We Sound Strange headquarters has recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles and when a good friend of ours heard the news, she immediately recommend we check out an act nearby. The Lavender Scare come straight from a neighboring city, Echo Park, and who know an amazing talent were so darn close to use. As soon as we heard “Drag for a Queen“,  we knew we had to feature it because it has the sound that encapsulates We Sound Strange, strange. From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare. 

An interesting topic this band decided to tackle but then again, Echo Park is full of interesting and strange people, that’s why we love it so much. So what would the world be like to have a “Drag for a Queen”? You’re going to have to listen to this track or come out to Echo Park soon to check them out. As a matter of fact, if you happen to be in the area tomorrow for Echo Park Rising, you’ll definitely see Lavender Scare and We Sound Strange all among the bunch.

If you happen to catch us, be sure to say hello. We’ll be wearing our white We Sound Strange t-shirts and if you’re one of the first to run into us and tag us on Instagram, you’ll also get an unreleased exclusive We Sound Strange shirt! We hope to see you all there tomorrow and for now, enjoy “Drag for a Queen” by The Lavender Scare.


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