Ever wondered how someone was able to have so much control over you, so much influence over you that it can be manipulated to basically do anything they want you to. In some cases, it can be from infatuation, longing, or brainwashing. Lazy Day explains in detail how there is one person that was able to manipulate and influence their mind by making them feel so good. It’s a good that’s intoxicating, a drug that needs to be constantly taken, an addiction that needs constant satisfaction; it’s a wonderful and horrible feeling because in the end, we’re not in control of ourselves. “With My Mind” describes the good feeling of having it in their life. 

Taking advantage of the chorus flange to heighten the chords of the guitar and accentuate the playback. The reverb makes it sound as if there is another voice in the back of your head that is echoing the evil noise inside, but it’s the manipulation going on in your mind. It’s the reverb that is making you feel so good, a mental battle within that feels so good. The vocals further shows support of the feeling because it has the sound of a person whose loving and hating the feeling of having them inside their mind. Let Lazy Day invade your mind with their newest track and see if they can make you feel as good as they were when making this track.









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