Dancehall ilfitrates We Sound Strange and makes a big splash with Reece Jackson as he releases an intoxication sound with “Whine Pon Me“, the epitome of what Dancehall is. Once you hear the first instrument play you know you’re supposed to get up off of your seat and start dancing, moving those hips and shoulders to the rhythm of the hand claps. Once you hear the (boom ta ta) beat, you also know exactly how you’re supposed to move your body. There’s no science behind it, just feel the music and let it speak to you. Reece Jackson gives us a track that allows you to dance with him forever under the night sky. The keyboard follows the rhythm of the percussion and doesn’t lose it for one sec. The basis of the song is to dance and describing the girl and the way she moves. Get up and move that body and let the music pull you in.


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