Mielo.


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