“Savor the sorrow”, there’s a reason these three words stood out to us. These three words never crossed our minds that they’d be intertwined in the formation that they’d be in now from Cold Water Company‘s “Clover” but they did it. What does it mean? “Take it as a sign”, yes, we need to embrace it as a sign that this came to us for a reason. We may feel down and out but struggle and sorrow builds character, it breeds a better man and woman in all of us. Lyric-wise, it’s a powerful proclamation of the journey, the search of what we constantly look for to make us feel alive, to fill the void that we just don’t know how to fill. It’s funny how each time we feel a moment, how quickly it fades until it was too late to know  that it was a moment we should’ve savored. This is why Cold Water Company wants us to savor everything, take it as it comes and don’t overthink things, let it come. 

Instrument-wise, it has the enchanting sounds of the piano, the grand piano. What a pleasure it is to go back to the classics, to have a hint of influence of Mozart, the beautiful catchy sound that can capture an uninterested ear. It’s kept simple, like most great riffs, all you need is a simple pattern of sounds that come together in harmony, in consensus with the bigger picture. This may throw you into a bowl of confusion when we admit  that the other instruments in this track are not at all the same as the grand piano. This is what Mozart specialized in, taking chords and progression that had no interest in aligning with one another but he somehow turned it into masterpieces. Cold Water Company took a page right out of his book by stringing together the rhythm guitar and the percussion to go exuberantly faster than the piano, but somehow it meshes well together. What a contrast, what a way to support the notion of opposites attract. Take a listen and let us know if you feel the same way.


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