Music allows one to express themselves in ways that they never really thought they could. You can express yourself without saying one word, just playing instruments. The instrument can say things you couldn’t. Now, take that even further and let someone else’s song speak to you, then after taking it all in, spin it to a way that you feel it could also be taken. Remix the way you feel it can also be expressed. Floret Loret remixes Electric Mantis’ “Faced” to a peculiar and interestingly different sound.
Bass waves are highly utilized to get a continuous drop when it wants to highlight a specific instrument coming in. We hear some sort of flutes providing some harmony to other keyboard sounds. Then a distinctive echo pop and zip that we can make on our own. It sounds organic and also pre-made. Add in the eccentric percussions: the hard 808 and the quick sprits of taps and claps. It’s all coming together in cohesion and we’re enchanted by it.

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