Any of you ever heard the track “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix? This was the first thought that popped into our head as soon as the first chord progression kicked in from “Dionysian Eyes” from Johnny Childe. We got the chilling sensation we received when we first heard Little Wing many years back because the guitar playing in this track is just as good. It has a great groove and great pace to it, it rocks hard with with the complex strings picked and strummed. It’s complicated patterns is what makes this unique and it’s bluesy sound makes it sexy as well. When we say sexy, we mean it just gives you that feeling of strutting and Billy Idol face where you have the entire world in the palm of your hands. The guitar playing is just overwhelmingly good, it takes real talent to be able to put this together and play it over and over again, naturally. As we stated earlier, this track has so many similarities to the track Little Wing ans we want to dive in a little bit deeper into it.¬†

Let’s break it down to what in fact Dionysian actually means. Dionysian comes from the old fold gods, Dionysus, which means it’s relating to the sensual, spontaneous, emotional aspects of human nature. Johnny does an amazing job at keeping the same theme as his guitar playing with the lyrics so that it keeps the sexy feel because he speaks about lusting and longing for those Dionysian eyes. We don’t want to touch too much on the guitar solo because that’s able to speak for itself, utterly mind-blowing us with its simplicity and sound. The vocals match the rhythm of the percussion to keep it as a blues ballad with deep meaning. He’s describing the goddess that is Dionysian in a human form, the human nature of her being that he is so attracted to, the entire framework of her human form. “Those Dionysian eyes have so much loving deep inside”, he’s telling a tale, that of a young Bob Dylan, a story that we listeners can follow and relate to with our goddess we seem to lust and long for. Take a ride with Johnny Childe’s journey as we find out if he ever gets to gaze upon those Dionysian eyes again.


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