Punk or Surf Rock, what would you describe this as? Well,  the track was made in 1978 but it’s 2017 and we can combine anything these days to create something new, duh, we have hybrid everything nowadays. The Number combine them both with “Rules of Love” to give us a hybrid of fast-paced Surf Rock to get us a feeling like we’re driving up to Manhattan Beach with our favorite gal to surf and play some volleyball. The quick strumming of the guitar and the quick hits from the drummer gets you hyped to just have a thrilling of a time and live it close to the edge. How does Punk fit in you say?

The reality of it is that a lot of it has been done before and sooner or later, things end up sounding similar to what the specific influences of the band are. The reason we get a sense of Punk is because we get the wild, edgy vibe of Wavves and even some old The Grims. It’s fast-paced, it’s raw, and the vocals are a bit monotonous to keep up with the pace and style. What completely points it to the direction of 50’s Rock and Surf Rock is how lively and fun they keep the track. Of course, it’s speaking about the “Rules of Love” and the chorus has such a Beach Boys sound that that in of itself should be given to put them under the Surf Rock category. Through it all, we’ll leave it to you after you have a listen to tell us where you think they belong, or should they even be categorized at all. Let The Numbers tell you about the “Rules of Love” as you finish off this Summer of romance and beach bummin’.


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