Sarah Brennan doesn’t need all that fancy mumbo jumbo, all the devices and programs that can alter your sound to give you some crazy music. Nope, all she needs are two things: a piano, and a helluva voice. You can’t have one without the other (cue Married With Children theme song). She’s an amazing talent that can do what’s too difficult for a lot of people, multitasking. She’s able to play beautifully on the piano to pair up with her extremely relaxing voice. “3:28 a.m.” is a beautiful story of a woman opening up her heart and her soul, giving herself love and time for those who may feel alone. She’s close in our hearts and close to her own heart. “Let the memories of pretty things take hold in your mind” is such a beautiful line to remind us that these are precious things that cannot be taken, you’ve had good times in your life.

Sarah helps us find comfort during those sleepless nights where we have our life in our mind, wondering what’s next or why are we where we are. The sleepless nights where all you can do is think, think about all of your regrets in life, those are the worst nights in our lives. Sarah made this song to lullaby us to a calming night, she’s with us to put us under her watchful eye. I find it soothing to listen to and I’m sure she’s gone through our struggles as well. Listen as she listens to you, Sarah Brennan.


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