Say in ain’t so, Summer is basically reaching its final point and we’re not ready to let it go. Like all good things, Summer is finally coming to its end. Labor Day weekend is always the mark of one stage of the year leaving its mark while the next is just beginning. This is where Erich Mrak comes in, he’s the “Summer Dealer” that can extend your fun for a moment at a time. This track just released on August 29th and it’s already turning into an anthem that celebrates the closure of Summer, the closure of Summer romances, etc. We just listened to the track and we feel like we’ve been listening to it throughout the entire Summer, it has a sense of personal taste, the closure that we all experience when it comes to an end. Sadness that creeps in with relief that a change is going to come.


Through clouded vocals, intricate production that is simple to create with the right creative mind, and of course, the intimate songwriting ability that is showcased with vocals that is pleasant to the ears. We follow Erich through the lowest of his lows, the highest of the highs, and we’re awaiting for him to reach his ultimate height of potential, pushing to the limit to gain worldwide recognition. The end of Summer is not bad at all, it marks the beginning of new opportunity, a new wave that is going to catch on. Let perfection reign on as the end of Summer marks the spot of new hip hop, Erich Mrak with “Summer Dealer”.


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