Coincidences, many times there are just situations that don’t make any sense at all that we label them off as coincidences. There are also moments when you refuse to believe that it was a matter of coincidence, there was a reason why this situation or occurrence arose in front of you at this exact moment. We were having a pretty shitty morning here at We Sound Strange and were feeling quite depressed, just general thoughts that people go through everyday. We popped on Soundcloud and we came across a track that was high on our feed. Believe us when we say this track changed our day, changed our whole vibe and perception for the rest of the day. French for Rabbits’ “It Will Be Okay”, well, it reminded us that things will be okay. We don’t believe it was  mere coincidence, this track was meant for us to listen to.
Everything about the song accentuates the theme that things will be okay. From the soothing vocals that make you feel as if you were being personally sung to and cared for, as if she was there by your side showing you heartfelt care. The soft melodies provided by the guitar that allows to let oneself go, dive into an introspective trance. The piano joining in the happy nature to muse a rhythmic pattern to add to the collective effort. To top it off, the lyrics are a whole different story. We’ll leave you with this, “It will be okay when the lights go out”.

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