“I make the soundtrack of your intensity”. This does not come from the lyrics of the track, this comes straight from the RVDY‘s soundcloud page describing the type of music he makes. He knows his style, he knows his strong suits, he wants to make music that you can bang out to, to unleash the intensity built within you. This hard-banger of a track does just that, it allows all your emotional rage to escape from the bounds of your normal self. Quite fitting that his latest track is called “Tell Me“, which is basically telling his listeners to speak up and give him what you want and he’ll reciprocate it.
What does a good head-banger type song need? A banging drum pattern and a banging bass line to explode through the speakers of the listener. Ye be warned, speakers may explode if listened to max capacity. That’s the range of raw explosive volume RVDY plays, to match the intensity he wants to unleash. The build is as intense as the drop. Ever heard the phrase, “The build up is too intense, I can’t take the finish”, this is what’s happening to your anticipation. The anticipation may be too much, it may too tough to handle but if you can get through it, BOOM, all hell breaks loose and you bang to the sound. The dubbed-out keyboard squeaks make it that much more intense because now it’s messing with your eardrums. Listen in and tell us it’s not messing with your and unbolting your urge to jump.

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