We have a strong feeling that this was a prayer from someone way out there that wanted this to be done. They wanted a song by Queen to be turned into a heavy bass EDM track for them to just blast and feel electrified. There is so much static electricity flowing through our veins right now because this song spins the original to be bass-centered. The cover is so simple but it’s the fact that it’s so heavily influenced by Queen that it makes it so much more raw for a cover. For those who know the original, this does not sound like it at all. Unlike Pluto has taken “We Will Rock You” from a sing-along anthem track, to an out of this world phenomenon, making it clear that eclipses exist because opposites fit together so perfectly. It’s still perfect to sing along to but with a feeling of being close to the sun and ready to take on the universe someday. 

The general mindset to wrap your head around is still consistent with the theme, that there’s no stopping us, we’re taking over. The entire sound might have been changed in the cover but the vibe stays consistent. Flawless vocals that have the same angst and psychedelic edge as Freddy Mercury, but quite different in the delivery and the pitch. Queen fans will not be screaming for Unlike Pluto’s head any time soon because this cover does it justice. You be the judge’ listen to the original, then listen to this cover and let us know your thoughts.


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