If you read the post we did for Wednesday, you may be thinking that we are schizophrenic because we just completely did a 180 degree turn. We asked you to get up off your feet and dance the night away, leaving only solid memories that you want to last a lifetime, but now we’ve changed it up. This one is for the ones who have gone hard all Summer and just need a break, some time to relax and recuperate all the energy they’ve expended through these past months. We all need time to gather ourselves and Eljay brings you “Lonely” to chill out and enjoy a YOU night.

The chill synth waves take your mind for a ride through oceanic flow to the center of your own mind. The knocking of the wooden percussion keeps an organic and elemental feel to the sound of the track, even sounds from natural elements like wind howling to make it seem lively. Also, the cuts aren’t exaggerated where you feel it was too hacked, again, it’s kept simple and natural. Everything about this track yells chill. Ironic, it yells chill. Despite that horrible joke, take a listen and relax to the sounds of an original soothing track.


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