Did you all enjoy the eclipse last week? We hope you didn’t stare right into it because you may have got some eye damage but if this were true, you wouldn’t be able to read this so you obviously have common sense. Cheers to common sense! Regardless, it was such a phenomenon, especially out here in Los Angeles because we had the perfect viewpoint to catch itat its best angle. Although, it was early, you can say you saw something magical. That’s what we plan to give you with today’s feature, “Eclipse” by Elohim. The track just captures the spirit of magic in the air, where dreamers can dream and lovers can love, both being a priviledge that we get to enjoy. “You can be my best time until someone eclipses you”, enjoy the moment and forget what the future might hold, live now and freely. 

“Maybe we’ll die underneath the starry sky”, lyrics that stood out to us because we fell the drop of this track is exactly what their lyrics is trying to embody. That quick shooting star that is epic and mind-shatteringly inspiring, the short-lived moment that requires no questions, it only requires you to pay attention and savor each passing second. They’re saying that there will be more of these moments but each one will be different, each time meaning something different, each time with a particular feeling. It’s a good song for its production, but we absolutely love the message and general theme of what the track represents. Sometimes, music needs to get back to that, get back to making music with a purpose, a purpose that guides people in the right direction. Let us know what you think when you finally flip the on switch to listen to “Eclipse” by Elohim.


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